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If you are a Professionally Licensed Installer or Reseller of security products, then we invite you to join our Branding Program.

Branding Program Branding Program
Branding Program Branding Program

What is our Branding Program?

We understand how important it is to gain a competitive edge in this industry. It's our goal to be more than just a simple supplier to our dealer and installer customers. Rather, we want to be your business partner by giving you the tools to gain an edge on your competition.

One of the tools that we offer is our Branding Program where we brand our products with your company information as if the product was made specifically for your company.

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Why choose us

Our Branding Program Provides Two Unique Advantages

Excellent Marketing Tool

We all know how important it is in business to market your company name and this is just another strategy to market and present your company in a unique and professional way.

With our Branding Program, your products will be professionally branded to appear as if they were made specifically for your company.

No Competition

Have you ever been price shopped before? It's incredibly easy for customers to see your bid and search the model numbers that you quoted only to find a cheaper price elsewhere.

Our Branding Program is a solution to that problem because you will now have your own model numbers specific to your company to prevent price shopping.

Branding Program

Look More Professional

We go well beyond just simply placing a model number sticker on your product.

Our full-fledged branding program will make your business look more professional and is an excellent marketing tool for your business.

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What Products Do We Brand?

We brand everything for you including model numbers, products with your logo, custom boot screens on various DVRs & NVRs with your logo, and custom spec sheets.

There is no other company in the world that will brand your products to the extent that we do.

Best of all, we offer the following services 100% free & complimentary for all of our registered dealers.

Camera Branding

Camera Logos

We stamp your company logo onto cameras using a solid black, weatherproof ink.

Recorder Branding

Recorder Decals

We equip your recorders with a custom decal of your company logo.

Web Interface Branding

Web Interface

We add your company logo and model number to the web interface. Currently only available on H Series recorders.

Web Interface Branding

Boot Logo & Video Loss Screens

We add your company logo on the boot and video loss screens. Currently only available on H Series recorders.

Branded Specsheets


We provide custom product specsheets with your logo and model number for all applicable products.

Alarm Panel Branding

Alarm Panels

We'll apply your full color logo to applicable alarm panel faceplates.

Ready to take your business to the next level?

Premium Branding


Premium Branding

In addition to all of the free branding services that that was already mentioned above, we also have an optional Premium Branding service to take your brand to the next level.

For a small upcharge, we'll do full edge-to-edge color printing on Recorders, Server Racks, Alarm Panels and more!

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Branded Recorder Tops

Premium Branding

Branded Recorder Tops

If you install video surveillance systems on a regular basis, one simple way for you to increase brand recognition is by installing NVRs and DVRs with your company's logo or custom design printed across the top in high-quality, full-color ink.

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Premium Branding

Branded Alarm Panels

With our branded alarm panels, we will print your logo on your alarm panel face plate in full color free of charge.

But if you're looking to take your alarm panel branding to the next level, we will brand the entire face plate with an edge-to-edge design for a small upcharge.

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Premium Branding

Branded Server Rack Gear

Another simple way for you to increase brand recognition is by installing server racks branded with your company's logo or custom design.

We currently offer branded server rack blank plates and branded server rack cabinet doors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Branding Program is 100% FREE. The only requirement is that you need to be a registered dealer with us. There is no minimum buying requirements for this program and we offer it as a courtesy to all of our installers to gain that competitive edge.

Premium Branding is available as a separate service to both retail and dealer customers as and addon and a small upcharge to applicable products.

Still have questions? Contact our support team.