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IP Surveillance Keyboard with LCD Screen Display & Four-Dimensional Joystick PTZ Control for Uniview NVRs (KB-1100-NB)

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Tired of using your NVR's mouse to control your PTZ? Do you find it awkward and clunky to move your camera or track an object or person? The tricky part about this method is that it's single-dimensional, meaning you can only pan, tilt, or zoom. But we have some good news. You will never have to use your NVR's mouse to control your PTZ again once you purchase this KB-1100-NB remote control NVR keyboard with its four-dimensional PTZ joystick.

KB-1100 Video Surveillance Keyboard and Joystick

What are the four dimensions? I'm glad you asked! With the KB-1100-NB, you can pan, tilt, zoom, and change speeds all at the same time. Move the joystick left and right to pan or up and down to tilt. Rotate the joystick clockwise or counter-clockwise to zoom in and out. Since the joystick is pressure-sensitive, you can control the speed of the PTZ's movement based on your level of pressure. Want your PTZ to move as fast as possible? Push the joystick as far as it will go. Need to slow down? Simply let up on your pressure. The joystick is intuitive, easy to use, and it's also kinda fun.

In addition to PTZ control mode, you can use your keyboard to quickly navigate your NVR interface. Using quick keystrokes in tandem with your joystick, you can fly through your camera screens, NVR viewing configurations, and menu system. With the number and letter keypad, you can also type directly into your NVR's interface instead of clicking each individual letter with your mouse.

Connect your keyboard to your Uniview NVR using a network connection. Simply plug your keyboard into your Internet router and connect to your NVR via an IP address. Need to connect multiple recorders? No problem! Just give each IP address its own unique device ID. You can switch between NVRs using the "ID" key on the keyboard. Alternatively, you can hardwire your recorder to the keyboard with RS485 or RS232 connections.

This keyboard is just the tool you need to take your video surveillance workflow to the next level. Stop letting inefficient navigation methods keep you from experiencing all that your Uniview cameras and recorder has to offer. Pick up your KB-1100-NB keyboard and joystick today.

Having trouble setting up your keyboard? Check out our Quick Start Guide! We have a step-by-step tutorial video, which you can view below. Or click this button to download our PDF version.

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  1. Take surveillance to a new level.
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    For along time I've wrestled with the need for an "expensive add on" such as a PTZ keyboard. Well, Its now the only way I'll install a PTZ. Sure, you can use the NVR's plz controller and it may cost a bit more but the functionality and ease of use makes PTZ's SO MUCH BETTER. Takes a little time to get used to but well worth the investment. You'll hate using the on screen control once you go this route. Save your clients the headache.

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(1) Will i be correct that a branded 4 Channel 4K Ultra HD PoE NVR with 1 SATA HDD Bay (U-NVRlite-4P) with U1-5MP(5X)-PTZmini will work with KB-1100-NB?

(2) Can the KB-1100-NB be branded or instead of seeing UNV on the KB-1100-NB, i saw Keyboard on the youtube video.
1. Yes that NVR will work with this Keyboard.
2. The keyboard cannot be branded unfortunately.
Can this be used with a PC running Blue Iris?

It cannot. Currently it is only for UNV-based recorders