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5MP Vandal Dome IP POE Security Camera W/ 2.8mm Lens | IP66 Weatherproof | 100' Night Vision | Built In Junction Box | M5VD

SKU# 1609
Availability: Discontinued
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IP Security Camera
HD Resolution
Fixed Lens
Weatherproof Rating
Up to 100ft
Night Vision IR Range

The R-Series 5MP Vandal Dome is one of the toughest and most aesthetic security cameras out there. It's sleek and compact enough to blend in perfectly to your home's interior, but it's also tough and rugged enough for a commercial install. Enjoy beautiful and crisp video any time, day or night. Access your camera through the simple and elegant user interface straight from your phone or computer.

So what are you waiting for? You're not going to find a better camera at a better deal. Keep reading to learn more about this camera's technical specifications.

5MP HD Resolution

The M5VD captures video up to a resolution of 5MP @ 15 FPS, which is 2592x1944 pixels. Every pixel added to your camera's picture gives you a higher image quality and more detail. So at 5MP, you're going to get a crisper, cleaner, and more detailed image.

2.8mm Fixed Lens

The M5VD has a 2.8mm Fixed Lens. That means it’s fixed at one length; it can't optically zoom in and out. The longer the focal length on a fixed lens camera, the more zoomed in it is and the more close-up detail you'll be able to see. But the shorter the focal length, the wider the field of view and the more area your surveillance will cover.

The M5VD has a horizontal field of view of 92°.

IP66 Weatherproof Rating

This camera has an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of 66. This means the camera is completely protected from dust and other solid particles (the first six). It can also withstand powerful streams of water jets from any direction (the second six).

Rest assured that when you install your camera outside, it will have no problem braving the toughest of storms.

IK10 Vandalproof Rating

The M5VD has an Impact Protection (IK) rating of 10, which is as high as the scale goes. If a vandal wants to try to bust open this camera, more power to them. Literally, they're going to need a lot more power, because this thing is indcredibly durable. That's why these dome-style cameras are often called vandal-proof domes, or vandal domes for short.

Up to 100ft Night Vision IR Range

When the sun goes down or the lights go out, this camera switches on its own onboard infrared LED lights. These lights, which are invisible to the human eye, allow the camera to continue functioning and recording video 24/7, day or night. And since its IR range covers up to 100ft, you're not going to miss anything that happens on your camera's feeds, even if it happens in pitch-black darkness.

Remote Access

As a part of our R-Series line, this camera is geared for easier operation. You can even instantly view your camera’s video feeds by scanning the QR code with your phone. No activation, no editing IP addresses, no advanced coding or port forwarding. Even if you’ve never touched a security camera before, you’ll be able to figure out the mobile app in no time at all.

Also view your cameras from your computer using the CamViewer application for Windows and Mac. These remote viewing options allow you to use this as a standalone camera.

Plug & Play

If you're creating a new system out of our R-Series cameras, set up is insanely easy with our R-Series line of recorders. Simply plug the camera into the back of the R-Series NVR and you have instant video on the recorder’s HDMI interface. You can also view and manage the NVR through the same mobile and desktop applications mentioned above.

ONVIF Compatibility

If you want to add this camera to a security system already set up, that’s no problem. This camera complies with the protocols set by the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF). This means, as long as your current recorder is ONVIF compatible, you’ll be able to set this camera up with your current system.

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  1. Overall Rating

    5 out of 5 stars
  1. Easy to use
    Verified Purchase
    Installed this in a small retail store with matching nvr. Easy to install and great having the built in junction box

    Reviewed by on

  2. Great Camera and Great Price!!
    Verified Purchase
    This is a great camera and the price is great too. We were shopping around to find a good solution for our business and this is definitely at the top of our list. Currently, the item is out of stock, we hope this is not for too much longer as we are definitely in need of some more.

    Reviewed by on

  3. Great for home
    Verified Purchase
    I've installed 4 of these around the house. Simple install with 8ch R-Series NVR. The built in J-box made for simple mounting, though one had a different hole pattern. Three had a three hole that worked perfectly both directly to a wall or to the wall mount accessory. The one with 4 holes was able to mount to the wall but then the screw heads interfered with locking the camera in place that required a small modification with a grinder.

