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Nelly’s Security Is In Texas! Deep CCTV Discounts Now Available For New DFW Dealers

Texas, get ready. Nelly’s Security has arrived in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We’re bringing our world-class customer service, our top-notch security technology, and our industry-leading dealer program to your own backyard. Join our dealer program today and receive the deepest possible discount on select Uniview products.

Wait a minute. Who is Nelly’s Security? Why are you in Texas? What is Uniview? And why should I care? If you’re asking these questions right now, be prepared. Because the answers just might change the face of your security business forever.

Who is Nelly’s Security, and Why Are You In Texas?

We are a leading distributor in the security space offering a variety of products in the video surveillance, intrusion alarm, and access control verticals. In the last 15 years, we have seen exponential growth in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area where our business began. We’ve developed a reputation locally and nation-wide as the go-to security distributor for customer service and growth-oriented dealer resources.

On our quest to become the number one security distributor on the planet, our growth trajectory has collided head first with Rackmount Solutions, a datacenter infrastructure company located right here in Plano, Texas. So who is Rackmount, and where do they fit into this story? Let’s back up again.

Rackmount Solutions, much like Nelly’s Security, is a growing company in the Information Technology industry with a strong reputation for their expertise and excellent customer support. As their customer base grew and they began to supply businesses from a wide spectrum of industries, it became clear that Rackmount Solutions was outgrowing their current product offerings.

Rackmount’s customers needed more than custom server racks. They needed critical power solutions, video surveillance, access control, ID badges and printers. And they were tired of having to deal with many different companies, different pricing structures, different salespeople. They wanted one collective solution for all of their needs. So Rackmount set out to create that solution.

Earlier this year, Rackmount Solutions acquired Nelly’s Security in an effort to add our products, serverices, customer support, and expertise to their growing portfolio. We are now a part of the collective IT solutions package which Rackmount set out to build. For us, this means we’re able to offer our customers more than just security resources. Our opportunities are growing, our product lines are growing, and our physical presence in the US is growing.

For you, that means Nelly’s Security and everything it entails is now fully available right there in Plano, Texas. You now have the convenience of shopping locally while experiencing our industry-leading customer support and incredible security technology. Drop into Rackmount’s Plano office and pick up your equipment, chat with a sales rep, engage in the Rackmount/Nelly’s community, and enjoy exclusive discounts just for local dealers.

This merger is brand new, and we’re still working out the details. For now we have eight of our best-selling Uniview security cameras that we’re stocking in our Plano warehouse at the RMS headquarters. We’re offering these products at the deepest possible discount exclusively to new Nelly’s customers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

I’m not ready just yet. What is exactly is Uniview and how can installing these cameras benefit me as a security integrator? Great question. As a security camera installer, there is no shortage of CCTV brands to choose from. Let’s take a look at why we think Uniview is one of the best choices you could make in 2024.

Uniview is the 3rd largest CCTV distributor in the world and quickly gaining more market share in the USA due to its cost-effective dealer pricing and high-performance attributes. With six R&D centers and 10% of overall company revenue re-invested into R&D, Uniview continues to stay on the cutting edge in the CCTV industry while still maintaining an extremely competitive price point. This allows the installer to win more jobs and make more profit.

Protected Sales Channel

You won't see Uniview products being sold all over the internet at crazy low prices because Uniview has a highly-protected sales channel. Any price that you see on our website without logging in is Uniview's MSRP, which is the lowest price anyone is allowed to publicly display. However, once you log in with your dealer login, you will see the prices drop significantly to your special dealer price.

This just means that you can comfortably mark up your products for a healthy profit without any risk of your customers price shopping you.

The Most Competitive Pricing, Performance, and Selection

Pound for pound and dollar for dollar, Uniview is the absolute best choice when it comes to price and performance. Once you login with your dealer account, you will quickly see just how competitive the pricing is. However, the performance and features of the Uniview product line are even more impressive.

The user interfaces are feature-packed and easy to use.

The product features are robust and cutting edge. Whether you need something basic like a 2MP dome, or you need something high performance like a 4K camera with analytics, or you need something specialized like a license plate recognition camera, Uniview is likely to have the solution that you need.

With recorders that range from four channels all the way up to a thousand , you’ll be covered whether your job is a small residential scenario or a large-scale enterprise solution.

