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3MP Wi-Fi Video Doorbell ONVIF Compliant IP Camera with 2 Way Audio, PIR Motion Sensor, Night Vision, 16GB SD Card Pre-Installed, and 3 Face Plates (NSC-DB2)

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Availability: Discontinued
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Security Camera
HD Resolution

Are you tired of your everyday, run-of-the-mill video doorbell? It can be difficult to find a doorbell security camera without paying expensive monthly fees for limited storage. But we have the solution! With the NSC-DB2, you can take control over your camera and its storage.

Use this doorbell as a standalone device with the slot for a microSD card. Enjoy up to 128 GB of onboard storage. Or you can add this to pretty much any NVR via the ONVIF protocol.

With the Guarding Vision mobile application (iOS and Android), enjoy quick and simple setup, push notifications, remote access, instant playback, and much more. Anytime someone rings your doorbell, you’ll get a notification sent straight to your device. Answer the door with the push of a button and communicate with your visitor with the full-duplex 2-way audio.

With the PIR true motion detection, this doorbell won’t blow up your phone with false motion alarms. Neither drifting leaves nor shifting shadows will trigger the PIR alarm. The PIR sensitivity is adjustable, too. With these safeguards in place, you’ll only receive the notifications you care about.

Unsure how to install a video doorbell? The NSC-DB2 uses the wiring already present in your current doorbell. It’s instantly compatible with all mechanical chimes and most digital chimes. This makes the installation process a breeze. Plus, the doorbell comes with all the tools and hardware you’ll need.

Video Doorbell

Video Doorbell

The NSC-DB2 is a video doorbell with a digital chime that sounds when the button is pressed. Use it on its own or wire it to your existing doorbell.

PIR Alarm

PIR Motion Detection

The PIR (passive infrared) motion detector provides enhanced motion detection that won't give off false alarms. Adjust the sensitivity directly from the Guarding Vision app! The camera will start recording when it detects motion. In addition, you can enable two different alarm styles as well as push notifications based on motion detection.

Wifi Security Camera

Ditch the long, obtrusive wires running across your floorboards and walls. The allows you to connect wirelessly to your network using Wifi to capture and record video. Wifi security cameras are often easier to install, and they give you greater flexibility for placement and mobility.

2-Way Audio

The has a built-in microphone and speaker enabling you to easily communicate with family members, pets, coworkers, or even intruders. The crisp, clear 2-way audio makes this camera perfect for access points to your home or business, baby or pet monitors, and so much more!

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  1. Overall Rating

    4 out of 5 stars
  1. Finally got it to work
    Verified Purchase
    In my earlier review I cataloged the issues I was having with this doorbell camera. I have subsequently resolved these issues. The primary problem was frequent disconnects on a daily basis. I had to do two things to get my system to work: First I replaced an ancient low powered transformer with a new 24V/40VA transformer. My voltage at the doorbell button went from 11 or 11.5V to 25V. I immediately noticed faster response time But I still experienced disconnects. Less often than before but still unacceptable. I woke up every morning to find that my doorbell had gone “offline” overnight. Finally I updated to the newest firmware version. Presto! Everything works fine now. No more disconnects.

    Reviewed by on

  2. Great little device
    Verified Purchase
    Works good ones set up right. Time will tell how durable it is. When install, Pay attention to the type of chime you have. I couldn't make it to work correctly with digital chime but it's works perfectly with mechanical chime. Also the ezviz app didn't works well and I switched to the hik- connect app which works right away. Nelly's tech support was helpful over the email. This is a good buy and I'm definitely recommend

    Reviewed by on

  3. Great when it works
    Verified Purchase
    I purchased this doorbell several weeks ago. It has been nothing but a headache for me. I can't tell you how many hours I've spent trying to troubleshoot this thing.

