Manage your R-Series Products From Your Mac! New CamViewer Remote Management Computer Software Update

A New Update to the R-Series CamViewer Computer Software

We just released a huge new update for our R-Series remote management computer software, CamViewer. You can finally enjoy this elegant and user-friendly program on your macOS computer! With a few other performance and cosmetic updates, you'll be able to access and manage your R-Series cameras and recorders better than ever before. If you've used the CamViewer program before, you'll notice things look a bit different. Some features have been moved around. But it's still the same simple program that it's always been. Let's take a quick tour of the new interface.

Accessing your R-Series Feeds From Your Mac

Since the first windows-only release of our R-Series computer software, a macOS version has been one of our most widely-requested features. We're happy to announce that this request is finally a reality! This update brings the CamViewer software to more people and makes our R-Series products even more easily accessible than before.

CamViewer, the R-Series computer software, is now available on macOS!

The CamViewer Cosmetic Updates

Mac compatibility was the biggest update in this new release. However, there have been some smaller cosmetic updates to the app as well. You'll notice these changes whether you're logging into the app, viewing your live feeds from the main screen, or navigating the menu systems. Once you log into the new program, you may not recognize it at first. However, once you click around a little bit, you'll soon find that it's just as easy to use as before, if not easier. Check out the screenshots below to get a feel for the new look.

The new login screen on the CamViewer app, now available for Mac
Split screen view on the new CamViewer application, now available for Mac
Single-channel view on the new CamViewer software, now available for Mac
The playback menu (for recorders with hard drives) on the new CamViewer application, now available for Mac
Remote settings, the new menu system for adjusting your camera's settings, on the new CamViewer application, now available for Mac
System settings on the CamViewer application, now available for Mac

Update Your R-Series Computer Software Today!

Whether or not you use a Mac computer, we highly recommend you update your CamViewer software to our most recent version. We're always working hard to make sure our customers have the best and most up-to-date software available, so keep your eyes open in the future for more software updates! Click below and scroll to the bottom of the page to download the most recent version.