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3 Year Warranty

EYEsurv ESDV-FULLD1PRO-16 16 Channel Security DVR Real Time D1 Resolution

  • Our Most Advanced and Fully Featured DVR - This is a top of the scale DVR. Its capabilities are unrivaled among others.
  • Full Motion Real Time 30 FPS D1 Recording Resolution on Every Single Channel
  • Its Robust Capabilities can Satisfy even the most commercial or industrial sized applications whether it be for large scale retail, government, or casino grade scenarios
  • Can hold up to 8 Hard Drives + DVD Burner
  • Industry leading 3 year warranty

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EYEsurv ESDV-FULLD1PRO-16 16 Channel Security DVR Real Time D1 Resolution   +$549.99

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  • The EYEsurv ESDV-FULLD1PRO-16 16 Channel DVR is the most advanced and fully featured DVR to hit the market. Its features and capabilities are unparalled. Its robust capabilities can satisfy even the most commercial or industrial sized applications whether it be for large scale retail, government, or casino grade scenario's.   
  • Full D1 Recording Resolution @ Realtime 30 Frames Per Second on Each Channel.
  • Dual Core processors for smooth operation with no hang ups.
  • Huge Hard drive storage options. Can hold up to 8 Hard drives, each hard drive being a maximum of 4TB. A maximum potential hard drive storage space of 32TB.
  • Individual Loop Outs for each channel in case you need to dedicate a camera to its own monitor.
  • Esata Connection allows you to back up large amounts of video to a full size external hard-drive device.
  • Has BNC, VGA, and HDMI output. Connect the HDMI out to your HD Television set go get optimal video display and the menu screens will be in 1080p HD quality!
  • Use the included mouse to control the DVR with ease and efficiency.
  • DVR has excellent PTZ controls with several different PTZ protocols to choose from. Mouse driven PTZ controls makes this easier to use than a standard joystick controller.
  • DVR comes equipped with alarm inputs in case you have the need for alarm based recording.
  • DVR comes with an included remote control which allows you to control your DVR from across the room on your couch or favorite chair!!!!
  • Has easy to use interface without sacrificing the need for customization
  • H.264 High Quality Video Compression


Full Adjustable Recording Resolution and Frame Rates (NTSC):

  • D1 Resolution(704x480) Each channel Records Simultaneously at real time 30 FPS MAX, 480 FPS for the whole unit
  • CIF Resolution (352x240) Each channel Records Simultaneously at real time 30 FPS, 480 FPS for the whole unit
  • User can customize resolution and frame rate on each channel to their liking.


This DVR lets you record your video in many different ways:

  • Manual Recording: Start recording your surveillance by simply pushing record. DVR has overwrite option to record over your oldest data once the hard-drive reaches its capacity
  • Motion Sensor Recording: The DVR will only record when it senses motion in each cameras field of view. This allows you to save on hard-drive space. This also makes it easier to view your playback and saves you from having to search through the recordings for areas of movement. The motion sensing capabilities are fully customizable and allows you to increase or decrease the sensitivity. It also allows you to block out parts of the screen to prevent the machine from activating the motion sensing trigger
  • Scheduled Recording: Set your DVR to record only at certain times of the day.
  • Alarm Recording: If you have an external device such as a PIR motion detector or any other alarm based equipment, you can set that device to trigger the DVR on to start recording.


Other Features:

  • Play back all 16 recorded channels simultaneously
  • Live View Resolution:  720 x 480 and live display of 30 FPS
  • Has VGA Out connection if you want to hook your DVR up to a computer monitor, also has a standard BNC Out to hook up to a CCTV monitor or TV. Has industry leading HDMI output to connect to your HD television. You will get higher quality video and Hi-Def 720P menu screens if you choose to use the HDMI out or VGA out connection.
  • Dimensions: Approx. 17 1/4"W x 18"L x 3 5/8 H"
  • 16 Channel Audio Recording
  • Has USB Port for video backup and firmware upgrades.
  • Has RS-232 Port to control the DVR from external CCTV keyboard or for POS text overlay
  • Has RS-485 for PTZ controls
  • Has Alarm inputs for alarm based activities.
  • Rack Mountable - Rack Mounts Included
  • This DVR allows you to remotely view your cameras from any computer in the world over the internet.
  • This DVR also allows you to view your cameras on your cell phone. Currently supported cell phones: Android, Iphone
  • Includes DVR, Power Adapter, Mouse, Remote Control, Quick Start Guide, Sata Cables, Heavy Gauge HDMI Cable, Rack Mounts, and Networking Cable. 
  • Software and manuals can be downloaded from


