Swappin' Cameras: Trading Out This White H-Series Bullet for This Black GoSwift Bullet

GoSwift UltraHD 4K Bullet Security Cameras Now Come in Black!

Aesthetics are not the most important aspect of a security camera. Most of the time I'm looking for a camera that performs well; normally I don't really care about how it looks. However, there are certain situations when you really want a camera to blend in with its surroundings. That's why you may be interested to know that we now carry black GoSwift bullet security cameras! With two colors to choose from, the most affordable 4K security solution of its caliber is also now the most aesthetically pleasing. When would you want to choose a black camera over a white camera? Well, let me give you an example.

Swapping Out My White Camera

As you can see in the video above and the picture below, I used to have this white H-series bullet overlooking my patio. I don't have any complaints about this camera. It's always performed excellently. But with that black speaker, the black television, and the dark panels on the wall, this security camera really stuck out like a sore thumb. Anytime anyone looked toward that wall, it's always the first thing that draws attention.

This white bullet camera stuck out like a sore thumb.

Again, normally I wouldn't mind. But this is a high-traffic area in my house. We spend family time here. We entertain guests here. This white camera is just too distracting. I thought this would be the perfect place to try out the new black bullet cameras from GoSwift. So I got to work. I took down the old H-series bullet camera and installed the new GoSwift in its place.

My family spends a lot of time here, so I wanted a less distracting security camera.
My family spends a lot of time here, so I wanted a less distracting security camera.

Swapping Out My White Cables

I'd recommend using black Ethernet cables to connect your cameras to your network. But since I'd already run these white cables to the camera, I decided to improvise. I took a Sharpie and did my best to paint the cable black.

Since these white cables were already installed at the site, I painted the cable black using a Sharpie.

The GoSwift security cameras all come with a grommet for weatherproofing your cable connections. The grommet matches the color of the camera, allowing you to camouflage your connections as well as your camera.

The weatherproof grommet matches the color of the GoSwift camera

Weatherproofing your connection is super easy. Slip the three pieces of the grommet onto the Ethernet cable, as pictured below. You may need to cut a slit in the plastic seal. Place the small rubber band around the camera's Ethernet connection. Connect the Ethernet cable to the camera cable and twist the grommet into place. Make sure everything is nice and tight.

Weatherproofing the grommet
Weatherproofing the grommet

Weatherproofing the grommet

Swapping Out My Interface

Setup for this camera is ridiculously easy. All I have to do is download the GoSwift mobile application, scan the QR code with my phone, and I'm good to go.

The GoSwift application is both userfriendly and elegant.
The GoSwift application is both userfriendly and elegant.

The Finished Product

The finished product! The black GoSwift looks much more at home up there behind the speaker.

And here it is! Did you have to look twice before you could see it? I'm very happy with how this turned out. I'm impressed at how much of a difference it made swapping out that white camera for this black camera. It looks much more at home up there on our dark wooden panels nested behind that black speaker.

Now when we're sitting around out here as a family or when we have guests over, that camera is going to be much less intrusive. It's not going to stick out like a sore thumb anymore. This just goes to show that if you want to have video surveillance at your home or business but you also want it to be aesthetically pleasing, you can do that with GoSwift.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out. We're always here to help you decide which security camera is right for you.