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Uniview Articles

  1. The Advantage of Uniview’s Protected Sales Channel for Security Dealers

    Uniview's protected sales channel helps security professionals grow their businesses and maintain higher profit margins. Become a Uniview dealer today!

  2. Uniview's All-in-One Security Camera System: The Best Wired Security Camera System for SMB & Residential Shoppers

    Uniview's all-in-one wired security camera system includes everything you need to set up a small professional-grade system at an affordable price.

  3. Yes, It Has Arrived! NDAA-Compliant PTZ from Uniview Unboxed and Tested: the IPC6622SR-X33-VF

    Finally, a fully-compliant full size PTZ! The IPC6622SR-X33-VF is a powerful IP PTZ security camera with a 2MP resolution, 60fps video, 33x zoom, 500' IR range, and much more! Check out our full review to learn more.

  4. Uniview's 4K Active Deterrence Bullet

    Active deterrence cameras don't have to be bulky. Meet Uniview's mini bullet camera with fantastic active deterrence features!

  5. Uniview's New Pigtail-Free Dome IP Security Cameras

    Uniview's cable-free security cameras are tiny, compact, and free of any annoying pigtails! All the connections are integrated directly into the body. This streamlined design means these cameras can be packed into a smaller body than most other cameras.

  6. Unbranded Uniview Software and Apps

    Most of our Uniview products are available either with or without the Uniview brand. But did you know that our unbranded Uniview products come with different software than our branded Uniview products? Read this post to learn more!

  7. Mini Dome Shootout: H-Series vs. Uniview

    Today we're going to take a look at two mini dome IP security cameras: our H-Series mini dome (NSC-254GWS-DM) and Uniview's mini dome (IPC314SR-DVPF28). We're going to put these two cameras head to head so you can see which model is best for you.

  8. Uniview's All-in-One Temperature Screening System: Less Time and Money; More Peace of Mind

    Are you looking for a temperature screening solution for your business but overwhelmed with all the choices available to you? We have the answer, and it's one of our featured products for this holiday weekend! Uniview's CW180 is a complete all-in-one temperature screening system that will give you more time, more money, and more peace of mind.

  9. Facial Recognition Panel with Body Temperature and Mask Detection: Navigating Our New Normal with Uniview (OET-213H-BTS1)

    The OET-213H-BTS1 is attractive, it's simple to use, it's accurate when it comes to temperature detection and face recognition, and it's efficient. This facial recognition panel from Uniview has something for everyone.

  10. Uniview 360° Fisheye Lens IP Security Camera Full Review (IPC868ER-VF18-B & IPC815SR-DVPF14)

    Uniview's 360° fisheye lens cameras are great for anyone looking to expand the scope of their surveillance without investing in several different cameras. With a built-in microphone, multiple display and dewarping options, heat map capabilities, and a ton of incredible specs and features, this 5MP fisheye security camera is a great option for full 360° coverage.