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Metal Detector Security Gate with Body Temperature Measurement (USS-SC100A-TM-O)

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Are your visitors and employees jumping through hoop after hoop just to get through your lobby? Simplify your processes with the security gate that can do it all.

Powerful metal detection technology meets temperature measurement with Uniview's USS-SC100A-TM-0 security gate. Simply scan your wrist and walk through the gate to simultaneously check for metal contraband and measure body temperatures.

With a configurable temperature threshold and an error range of less than 0.5 degrees and an accuracy of .02 degrees, you won't have to worry about a ton of false alarms.

With the USS-SC100A-TM-0, you can integrate better security technology without the hassle.

Adjustable Metal Detection

Adjustable Metal Detection

The metal detector has 6 zones, moving from top to bottom. You can adjust the sensitivity of each zone independently from the rest. You can change the sensitivity based on the object size that you're interested in. This metal detector can detect metal objects as s mall as 1" x 1" x 0.7".

Accurate Temperature Detection

Accurate Temperature Detection

This security gate has a very accurate temperature detection. The temperature detection error range is less than .5, so you don't have to worry about false alarms or inaccurate temperature readings.

LED Display

Display and Indicator Lights

The display at the top of the unit clearly shows the temperature readout as the user scans their wrist. It also displays the number of alarm triggers. Indicator lights let people know when the gate is able to be used, when a high body temperature has been measured, or when metal objects have been detected. When metal is detected, the indicator lights will highlight the area where metal was detected, from top to bottom.

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