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Nelly's Security

About Us

Thank you for your interest in our business. We are a retailer and wholesaler of Security, Surveillance, and Loss Prevention products. Our retail store is centrally located in the heartland of the USA in Tulsa, OK. Our objective is to offer our customers quality security equipment at a reasonable price.

More importantly, our objective continues by offering top notch service to our valued customers before and after the sale as well as offering free lifetime tech for all of our products. Whether you have never setup a security system before or if you are a seasoned installer, we hope to assist you with any questions, concerns, or problems that you may have big or small. Bottom line, your satisfaction is our top priority.

Nelly's Security
5807 S Garnett Rd, Suite E
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Our Support

We pride ourselves in having some of the best customer service in this industry. We know that some of you may have never worked with security equipment before, or you may be a professional and need assistance with our line of products. Whatever the case may be, it is our goal to get you up and running as quickly as possible as we know security is a time sensitive issue.

You will also find that we invest a lot of time in making our own guides and manuals for your products, and this really differentiates us from a lot of other companies who simply give you the manufacturers manual which quite often doesn’t make a lot of sense. We find this is extremely helpful to our customers and it’s a big reason why a lot of folks choose to purchase from us.

Whenever we write our guides and manuals, we try to explain things in the most easy to understand methods as if the user has never worked with security equipment before. Most of our product listings for our cameras and DVR’s will have a link to their own respective tech page.

Fair Pricing on High Quality Products

It's also our goal to offer products to you at a fair price. Not only do we want to offer affordable products, but we also want those products to have high performance as well. As you may have seen, we do not carry a huge array of products. Some other companies will simply buy all sorts of products without even testing them and simply offer them for sell without having any knowledge of the product. We don’t work like that. Whenever we consider carrying a product, we put it through weeks of testing before stocking it.

We want to know first hand how the product operates out in the field so we can pass our experience on to you. Once we find that the product passes our tests, we then make a very large bulk purchase from the manufacturer which enables us to pass on major savings to you. It is with this method that has allowed us to offer you high quality products at a very reasonable price.

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