NSC-DB2 Video Doorbell Setup Guide

Our Best Video Doorbell Yet

The day you've been waiting for has finally arrived. That's right, our second generation doorbell, the NSC-DB2, has hit the shelves at last. And with 3MP of crisp video, dual band Wi-Fi, PIR motion detection, 180° vertical FOV, and so much more, this is one of the best video doorbells on the market.

Setting up this doorbell is pretty easy. Once you get it installed at the door and powered up, you can have the doorbell connected and ready to go in seconds with the help of your smart phone. To get set up as fast as possible, check out this NSC-DB2 mobile setup guide.

Activating Your Doorbell with a Mobile Device

So you've mounted your doorbell and powered it with 8-24v AC. Now what? It's pretty simple. All you need to activate your doorbell and start monitoring your front door is your mobile device and the free EZVIZ mobile application. Before you pull out your phone, make sure the doorbell's light is blinking blue. If it's not, you may need to hold down the small, white reset button until you hear, "Reset Successfully."

Soon after, the same voice will tell you that it's time to move to the app. Once you hear that second voice prompt, you're good to go.


Step 1: Download the app and create an account

Once you download and open the app for the first time, it will prompt you to create an account. Go ahead and fill out all your information and log into your new account.

Download from Google Play
Download from the App Store

Step 2: Click the plus icon to add a new device

This will bring up your phone's camera, which you'll use to scan the QR code on the doorbell.

Click add device and scan your device's QR code.

Step 3: Initialize the device

Here the app just wants you to verify that the blue light is blinking, which it already is. (If not, you'll need to reset your device again.) Go ahead and check the box next to "Indicator Flashes Blue" and click next.

Step 4: Turn on location services (optional)

Step 5: Verify your Wi-Fi information

If these fields aren't already populated, you'll need to input your Wi-Fi password so that the doorbell can connect to your network.

Input your Wi-Fi password in this step.

Step 6: Connect to your device's Wi-Fi

You will now be prompted to connect your phone to your device's Wi-Fi, which will look something like the image below. Once you connect to that network, your camera will begin configuring itself. Soon afterward, a voice prompt will announce, "Configuration complete."

Step 7: Adjust your device's settings

Once your device is activated, the app will take you through a simple startup wizard, allowing you to set up your camera in a way that suits your needs and preferences. Here you can set the time zone and date format, adjust the PIR sensitivity, select your chime type, and more.

Once you get to the end, your doorbell is pretty much ready to go. You can walk away right now and it will start doing its job. However, to get the most out of your doorbell, take a look at the next section for some more advanced settings.

EZVIZ Advanced Settings

Here are a few tips and tricks to get the most out of your doorbell using the EZVIZ app.

Enable Alarm Notifications

There are two types of notifications that you can get from your NSC-DB2. You can receive push notifications when the PIR (passive infrared) motion detection alarm is tripped and when someone actually presses your doorbell. If you want to receive both types of notifications, be sure to follow these steps.

PIR Alarm Notifications

By default, alarm notifications are turned off. This means you won't receieve any notifications when the PIR alarm is tripped. This isn't ideal, as you probably want to take advantage of this camera's awesome PIR abilities. To turn on notifications, go into your camera setttings and click "Alarm Notification." Toggle the "Alarm Notification" setting to enabled.

Now that your notifications are enabled, you'll receive PIR notifications on your phone anytime the alarm is tripped, 24/7. If you'd rather only receive notifications within a certain time frame, you can also set up a notification schedule.

Before you head back to the main menu, you might also want to check out "Notification sound mode." If it's set to "soft" or "intense," the doorbell will physically beep when it detects motion. If you don't want your doorbell to beep at everyone who walks up to your door, be sure to set this to mute.

Doorbell Notifications

If you want your phone to notify you anytime someone rings your doorbell, you need to make sure this notification setting is enabled. To do that, click on the "more" icon at the bottom right-hand side of the screen, then click "function settings." In this menu, make sure the "Message Push Notification" setting is enabled. Finally, ensure that the "Auto-receive Alarm after Power-Up" option is enabled. And that's it. You should now receive notifications anytime someone rings your doorbell.

Other Settings

Another feature of the NSC-DB2 is the ability to configure the way the doorbell looks and operates. Not only does it come with three faceplates for you to choose the design that works for you. But you can also turn the blue light around the doorbell button on or off, depending on your preferences. To do this, go into your camera options and toggle "Status Light" on or off.

From this menu, you can also enable or disable the camera's IR lights. However, before you turn off your IR, keep in mind that this new generation has a much smarter design than previous models. If our first doorbell gave you trouble with IR glare, give this doorbell's clear night vision a shot. But it's still nice to know you can always turn it off if you still need to.

Accessing Your Recordings

These doorbells come with a Micro SD card already included, so your doorbell will start recording anytime it detects motion with the PIR motion detector. You can view these recorded videos a couple of different ways.

From the main screen, you can touch the "Messages" icon at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to the list of PIR motion detection events. You can click on an event to watch the playback, take a snapshot, or save the recording to your phone's camera roll.

From the live view, you can also click "Video History" at the bottom of the screen. This will show you a timeline of all your recorded events. The search functions in this menu are helpful for when you want to see video from a specific time or date.

Final Thoughts

That's it! Your doorbell is now all set up and ready to go. Simply sit back, relax, and wait for the notifications to start coming in. We're confident that once you've spent a little time with this doorbell, you'll come to realize just how powerful and simple this doorbell is. Check out or NSC-DB2 video doorbell and enhance your home security today with the push of a button.