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Are you ready to bring your security business to a whole new level? Keep reading to see how our new line of products at Nelly's Security can help you succeed.

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Do you install security cameras for a living? Are you tired of selling the same thing sold by every other dealer and their dog? Are you finding it harder to make a profit these days? Are you confused by the many different brands and models? Are you losing money by selling name brands only to be price shopped by your customers?

We have the solution. Introducting the Nelly's Security R-Line

The R-Series line of products at Nelly's Security

Four Reasons Why You Should Sell R-Series Products

Our new R-Series line at Nelly's Security is making waves in the surveillance industry! You can take your entire business to a whole new level of professionalism, quality, and even profit margins. Come and see why you should be selling these products to your customers!

Reason #1: The Price Point
Reason #1: The Price Point
Reason #1: The Price Point
Reason #1: The Price Point

Reason #1: The Price Point

First off, our R-Series line gets one of the most important things right: cost. These are some of the most competitively priced cameras in the industry. This simply means that you can sell to your customer at a competitive price, and yet you still make a healthy profit. Here are a few examples of some of these R-Series products and their prices.

Fixed Lens Cameras

Card image cap
2MP Turret


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Card image cap
5MP Vandal Dome


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Card image cap
8MP (4K) Bullet


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Motorized Lens Cameras

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5MP Motorized Turret


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8MP (4K) Motorized Bullet


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Reason #2: Ease of Operation

Secondly, our R-Series products are incredibly easy to install and operate. So easy, in fact, that even your customers can figure it out. So not only do you spend less time configuring the products, but you also get less call backs and spend less time walking your customers through simple tasks.

We all know that time is money, and this is yet another aspect that simply keeps more money in your pocket and keeps your customers happy, leading to future sales and referrals.

Reason #3: Custom Branding

Thirdly, and this may be the best part, we brand the R-Series products for you with your company’s logo and custom model numbers.

A turret camera branded with a custom logo
A vandal dome branded with a custom logo.
When you sign up with our 100% free branding program, you'll get a custom decal on your NVR
Another example of our NVR decals that come with the 100% free branding program.
When you sign up for our 100% free branding program, you'll also get a weatherproof sticker with your custom model number.
An example of a model number sticker on the bottom of the NVR
  1. Camera Branding: That’s right, we actually brand your logo onto each and every one of these cameras. And it isn’t just a sticker, either. This is a logo stamped in permanent ink with our branding machine.
  2. Recorder Decals: We will also stick a high quality decal with your company’s logo on the front faceplate of all your recorders.
  3. Model Number Stickers: Finally, we will place custom weatherproof model number stickers on your cameras, recorders, and product boxes using your company’s initials. For instance, let’s say your company’s name is Awesome Security Installers. When you order a B2M, your model number will be ASI-B2M. VD5M will become ASI-VD5M. 4KNVR4D-16 will become ASI-4KNVR4D-16. You get the picture.

This can be an incredible marketing tool for you. Just imagine if you have some customers who own small businesses and you install these branded cameras in their stores, restaurants, offices, etc. It’s free marketing. This also adds an extreme element of professionalism to your business, and your customers will take you even more seriously.

Perhaps the biggest advantage is that, since this is your own brand with your own model numbers, you won’t be competing with anyone else using the same brand. This means your customers cannot price shop you.

Well maybe that wasn’t the best part of our branding program. The best part is that it is 100% free for you just for being a registered dealer with Nelly's Security! No minimum order quantity, either. Just got one camera you need to order? No problem, we will brand it for you!

Reason #4: Nelly's Security

Finally, you can rest assured knowing that you are dealing with a company that stands behind their products even after the sale is made. We got your back when it comes to tech support. We built our entire business around having the best customer service in the nation. We challenge you to give us a call and ask us questions to see if we live up to what we say.

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