NDAA Compliant

NDAA is a major buzzword in the CCTV industry currently. The large majority of our Uniview stock is NDAA-compliant. Having an NDAA- compliant product gives you the ability to quote and install these products on US Government properties. However, if you frequently quote large commercial and enterprise jobs like airports, municipal buildings, and city jobs, you may also need to be aware of the NDAA, as some of these larger jobs are also specking out NDAA- compliant products. For more info on the NDAA, please see our blog post here.

If you are a previous Dahua or Hikvision installer looking for a great NDAA-compliant alternative, Uniview is your best choice. Uniview's product offerings and pricing is comparable, and sometimes even better. Moreover, Uniview does not come with the same political drama surrounding these companies.

Why Buy Uniview from Nelly's Security + Rackmount Solutions?

I’m definitely interested in learning more. What does it mean to become a Nelly’s Dealer? What’s the process, and why should I care? Nelly’s Security’s unique dealer program is full of security professionals just like you. It’s easy to sign up, it’s free to join, and it offers a ton of resources and exclusive perks to help you grow your business.

You can shop from us without being a dealer. But you won’t be able to maximize your profits with special dealer discounts. You won’t have access to our dealer community where you can ask questions, interact with our team, and connect with other dealers around the country. You won’t be able to attend our exclusive training and webinars and you won’t enjoy priority support from our team of experts.

Most importantly, the Uniview discounts that we’re offering in DFW through Rackmount Solutions are only available to new Nelly’s dealers. But the thing is, as long as you’re able to prove to us that you’re from a legit security business, it’s incredibly easy to become a dealer. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page and wait for a call from our team within one business day.

Brand Your Logo on the Cameras for Free

As a Nelly's Dealer, you'll also have access to our Free Dealer Branding Program! We carry a large stock of the normal Uniview branded products with the UNV logo on the cameras, but did you know that we also have some optional Uniview models that do not have the UNV logo on them? Why? Well, because we use those for customers who utilize our Free Branding Program. This is something that's unique to us, so if you're interested in using Uniview products to build your own brand of surveillance products, a partnership with Nelly's is something that you'll definitely be interested in.

With our Free Branding Program, we will put your logo on your blank Uniview cameras free of charge. These are high-quality permanent logos that look as if the camera was manufactured just for your company. On the recorders, we will put a high quality decal on the front face plate. If you are into building your own company's brand, take a look at this service. It is 100% free to you with no minimum order quantity.

Click below to fill out the form and get rare access to these incredible DFW-exclusive Uniview discounts.

As a dealer in the DFW area, you get the lowest possible pricing on our entire Uniview line of products. On top of these deeply discounted prices, new dealers will also receive an additional 5% off their first order!

After being approved as a DFW Dealer, use the following discount code for an additional 5% off your first order!


So, are you ready to get started? Fill out the form below and a member from our team will contact you soon. We’re excited to bring the power of Nelly’s and Uniview to Texas, and we can’t wait to work with you on your future security projects. Happy installing!

Dealer Application:

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Branding Program:

As a dealer, you will also have access to our Branding Program. We at Nelly's Security understand how important it is to get a competitive edge in this industry. It's our goal to be more than just a simple supplier to our dealer and installer customers. Rather, we want to be your business partner by giving you the tools to gain this competitive edge.

One of these tools that we offer is our Branding Program. What we do in our branding program is brand our products with your company information as if the product was made specifically for your company.

The Dealer & Branding Program is 100% FREE. The only requirement is that you need to be a registered installer or dealer with us. There is no minimum buying requirements for this program and we offer it as a courtesy to all of our installers to gain that competitive edge.

* To get started, please provide us with your company logo. We recommend the highest quality image you have in one of the following formats:
.jpg .jpeg .png .pdf .ai
Please provide your company logo.

Custom Model Numbers

Along with stamping a permanent logo on your R-Series cameras, you may also create custom model numbers that we'll use to create custom weatherproof model number stickers for you cameras. Check out the video below to learn more about creating custom model numbers.

Terms and Conditions

Please note that when using the branding program, the warranty is not voided but our 60 day return policy is voided.

The reason being is we go to great lengths to completely brand your products, so much that it gets to the point to where we would not be able to re-sell the equipment with your name on it if it gets returned to us. Of course we will still honor the warranty in full on any defective product during the lifetime of the products warranty.

Please accept the terms and conditions before submitting your application.