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Do you install or sell security cameras? Would you be interested in having your own private label brand of IP cameras?

Here at Nelly's Security, we can brand your IP Security Cameras with your company's logo and model numbers for free and with no minimum order quantity.

Increase Brand Awareness

Increase your brand awareness and impress your customers by selling cameras that will appear as if they were made specifically for your company.

100% Free Branding!

We provide this service 100% FREE, regardless if you purchase one camera or 100. We will brand and ship your order within one business day!

These high quality cameras are made in Taiwan by VIVOTEK, an industry leading CCTV manufacturer. They are NDAA and TAA compliant and are built rugged enough for any enterprise or commercial grade job. But they are priced competitively and are attractive enough to use in small business and residential. You can rest assured that you will be installing a camera that is built to last.

3 Year Warranty
Lifetime Tech Support
Free Ground Shipping

Once you receive your cameras, you can further customize them yourself by completely redesigning the camera's web interface. You can upload your logo, change the model numbers, and completely change the color scheme to match your companys colors.

Customized Web Interface

If you are interested in boosting your brand and increasing your sales by carrying your own brand of IP Security Cameras, please fill out the dealer application below and one of our agents will get back with you in one business day! We look forward to branding your cameras!

Lets learn more about these cameras

Made by Vivotek

VIVOTEK is a long time leading CCTV manufacturer based in Taiwan. They are perfect for large enterprise jobs, small and medium-sized businesses, and competitively priced enough for residential applications.

NDAA Compliant

All models are compliant with the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), meaning it's safe to use and install on U.S. government properties. They are constructed with trusted and reliable technology at its' core.

TAA Compliant

All models are made in Taiwan, a country that complies with the Trade Agreements Act. Some of the larger enterprise and government jobs will specifically speck out TAA equipment. You can win these jobs with your own brand of cameras!

Onvif Compliant

All camera models are Onvif compatible which means they will work with all major 3rd party brands VMS and NVRs. We also stock VIVOTEK NVRs that are plug-n-play with these cameras.

Build Quality

All camera models are built rugged enough for commercial applications while also being designed attractively enough for small business and residential applications.

3 Year Warranty

With our 3 year hassle free warranty and free lifetime technical support, you can rest assured that you will be purchasing and installing a rugged camera that is built to last.

Recording Options for Your Cameras

3rd Party Compatibility

All of our VIVOTEK cameras have direct integrations with most all major VMS softwares including Genetec, Milestone, Network Optix, Exacq, Digital Watchdog, just to name a few. Actually, the list is quite extensive, check out VIVOTEK's list of compatible Video management softwares.

Onvif Compatibility

All of our VIVOTEK cameras are also Onvif conformant. This means that even if your recording software was not on the list above, as long as your recording device is also Onvif conformant, these cameras will work with it. Nearly all major NVRs and VMS softwares are Onvif compatible, so these cameras are compatible with virtually compatible with all major NVR manufacturers and VMS softwares.

Just to name a few Onvif compliant NVR manufacturers that these cameras are compatible with: Uniview, Hikvision, Dahua, Nelly's R-Series.

VAST2 VMS Software

Perhaps one of the best things about VIVOTEK is that they have a robust VMS software that is completely free to use up to 32 devices (as long as they are VIVOTEK Devices). The VAST2 is an intuitive and easy to use recording software that you install on a PC to record your VIVOTEK cameras and devices. The interface is sleek and simple, yet the features are robust and scalable.

Need to add more devices or add non-VIVOTEK 3rd party cameras? No problem, optional licenses can be purchased to expand the software up to 64 channels which also gives you the ability to add 3rd party Onvif devices.


If you are looking for a super simple plug-n-play option, we have some VIVOTEK POE NVR models that work seamlessly with our VIVOTEK cameras. These NVRs have an integrated POE switch on the back of them so all you have to do is plug your ethernet cables that come from your cameras directly into the back of the NVR and the NVR will provide Power to the camera and the NVR will automatically add the camera to its interface without much configuration at all.

The interface on these NVRs is sleek, simple and easy to use and is a perfect option for your customers who need easy basic operations.

Let us partner with you

Here at Nelly's, we think of you more than just a customer, we think of you as a business partner. We want to work hand in hand with you to help your business grow, because when you grow, we grow! We look forward to starting a very fruitful business relationship that will last many years to come. Please take a look at just a snapshot of some of our customer reviews:

I have been buying from Nelly’s for a couple years now and everyone at Nelly’s have never let me down. The product is solid and the price is right. Thank you everyone one at Nelly’s for being such an awesome partner.

― Nathan E.

Nelly’s cameras are OUTSTANDING and their technical support is AWESOME!! After considerable research on IP cameras, I purchased Nelly’s equipment and my clients have been extremely satisfied with their resolution, performance, size and cost.

― Tony V.

You won't find any better customer service or support anywhere else. Plan to purchase and install more systems in the future, as far as I am concerned, Nelly's Security is the only place to purchase security equipment.

― Tony K.

Outstanding customer service. Had a problem and they called me back in no time and I was up and running. Friendly and they know what they are doing.

― Richard P.

I really appreciate that Nelly's Security is knowledgeable & takes the time to bench test the products they sell. They are very responsive and have always gone above and beyond to help me out and make the buying process easy.

― Joe F.

I find the products we purchase to be extremely high quality and reasonably priced. Also, branding program is as easy as they make it sound. Very happy!

― Marco D.

We have the best customer service team in the business. Whether you need just quick basic answers or if you need an hour plus long technical support call, we are here to help.

We also have a hassle free, 3 year warranty process on all of our VIVOTEK cameras. If one of your cameras go bad, just contact us and we will run some basic troubleshooting. Worse case, if it is bad, we can send you an advanced replacement out immediately and send you a prepaid return label to send the other one back.

Get signed up today and lets work on moving your business to the next level!

Dealer Application:

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Branding Program:

As a dealer, you will also have access to our Branding Program. We at Nelly's Security understand how important it is to get a competitive edge in this industry. It's our goal to be more than just a simple supplier to our dealer and installer customers. Rather, we want to be your business partner by giving you the tools to gain this competitive edge.

One of these tools that we offer is our Branding Program. What we do in our branding program is brand our products with your company information as if the product was made specifically for your company.

The Dealer & Branding Program is 100% FREE. The only requirement is that you need to be a registered installer or dealer with us. There is no minimum buying requirements for this program and we offer it as a courtesy to all of our installers to gain that competitive edge.

* To get started, please provide us with your company logo. We recommend the highest quality image you have in one of the following formats:
.jpg .jpeg .png .pdf .ai
Please provide your company logo.

Custom Model Numbers

Along with stamping a permanent logo on your VIVOTEK cameras, you may also create custom model numbers that we'll use to create custom weatherproof model number stickers for you cameras. Check out the video below to learn more about creating custom model numbers.

Terms and Conditions

Please note that when using the branding program, the warranty is not voided but our 60 day return policy is voided.

The reason being is we go to great lengths to completely brand your products, so much that it gets to the point to where we would not be able to re-sell the equipment with your name on it if it gets returned to us. Of course we will still honor the warranty in full on any defective product during the lifetime of the products warranty.

Please accept the terms and conditions before submitting your application.