    Picture quality is great at both substream and mainstream. Nightvision gives good distance though it is a little more focused and not as bright around the edges. I did find out the hard way that if there's something too close that the night vision reflects off of it becomes the bright spot in the frame and obscures the picture. Someone that has more experience than me would probably have known better.

    Reviewed by on

  4. Great camera and priced for the consumer
    Verified Purchase
    These cameras allow ease for the installer. They come with every thing needed and are ready to go. They are bullet proof as a vandal proof camera. During a recent installation, one was dropped 22 feet to a concrete sidewalk. There wasn't even a mark on it and after installation it continues to preform perfectly. They are great to install where conduit is required. They allow for 1/2 and 3/4 inch connectors. I am sold on them!

    Reviewed by on

  5. 5MP on a budget
    Verified Purchase
    Tried a few of these as a test on my own home to see how they would perform. I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived. Housing was sturdy, came with built in junction box, security screws for the housing and weatherproof connectors. Setup with the NVR was easy. Limited on settings in the NVR menu but for basic and budget friendly jobs these will work just great.

    Reviewed by on

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Can the R series webcams be painted black? I think this was mention in one of the videos but i cant seem to find it.
Hi Dave., yes sir. check it out:
Does this camera need internet to be used
Hi Michael,

Not at all, the only reason you would need internet is for remote viewing. Otherwise it can record locally like a regular CCTV system.
When are you going to have SKU 1609 in stock again
We hope to this week! Maybe by thursday
these are back in stock!
Can I use a flush mounted junction box instead of the one supplied with the camera?
How does the 3 axis orientation work? Is it manual or accessible from the app?
The junction box on this camera is built in so you will have to use it. The 3 axis orientation is manual. You can adjust it once you have the camera mounted by taking off the dome around the camera.
does this camera use 12v dc power and Ethernet or coax? if its Ethernet, do you have an Ethernet to coax converter? my cables are coax and power. My current system is a DVR system made by vanguard everfocus, I want to replace the DVR with IP cameras but I don't want to pull all the cables out. The DVR system will not work with Hugenet for DDNS.
Thanks for reaching out! This camera uses either 12v DC or PoE. Unfortunately we don't carry any ethernet to coax convertors. We do carry DVRs that use a Cloud based connection so you can view your system remotely.
when will these be available?
We are hoping by this Thursday!
these are back in stocl
Do you put together systems for the DIY home owner / new construction
Hey Scotty,

Absolutely, feel free to reach out if you have any questions.
Is it back in stock ? Is this camera eligible for branding ?
Looks like we'll have more back in next month!
This camera is brandable, meaning we'll stamp the camera with your logo id youre a dealer with us.
Specifications Download PDF
Camera Type IP
Form Factor Dome
Resolution 5MP
Max Resolution 2592 x 1944
Frames Per Second 15 FPS
Image Sensor 1/2.7" Progressive CMOS
Lens Type Fixed Lens
Focal Length 2.8mm
Field of View 92°
Illumination Infrared
IR Range Up to 100ft
Video Compression H.265, H.264
Max Video Bitrate 8Mbps
Weatherproof Rating IP66
Vandal Proof Rating IK10
Onvif Compatible Yes
Artificial Intelligence No
Power Supply DC12V, POE
Power Consumption ≤ 7W
Operating Temperature -22°F ~ +131°F
Weight ~0.8lbs
Version Build Date Download
Most Recent 10/08/2019 Download
Name Description Version Download
Camera Viewer View a single camera or NVR from your Windows PC. v1.0.44 Download
Camera Viewer Pro P2P View multiple cameras and NVRs from your Windows PC. v2.7.27 Download
Device Config Tool Allows configuration of Cameras and NVRs on your network. v1.0.1.2 Download
Video Player PC Software that allows you to playback video files exported from R-Series Devices. v1.0.32 Download
Camera Viewer View your Cameras and NVR from your Mac. v1.0.46 Download
Device Config Tool Allows configuration of Cameras and NVRs on your network. v1.0.0.63 Download
Video Player Mac Software that allows you to playback video files exported from R-Series Devices. v1.0.32 Download