Introducing VIvotek: Our Newest & Most Flexible Option For Your CCTV Needs

If you’ve been around for very long, you’ll know that our motto here at Nelly’s Security is “Always Move Forward.” We are always looking for ways to grow Nelly’s and for ways to give our customers opportunities to move their own businesses forward. We’ve been working on a deal for a while to expand into a new product offering, and we’re very excited to announce that it’s finally here. Introducing Vivotek Recorders and Brandable Cameras!

See for yourself why Vivotek is a CCTV product line worth writing home about!

Vivotek cameras and recorders provide you with yet another excellent choice when it comes to your CCTV installations. They’re perfect for large enterprise jobs. They’re great for small and medium-sized businesses. They’re even competitively priced enough for residential applications. They’re fully NDAA- and TAA-compliant. They’re made in Taiwan. And of course, you can leverage our popular branding program to apply your company's logo to the cameras free of charge.

Why a new product line? Why Vivotek? What can you expect to see with this new product line? That’s what we’re going to be answering in this blog post.

Why Another Product Line?

Why are we expanding our product offerings and adding Vivotek to the lineup? Well, there are a couple of reasons. First, it’s our goal to become the biggest and the best security supplier in the whole world. To get there, we’re always looking for ways to grow Nelly’s. Adding new product lines is one way to diversify our business and provide our customers with more options.

That said, on our quest to become the greatest in the world, we’re not willing to just add any and every security manufacturer to our lineup. We want to make sure that we’re only carrying quality products at a competitive price that align with our goals and strategies. It takes time to add new brands to our store because we need to make sure that any new brand would be adding value to Nelly’s Security and to our customers’ businesses. We believe that adding Vivotek to our catalog accomplishes this. It’s a quality expansion that moves Nelly’s closer to our goals, while also providing our customers with excellent security technology.

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Second, it has been our goal for quite some time to bring on some TAA-compliant products. With the 2019 NDAA and the recent FCC bans on certain Chinese manufacturers, we have recognized the need to bring on brands from a variety of countries in order to properly diversify our product line. Since Vivotek is produced in Taiwan, these are our first video surveillance products to be manufactured outside of China. This is important because China is not a Trade Agreements Act designated country. So even though many Uniview and R-Series products are fully NDAA-compliant, they cannot be TAA-compliant simply because of their country of origin. All Vivotek products, on the other hand, are fully NDAA- and TAA-compliant.

This map shows all TAA-compliant countries.

The above map shows all TAA-designated countries. You can see that while China is not TAA-designated, Taiwan is.

Why Vivotek?

There are several reasons why Vivotek is our first choice for expanding our product lineup outside of Chinese manufacturers: Vivotek’s quality, pricing, and branding capabilities make these products our most flexible security products yet.

Quality Security Technology

When looking for a TAA-compliant security solution, we knew that quality needed to be our highest priority. When our customers are looking for TAA-compliant products, it’s likely because they’re working on large enterprise jobs. Think international airports, large government facilities, expansive municipal projects. For jobs like these, our customers need reliable, top-of-the-line commercial-grade security equipment. Vivotek’s high-quality product offerings fulfill this need.

Competitive Pricing

It’s no secret that when looking for a security technology manufacturer outside of China, the pricing can get pretty high. While quality is important for any manufacturer that we bring on, we also need to keep the price low enough that our customers can maintain a healthy profit margin while also remaining competitive in the space. One again, Vivotek fulfills this need by offering excellent and competitive pricing for a non-Chinese manufacturer. It’s competitive enough, in fact, that these can be installed in residential and small business applications as well as high enterprise scenarios.

Branding Capabilities

As you are probably aware, there are many things that sets Nelly’s Security apart from our competitors. One of these is our industry-leading branding program. When we bring new products into our warehouse, it has to fit into our current strategies, part of which means we have to be able to apply new products to our branding program to provide our customers the ability to create their own line of security products. Once again, Vivotek fulfills this need. All of our Vivotek cameras are blank, meaning we can stamp your company’s logo on the front to increase professionalism and brand recognition. We can also edit the model numbers for each product in order to remain consistent with your own naming schemes. Even though they are brandable, they still run on the same great firmware and software that branded Vivotek products use.

Vivotek cameras can be branded with your company's logo

Vivotek’s quality technology, competitive pricing, and brandability work together to provide an incredibly flexible option for our video surveillance dealers. With Vivotek, you can take control of your own product offerings, providing your customers with the option for TAA-compliance without sacrificing quality or price.

What About Uniview?

When we first announced our intentions to expand our product offerings, we got a lot of questions about Uniview’s future with Nelly’s Security. Let me set your mind at ease. Uniview isn’t going anywhere. Vivotek is an expansion to our catalog at Nelly’s Security. It is not a Uniview replacement. We are still big Uniview fans, and we will continue to carry their products. Uniview is an excellent choice for many security scenarios. Their technology is top-notch, their image quality is fantastic, their artificial intelligence capabilities are improving all the time. Uniview is a growing company with new and improved products coming out on a regular basis, and we’re excited to continue to grow alongside Uniview.

If you’re installing security cameras on government property, you can still use the Uniview products found on our site. These are fully NDAA-compliant cameras and recorders, meaning they don’t contain a Hisilicon chipset. They’re built from the ground up with trusted technology not found on any ban list.

Uniview is NDAA-Compliant but not TAA-Compliant
Vivotek is NDAA-Compliant and TAA-Compliant

So when should you use Vivotek instead of Uniview? Well, for the most part, this is purely going to be a matter of preference. Some people will prefer Vivotek products, while others will prefer to continue using Uniview. Whatever product fits your company’s style and your customer’s expectations is the product line that you should use.

While NDAA-compliance gives the product a greenlight to be installed on government applications, for some customers this still isn't enough. Some of the larger enterprise jobs may require and call specifically for TAA-compliant products. It's even possible that some of these larger enterprise jobs may request products that are not made in China at all. Vivotek fills these gaps as it is fully NDAA- and TAA-compliant, and manufactured in Taiwan. If you want to learn more about TAA-compliance, stay tuned for an upcoming blog post and YouTube video. (If you're not already subscribed to our YouTube channel, click here to do so.)

Does your client have strict country of origin requirements? Take a closer look at Vivotek products today.

Vivotek Products

At the time of writing this blog post (middle of May 2022), we have five Vivotek products available on our website: a 2MP fixed lens vandal dome, a 5MP fixed lens turret, a 5MP varifocal lens turret, an 8-channel NVR, and a 16-channel NVR. In the coming weeks, we’ll also bring on a 5MP fixed lens bullet, a 5MP fixed lens vandal dome, and a 5MP varifocal lens vandal dome.

As you can tell, it’s a pretty light lineup at the start. This is because we’re going to be bringing on new products slowly so that we can really get a feel for how these products work. We’re going to be doing a lot of testing over the next few weeks, so we’ll continue to trickle Vivotek products in over time as the demand grows. To start, we want to introduce the brand with the most common cameras that our customers will need. As we all get familiar with these products, the Vivotek product line will continue to expand.

A Brandable Vivotek fixed lens turret camera

To learn more about these cameras, click the links below to check out the individual products. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.