    When it works it is great! Wonderful video and overall good features. Unfortunately for me, it only works intermittently. After 4-8 hrs. I begin to get "unstable network" messages when I try to connect with the EZVIZ app. Then eventually the camera goes "offline". I've checked my home network carefully. I have a very powerful wifi signal at the doorbell installation site. My router tells me I have a -50dBm connection to the doorbell. I have tried both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands with the same results. Nelly tech support has been sympathetic but offer no solution other than to purchase another doorbell to see if I might have a defective unit. Even when the doorbell is working properly and my router indicates a great connection to it (-50dBm), the wifi signal strength indicator in EZVIZ "Settings" shows only one bar of strength. The doorbell seems to "think" that its connection to my network is weak when it is actually very strong.

    Reviewed by on

  4. Best Doorbell Camera available if you know how to set it up
    Verified Purchase
    The NSC-DB2 is the best video doorbell available, period. First, it has Full HD video, as opposed to Ring's 1080p. The storage loops on an SD card (up to 128GB) that saves money on the cloud. Consider if you had a doorbell for 5 years, you'd be paying anywhere from $300 to $600. For doorbell security camera coverage... The SD card on the NSC-DB2 can be accessed by phone or tablet or pc emulator. Next, the motion sensors are very good, they pick up the zones they are supposed to and no more, this was also not my experience with ring. The unit is also waterproof and works with mechanical chimes (an indoor existing chime) which is not available from other video doorbells. The wifi chimes are not something I wanted as I don't like the look and I read many users having reliability issues (wifi connection, power issues, etc). I feel like a mechanical chime that is hard wired is the best looking and most reliable option.

    It would be impossible to find all these features in any other doorbell to date. I only have a couple complaints but didn't take off a star for them as they are not really the fault of the doorbell. First, for some reason, the doorbell is advertised as running on 8 volt - 24 volt transformer, and Nelly's Security recommends higher. I don't know what to say other than this is just false advertising. This doorbell does not run reliably on an 8v transformer. I have a short run from my doorbell to the transformer, and the 8v transformer I had gave extremely spotty coverage, many disconnects, etc. If something only works sporadically, it doesn't work. I feel the advertisement should be changed to REQUIRES (not recommends) 16v 30VA (voltage amp) transformer or a 24v 30VA or 24v 40VA transformer or nothing at all. I don't feel it's a good idea to mislead people to think it's possible to use less. If you're not going to change the advertising material, make a week long video with the doorbell working and not going down for the entire week on an 8 volt transformer and post it, which I am guess wont' happen as it would be impossible. Also the name of the doorbell (NSC-DB2) is very awkward. I changed the transformer and everything works great now, I just wanted to give a full review of everything for anyone wondering as this doorbell seems to have solved all the issues the previous generation (NSC-DB1) had and then some.

    Reviewed by on

  5. Great
    Verified Purchase
    Very satisfied with this purchase.

    I had to settle for a non-POE doorbell camera and I'm glad I chose the NSC-DB2.
    I had to install a new transformer for my mechanical chime. I got a 24V/40VA and it works great.
    The system was easy to setup and install and there are plenty of videos online that help guide you through.

    I was able to connect it to my NVR by adding it manually, but the motion detection does not work. This is a bummer since it means I can only have scheduled/continuous recording through my NVR and not motion detection.

    The app works flawless so far. I don't know why it has such bad reviews. I have an iPhone X, it works great and it's quick. All of the motion detection and alerts work fine through the app, I just wish it would work on my NVR.

    Install was fairly straightforward and customer support was very quick and helpful. I had emailed them about my chime not working and it turns out my transformer was junk, was only getting 10V but you need minimum 16V. I got the 24V to have enough.

    Reviewed by on

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(1) IMO, The fatal flaw with the older NSC-DB1 (other than the night vision) was that if you pressed the button and no one responded, the doorbell spoke up and said "there is no one to take your call", which to me was tantamount to it saying "go ahead and break in". The only way around that was to reduce the speaker volume to zero, in which case you could no longer speak through the doorbell either. Does the NSC-DB2 have this behavior?

(2) Can the camera be configured without the app? How do I know my wifi password doesn't wind up on a server in China?
(1) The DB2 does not have this issue. BTW, the latest firmare on the DB1 removes that message.

