Custom Alarm Panel Branding: Premium, High-Quality, Color Logos Printed On Your Alarm Panel Face Plates

How do you increase brand awareness, generate new customers, separate yourself from the crowd, and take your security business to the next level? Custom alarm panel branding. Something as simple as stamping your logo onto your security alarm panel face plates can have a huge impact on your business.

When you’re ready to start selling custom-branded alarm panels, Nelly’s Security is here to help you. We will brand your logo on your alarm panels in full color, premium quality ink. It's 100% free and it only takes two steps to get started. Let's walk you through how this works. First, we have two different styles for you to choose from: Premium Branding and Ultra Branding.

Premium Branded Alarm Panels

First, let's talk about Premium Branding. With this style, we will print your logo on your alarm panel face plate in full color free of charge. We can do this a couple of different ways. First, we have the full GC2e and GC3e alarm panels. If you purchase these from us, we will brand them with your logo free of charge. This will be a high-quality, full-color logo printed right onto your alarm panel face plate.



Brand It


Brand It

If you already have your 2GIG alarm panels and you're just looking to add branding, you can purchase a pack of GC2e or GC3e face plates. We sell these plates in packs of 20.

2GIG GC2e Branded Face Plates

2GIG GC2e Face Plates

Brand It
2GIG GC3e Branded Face Plates

2GIG GC3e Face Plates

Brand It

Ultra Branded Alarm Panels

Premium branding is an excellent way for your company to stand out in the crowd. But if you're looking to take your alarm panel branding to the next level, we have just the service for you: ultra branding. With a small upcharge, we'll brand your entire face plate with any design you provide. Check out the examples below to see what kind of designs we're able to ultra brand onto your face plate.

Brand your alarm panel face plate with your company's logo and marketing materials. Put your logo on a unique design. Blend your alarm panel into your home's aesthetic.

Just like with premium branding, you can choose ultra branding on your alarm panel if you're purchasing the full panel from us or if you're just purchasing the face plates.

Once you add your product to your cart and check out, you’ll get an email from us with further instructions on how to send us your logo. The good news is, you only have to do this step once. Once we have your logo in the system, it will be there forever.

Once you send us your logo, we’ll make the appropriate tweaks on our end. This usually takes up to one business day, but can sometimes take longer. Once everything is ready to go, we’ll send you some mock-ups to get your approval.

If you select the Ultra Branding method, we'll send you a PSD (Adobe Photoshop Document). Simply insert your design into the PSD file and send it back to us. We'll do everything we need to do on our end and send you some final proofs for your approval.

Even if you are a current customer and part of our branding program, you’ll need to send us your logo after that first purchase. This service is separate from our dealer branding program. Don’t worry, we’ll still brand your cameras and recorder screens with the logos we already have on file. But we will require a new logo for your premium branding.

After we have your logo in the system, you'll be able to preview your premium branded equipment right from your cart page! Simply add a product to your cart, click "View Cart," and see your design right there.

Preview your branded alarm panel on your cart page!


  • What if I don't use 2GIG alarm equipment? No problem! If you don't carry 2GIG products but you're still interested in branded alarm panels, just shoot us an email explaining your requirements and we can give you a custom quote.
  • What format should my logo be? Technically it can be any format. We’ll make whatever adjustments we need to make. For the best results, we recommend sending us a vector logo. This file could have a .ai, .svg, or .pdf file extension. If you don’t have one of these formats available, feel free to send us whatever you do have.
  • What size should my logo be? There are no requirements when it comes to size. If your logo is a vector logo, we’ll be able to resize it freely without affecting the quality of your logo. If you send us a non-vectorized logo, like a .jpg or a .png, then the bigger logo you have, the better.
  • Can I change my logo later? Yes, you can change your logo anytime. You can also send us a different file for specific products. For instance, you can send us a square-shaped logo for your 2GIG GC2e panels, and a more horizontal logo for your 2GIG GC3e panels. For multiple files like this, just send us an email and let us know what you’d like to do.
  • Do you offer premium branding for other products besides alarm panels? I’m glad you asked! Currently we offer premium branding on server racks and alarm panels, but we will be adding more products in the near future. To see all of our premium branding offerings, click here.
  • Do you offer premium branding for security cameras? At this point we cannot offer premium colored branding for our security cameras. We can, however, stamp a black-and-white version of your logo onto any security camera that you purchase from Nelly’s Security. In addition to physical branding, you’ll also get custom model numbers, product labels, and customized recorder screens on applicable NVRs and DVRs. You can learn more about our branding program here.
  • What other benefits do you offer alarm panel dealers? We have a whole dealer program just for security professionals. As a Nelly’s Dealer, you’ll have access to special pricing, additional branding, referrals, and more. To learn more about our dealer program, click here.
  • Do I have to be a Nelly’s dealer to order premium branding? Nope! Premium branding services are for anyone and everyone. However, if you are a security dealer you’d be better off becoming a Nelly’s dealer. Otherwise you’d be paying the full retail price for our alarm panel products.

Final Thoughts

In today’s digital world, a tight and cohesive brand is becoming more and more necessary to make it in just about any industry. Brand awareness, brand loyalty, and brand aesthetics all work together to influence your business’s growth and affect your relationships with with your clients. Solid branding is a must for your business. And when it comes to security alarm panel branding, Nelly’s is the best in the business. So click the links below to get started!