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Branding Program Advantages

What is the Branding Program

We at Nelly's Security understand how important it is to get a competitive edge in this industry. It's our goal to be more than just a simple supplier to our dealer and installer customers. Rather, we try to achieve to be your business partner by giving you the tools to gain this competitive edge.

One of these tools that we offer is our Branding Program. What we do in our branding program is brand our products with your company information as if the product was made specifically for your company. This program offers you 2 unique advantages:

1. Excellent Marketing Tool

We all know how important it is in business to get your company name marketed and this is just another strategy to get your company marketed in a unique way.

2. No Competition

Have you ever been price shopped before? It's incredibly easy for one of your customers to see your bid and type the model numbers that you quoted into google and find a cheaper price elsewhere. This branding program is a solution to that problem because you will now have your own model numbers specific to your company. We will make the products appear as if these were manufactured specifically for your company.

Boot Logo, Video Loss Screen and Web Interface Logos

We put your company’s logo on the boot and video loss screens.

We create your custom model number stickers for the bottom of the DVR.

We add your company logo and model number to the web interface.

Customized Model Numbers

We include your company’s logo and custom model number on the box of the DVR.

We print customized camera labels that have your own personalized model number.

Decal & Logo Branding

We equip every DVR with a custom decal of your company’s logo.

We apply your personalized logo onto every camera.

Spec Sheet Branding

We provide custom specification sheets for all available products.

Branding Program Requirements

The Branding Program is geared towards our installers and dealers. The only requirement for this is you have to be a registerd installer or dealer with us. There is no minimum buying requirements for this program and we offer it as a courtesy to all of our installers to gain that competitive edge.

As illustrated above, the branding program consists of:

  • Your Company Logo and Information on the Boot Screen and Video Loss screens on the DVR’s
  • Custom model number stickers on the bottom of the DVR and on DVR Box
  • Customized Quick Start Guide for the DVR’s
  • Customized model number stickers for the cameras.
  • Custom High Quality DVR Decals
  • Logo imprints on each camera
  • Custom made spec sheets

* Please note that when using the full branding program, the warranty is not voided but our 30 day return policy is voided. The reason being is we go to great lengths to completely brand your products, so much that it gets to the point to where we would not be able to re-sell the equipment with your name on it if it gets returned to us. Of course we will still honor the warranty in full on any defective product during the lifetime of the products warranty.

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