(2) It definetely needs the app to be configured. This doorbell doesnt even have a web interface. All data is password protected. Your P2P account is protected and then your actual doorbell is password protected as well. From my understanding, all USA networked devices are passed through Amazon AWS servers.
Is there a monthly fee to use this unit?
There is no monthly fee to use the NSC-DB2.
How do I confirm if I have enough minimum voltage needed to see if I will need a transformer or not. I do have a multimeter, just need steps on how to use. If I need transformer, please share the link also.

You will need to measure the voltage at the Installation location of the DB2 itself.
It needs to be 8-24VAC.

Here's the transformer we recommend -
I'm looking for a doorbell camera with audio that connects via Ethernet cabling. Thanks.

The NSC-DB2 does not have a RJ45 connection and we do not carry one that does at this time.


In the set up instructions, you suggest using the Guarding Vision app. In the video tutorial you suggest using the EZVIZ app.

I suppose each may have specific advantages over the other. Briefly, could you please summarize the pros and cons of each and your overall recommendation as to which to use?

Thank you!

So the Guarding Vision app and the EZVIZ app are both very similar. However we primary recommend the Guarding Vision app as it seems to be the most universal app with the best options for controlling settings. As well as performance on both Android and iOS devices which is why we updated most of our guides to include it. Please see our guides located here - for more specific instructions regarding the setup of your DB2.
Hey, is there any plan on creating an alexa skill? with the ability to announce a doorbell press, auto start live video on video echo devices on doorbell press and the ability to request viewing the doorbell from echo devices. please please please
Hey there!

As of right now, there is no official support with smart assistants unfortunately.
How do I connect this camera to a 16 channel Hikvision NVR?
Hey David,

Once you have the DB2 added to your local network. It will have an IP address. You can find that using the SADP Tool or Batch Config Tool.
You will use that IP address and manually add it to the NVR that is connected to the same network.

The username will be "admin" and the password is typically the 6 letter verification code that is unique to your doorbell.
Can it text alert multiple people.

Yes it can! If everyone is signed into the main Cloud account on the App, you will get the full notification features across the multiple devices.
Interested in branding - cost and MOQ

This DB2 cannot be branded. If you are not a dealer with us, i would recommend filling out the app here -

Retail cost is $139.99
There is no Minimum Order Quantity.
Can you please provide the dimensions of this product with the cover? If it is in the Specs and I overlooked it, I apologize.


According to the spec sheet, it is 5.12in x 1.82in x 0.85in
Link to spec sheet -
Can this be shipped to Canada postal code N9J3B9? And how much would shipping be?
Hey Shawn,

Yes, we ship to Canada. To find out the shipping cost add the doorbell to cart then go through checkout with the address you would like it shipped to and it will show you pricing for each shipping method available.
1. What event or events initiate video recording? Motion, doorbell push, etc? How long the the recording continue and what dictates that it stop?
2. What is the audio delay time when duplex communication is in progress? Can you practically carry on a conversation with someone at the door?
1. If you have the alarm notification setting enabled this activates the PIR and motion detection for the DB2. We hope a future firmware update will solve this issue. It currently saves a small clip of video that stops about 5 seconds after motion has stopped. Pushing the DB2's button also saves a picture of who pushed the button.
2.The audio delay time will depend on various things primarily your network speed and how strong the internet connection is to your phone. You can carry on a conversation with someone who has pushed the button of the DB2. As long as the DB2 and your phone have a strong connection to the internet the lag is minimal.
Does this doorbell only record to NVR after motion detection? Or must it continuously record? Currently I have a Dahua NVR that works well with EyeSurv cameras set to record via motion only.

The DB2 will only record continuous when it is added on an NVR.
Since you have a Dahua, you will have to add the DB2 using the ONVIF protocol.
How do I connect this to my NVR? Default user/pass?

Here's the default login credentials for the DB2:

username - admin
password - Verification code

*The verification code is on both the usermanual of the DB2 and on the backside of the DB2 itself.
Password example - ABCDEF
Can you connect magnetic door lock to this ?
Unfortunately you cannot. The doorbell does Not have any kind of relays.
Does the door bell work with any smart locks?

