Overstock Super Sale

Overstock. It’s a pain for us, because we’re running out of space. But it’s a bargain for you, because you get our overflow at a heavily discounted price! This is a great opportunity to grab some of our best-sellers before they go back to regular pricing. Our current overstock sales include…

R-Series 5MP Motorized Turret

This is one of our most popular R-Series models. With a sleek turret housing, crisp 5MP video, and a motorized zoom lens, the M5ZT is an excellent security camera for residential and small business scenarios. R-Series cameras have always been our most affordable options, but now you can grab this camera at the lowest price it’s ever been.

If you buy one camera, you can get it for $89.99, which is 40% off its usual price of $149.99.

But hold on a second. We’ve got a huge R-Series shipment coming in soon, and we really need to make some room on our shelves. So if you’re willing to stock up on these cameras, we’ve got a bulk discount for you as well.

Buy 10 or more of these cameras and you can get them for only $79.99 a piece. Let’s do the math, shall we? Buying 10 of these cameras at its normal price would end up being $1499.90 before taxes. But the same purchase during our overstock super sale? It would only be $799.90. You’re saving a whopping $700. Do you know how many cameras you could buy with $700 extra dollars? Eight. Eight additional cameras.

This is not a deal that you’re going to want to miss, so click below to shop now while you can.

Shop now to get this turret for only $89.99

R-Series 5MP Motorized Turret

R-Series 5MP Motorized Turret Super Sale

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Uniview 12MP Fisheye

Uniview’s 12MP fisheye is a powerful camera with a ton of advanced features. It supports dewarping, PTZ views, heat map, 2-way audio, and so much more. And with a 12MP 4K UltraHD image, you’re going to be able to see your entire 360° scene in super crisp detail. And right now, you can get your hands on this beautiful camera for 20% off when you use the coupon code 12FISH at checkout.

Keep in mind that you’re going to see a steep price when you first visit the page. Just take a deep breath and log into your Nelly’s account to watch this price drop. Once again, just to clarify: When you input your coupon code at checkout, the discount will be 20% off the price you see after you log in. We know Uniview pricing can be confusing, so be sure to log in and use the coupon code 12FISH in order to see the final sale price.

Use the discount code 12FISH at checkout for 20% off!

UNV 12MP Fisheye

UNV 12MP Fisheye Super Sale

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Western Digital Purple Hard Drives

Finally, we have an overstock of hard drives that we need to get rid of! To take advantage of this sale, you have to buy 5 or more of the same hard drive. If you only buy one or two, you’ll be getting them at the full price. Here are the sizes that we currently have on sale:

  • 1TB ($43.50/pc when you buy 5 or more)
  • 2TB ($61.50/pc when you buy 5 or more)
  • 4TB ($88.50/pc when you buy 5 or more)
  • 8TB ($190/pc when you buy 5 or more)

What’s crazy about this sale is that you can currently purchase five 4TB hard drives ($442.50) for about the same price that you can normally buy five 1TB hard drives ($424.95). If you’re a surveillance installer, it only makes sense to stock up on your hard drives now before these prices go back up.

Purchase 5 or more to get crazy HDD discounts!

WD Purple Hard Drives

WD Purple HDD Super Sale


R-Series Analog Cameras

Analog cameras might be old school. But there's one very important strength that analog cameras still have to this day: price. What could be better than a well-priced analog camera, you ask? How about a well-priced analog camera with a closeout discount! Right now we have three R-Series analog cameras on sale: a fixed lens bullet ($25), a fixed lens turret ($25), and a varifocal lens turret ($34).

Shop closeout analog cameras at an incredibly low price!


R-Series Analog 3.6mm Bullet Closeout

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R-Series Analog 3.6mm Turret Closeout

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R-Series Analog 2.8-12mm Varifocal Turret Closeout

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