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An Overview of our 5MP Cube Camera (NSC-245W-C)

The NSC-245W-C: An Overview

If you are in the market for an indoor camera to keep an eye on your home or office, look no further than the NSC-245W-C.

This is a flexible security camera able to adapt to your individual needs. Are you looking for a camera to add to your DVR? Or are you ready to ditch the ethernet and connect a camera over Wi-Fi? Do you need the customization of pixel-based motion detection or the precision of PIR? Whatever problem you're trying to solve, this cube camera just might be the solution.

the nsc-245w-c 5mp indoor ir Wi-Fi cube camera.

The NSC-245W-C, our 5MP Wi-Fi cube camera.

It may not look like much, but this 5MP cube camera has many powerful features that really set it apart, such as...

  • Crisp 5MP resolution
  • 10m IR range
  • Wi-Fi Capabilities
  • PIR Sensor for enhanced motion detection
  • Simultaneous 2-way audio
  • Micro SD Card port for up to 128 GB of onboard storage


This is a 5MP camera, which is a resolution of 2560x1960. You can see from the images below that the camera offers crisp detail, even in pitch black darkness.

Click the following images to view full size:

The NSC-245W-C has a resolution of 5MP

The NSC-245W-C has an IR range of 10m (roughly 32')

The NSC-245W-C 5MP resolution digitally zoomed

The NSC-245W-C IR digitally zoomed

Wi-Fi vs. Ethernet

You can connect this camera to the network a couple of different ways.

Since this is a Wi-Fi camera, you can set it up wirelessly. This can save you from having to run long ethernet cables to the camera from your NVR or router. It's not totally wireless, however, as there is no battery. You'll still need to run power to the camera with a 12V DC power supply.

If Wi-Fi isn't a concern for you, you can still hard-wire this camera to your network with an ethernet cable. While you may have to run more cables this way, the advantage is that you'll have a more stable connection.

Pixel-Based vs. PIR Motion Detection

This Cube Camera offers two different methods of motion detection: pixel-based and PIR.

Pixel-based motion detection is exactly what it sounds like. The camera detects motion when there is a significant change in the pixels.

PIR (passive infrared) motion detection doesn't actually use the camera's picture. Instead of tracking pixel changes, the camera's PIR sensor tracks the infrared radiation around the camera. The alarm will only trigger if the IR radiation goes up or down. This can only be caused by a warm body appearing in the camera's vicinity.

Both types of motion detection have their pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Pixel-Based Motion Detection

Since pixel-based motion detection uses the camera's picture, it's more flexible and configurable. The camera can detect motion over large distances. As far as the camera can see, it can track motion. You can also set up a field in the camera's interface to limit the motion detection to a particular area or set up various smart events to trigger the alarm. Intrusion, line-crossing, and object removal are just a few examples.

However, the biggest limitation of pixel motion detection is that it treats all movement equally. It has no way of discerning what's important and what's negligible. A burglar breaking into your home and a spec of dust floating past the lens will both set off the motion detection alarm.

You can customize the pixel motion detection field from the camera's interface.

Pros and Cons of PIR

The PIR sensor, on the other hand, will give you little to no false alarms. It will ignore the trivial movement of shifting shadows and only trigger when a human being or an animal walks past the PIR sensor.

But it does have its drawbacks. Unlike pixel-based motion detection, the PIR sensor isn't very configurable. Neither can it track IR radiation as far as the camera's lens can see. It is limited to the area around the camera.

Check out the images below which were captured by the camera after I tripped the PIR alarm on my office camera.

Click the following images to view full size:

Simultaneous 2-Way Audio

Wherever you install this camera, you will want to take advantage of its simultaneous 2-way audio. The built-in microphone and speakers allow you to easily communicate with family members, pets, coworkers, or even intruders. You can activate the 2-way audio from the camera's interface on your internet browser or from your mobile device with the Hik-Connect application for iOS or Android.


This camera isn't for everyone and every situation. But if you are looking for a great Wi-Fi security camera for indoor use, the NSC-245W-C is the camera for you. With its PIR sensor, 2-way audio capabilities, and crisp 5MP picture, this camera will go above and beyond your expectations. Click here to see more information on this camera and to order yours today.