Item Condition:    This DVR is 100% Brand New In Box and includes a 3 year warrany against any defective or malfunctioning issues.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Warranty 3 Year Warranty
Manufacturer EYEsurv


Alternative use for a great product.Review by Robb Posted on 12/29/2014
I purchased this unit, not for security use, but for a media monitoring system. My client needed a way to monitor and record several television channels at once should a significant event occur at their facility, sparking a media response. The real-time recording of both video AND audio for all channels was perfect for this project. The ability to recall, play back, and output a viewable file was essential and this unit fit the bill 100%. The software is relatively intuitive if you've used cctv software before. We had a minor issue that we involved Nelly's customer service for. The issue ended up having nothing to do with this unit but, the CSR was professional, polite, friendly, and, most importantly, knowledgeable. I couldn't ask for a better experience. My only gripe is that the unit is a little pricey, imo.

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Technical Details
download PDF ESDV-FULLD1PRO-16 EYEsurv 16 Channel Security DVR Real Time D1 Resolution
  • Spec Sheet
  • Firmwares
    download file Version: TBAxxx Build Date: TBA
    Tools & Software for EYEsurv Recorders
    download file Configtool - 2.0 Network Camera Utility Tool
    download file Windows Version - Smart PSS - 1.11.1.R.20140910 Central Management Software
    download file Windows Version - PSS - 4.06 Legacy Central Management Software
    download file Mac Version - Smart PSS - V1.11.1.R.20150114 Central Management Software
    download file File Player Allows you to play the proprietary DAV video file format, also allows you to convert to AVI
    download file Smart File Player Allows playback of more than one video file at a time
    Click Here to send Tools & Software to Your Email
    Guides & Manuals for EYEsurv DVRs
    download PDF Quick Start Guide Guide on getting your DVR up and running quickly.
    download PDF Alarm Device Recording If your device has alarm I/O, this will show you how to record based on alarm input triggers.
    download PDF Alarm Out Wiring Shows you how to wire an Alarm Relay device to the DVR.
    download PDF Alarm Wiring Wiring an Alarm Device to the DVR.
    download PDF Alarm PTZ Preset Shows you how to activate a PTZ’s preset based on an alarm trigger.
    download PDF Audio Recording Shows you how to record audio with the DVR.
    download PDF Backup via USB Shows how to save video to a USB flash drive.
    download PDF Email Motion Alerts Explains how to make the DVR send an email based on motion detection.
    download PDF Firmware Upgrade Explains how to upgrade the DVR’s firmware.
    download PDF FTP Setup Send video recording from the DVR to a FTP server on your PC.
    download PDF Installing and Formatting Hard Drive Shows how to format your hard drive.
    download PDF Microphone Wiring Explains how to wire a microphone to the DVR.
    download PDF Motion Detection How to setup the DVR to record on motion detection.
    download PDF Output Alarm Activation This shows how to setup your DVR for alarm output relay’s.
    download PDF Schedule Setup Shows you how to setup your recording schedule.
    download PDF Searching Video Shows you how to search and save video.
    download PDF Smart Search Shows you how to search video based on a particular area of the video.
    download PDF Time and Date How to set the correct time and date on your DVR.
    download PDF User Accounts Explains how to properly setup and manage user accounts.
    Manufacturer's Documentation
    download PDF Manufacturer's Quick Start Guide Manufacturer's Guide on getting your DVR up and running quickly.
    download PDF Manufacturer's User Manual Manufacturer's DVR User Manual.