Branding Program - Custom Model Number Submission

* Are you a current Nelly's Security Dealer?

* What products are you interested in getting branded? We ask that you only choose the product type that you will be buying on a regular basis:

* Please provide us with your company logo. We recommend the highest quality image you have in one of the following formats:

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Your Custom Model Numbers

To create custom model numbers for your products, we will simply take out the first part of our model number and replace it with initials from your company's name.

As an example, you can see our model numbers are arranged like this: NSC-204G-BT. Lets say your company's name is XYZ Security Company, we would change your model number to this: XYZ-204G-BT. Or lets says your company's name was Super Awesome Surveillance Company, we would change the model number to SAS-204G-BT.

Terms and Conditions

Please note that when using the branding program, the warranty is not voided but our 30 day return policy is voided.

The reason being is we go to great lengths to completely brand your products, so much that it gets to the point to where we would not be able to re-sell the equipment with your name on it if it gets returned to us. Of course we will still honor the warranty in full on any defective product during the lifetime of the products warranty.

For any questions concerning the Branding Program, please feel free to contact Nelly’s Security.

Phone: 855-340-9999

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