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Alarms and Automation

  1. Three Ways to Setup a Dual NIC NVR

    One NVR with two Network Interface Controllers… What could that be for? We’re going to break down three different ways you can use the other port to get the most out of your NVR.

  2. What to Know About the IQPanel 4: Should You Upgrade?

    The IQPanel 4 is the latest and greatest update from Qolsys. This update includes all the things you love about the IQPanel 2+, but adds new additional features and a ton of possibilities for growth and updates. Checkout what sets this panel apart from the rest!

  3. How to Get Started With Alarm Panels: A 2GIG Webinar

    Join us for an exciting 2GIG webinar presented by Nortek exclusively for Nelly's dealers! Become a dealer today and join our dealer Facebook group to take part!

  4. Custom Alarm Panel Branding: Premium, High-Quality, Color Logos Printed On Your Alarm Panel Face Plates

    How do you take your alarm company to the next level? Custom branded panels. Get your high-quality, full color, premium logo printed right on your alarm panels.

  5. The 2GIG eSeries: Is It Worth Upgrading Your GoControl Alarm Panels? (2GIG-GC2e-345 and 2GIG-GC3e-345)

    2GIG has updated their alarm panels to the new eSeries line of products. Here's a complete list of every reason why you should upgrade today!

  6. The 2GIG Rely Panel: A DIY Home Alarm System That Can Revolutionize Your Security Business

    With the Rely Panel, you can take control of the current economic climate and use it to your advantage, increasing your sales and revolutionizing your business.

  7. The Advantages of Using 2GIG & Qolsys Products With

    Don't be confused by the name: is much more than an alarm service! They can bring a whole new world of home automation products to offer your clients.

  8. 2GIG CP21 (GC2) Security and Home Automation Control Panel

    Easily convert your hard-wired security system with the 2GIG CP21 GC2 control panel and modules. Its a powerful security system with home automation features.

  9. Save Energy With Smart Wi-Fi Radio Thermostats

    This is the best way to save energy. Manage your thermometer from anywhere in the world. Set up schedules and automations. Pick up your smart thermostat today!