It will not unfortunately. There are no terminals or integration for the DB2 for smart locks.
I have three entrances to my house, so I need three door cameras. However in the pass I tried a similar door camera and it worked great. But when added a second the cameras didnt work as well. And I found was it was related to the door power supply was unable to handle two door camera. I'm sure your works great however will i be able to use three and if not what's solution to be able ensure I dont have the same problem before them.

Thank you

We do like recommending to have each DB2 on its own separate circuit.
Powering all 3 on the same circuit may be difficult.

The required voltage for the DB2 is 8-24VAC.
This is Jumah from Saudi Arabia.
I,m interested to buy the NSC-DB2 Video Doorbell, but before I place an order I want to know if this product can be shipped to Saudi Arabia.

Thanks and Beast Regards

We do ship to Saudi Arabia!
Is this a real on if camera?
Can we connect it to any NVR

The DB2 supports ONVIF profile S. It can be added to other 3rd party NVRs that supports that as well.

Trying to set up my newly deliverd NSC-DB2.
I noticed that the device gets really hot at the back (top-side, so behind the camera), you can't even touch it for more than a few seconds without getting burned. Is this normal operating temperature? I don't have a chime, but I still connected a 24VAC adapter because I thought it might boost the WiFi a bit since the doorbell will be mounted on a gate in the backyard.
Is this correct thinking? Could it be the reason for this much heat?


The Db2 does get warm, that is normal.

a 24VAC adapter will work fine the the DB2 alone and no chime.
You may need some sort of wifi booster out by the DB2 if the wifi signal it weak. The Db2 will not act as a wifi booster itself.
I'm putting a video together so I can promote this camera to my customers. I am wondering (roughly) how much video time a 16GB card will hold vs. 128GB card. Looking online I haven't found a chart for 3 megapixel video and of course it varies with frame rate and compression. Any numbers you can provide?

Typically the 16gb card can get you roughly 2-3 days of storage since its motion-based.
And depending on how busy the area around the camera is, with a 128gb card, you should get roughly a month.
Once the doorbell button is pressed how fast does the video notification take to view on an iphone, out of the two apps recommended witch one offers the faster video display? Also will any of the apps work on a apple tv 4k so when someone rings the doorbell it will display the image on the tv?
Hi Alessandro,

The speed is dependent on the cellular reception that the phone currently has, it's usually instant as long as you are connected to wifi or have very good reception. The different apps don't impact the speed of the notifications. We haven't tested the doorbell with Apple TV, however, if apple TV has the same apps as the phone then you should be able to download it on there as well as the phone for viewing.
Where can I view the EZVE APP? I would like to read the reviews, preferably from an independent source
Hey there!

The app is called EZVIZ, you can find it in your respective app store.
The current app that we recommend is called Guarding Vision though!
Is it suitable in Europe ?

We have had customers use this over in Europe.
You'll need to make sure you have the correct power requirements in the circuit though (8-24VAC).
Do you ship to the UK and will it work with my reolink RLN8-410 NVR thanks David Windsor

Yes, we do ship to the UK.
And we have seen the Db2 experience trouble with Reolink NVRs via ONVIF. I would verify that your NVR supports ONVIF profile S.
When using this doorbell with mechanical chimes, do you have to add a "booster" to the chime itself or should it just work well as long as your transformer voltage is adequate? If you need a booster, are additional ones available to use with multiple chimes?
Great Question. The doorbell requires a booster, atleast thats what the instructions encourage. The good news is that the package includes one. Im not sure I would recommend wiring this with multiple chimes. Everytime we have had someone attempt to do that, they always had major problems.
Hello, the latest version of EZVIZ app no longer works with NSC-DB2, the error message when bringing up the Camera is "Failed to recognize the device. Please restart the App or update the version". I have not tried deleting and reinstalling the device.

Looks like the EZVIZ app did brake compatibility. The Guarding Vision app works.

Do you have any more info on the EZVIZ app? Its more user friendly than other apps.

Hey there!

Unfortunately it looks like EZVIZ is dropping support with our DB2. The Guarding Vision app is the recommended app from here on forward according to the manufacturer.
will this doorbell cam work on thecr series NVR's

It sure will if you use the ONVIF protocol!
If I plan on connecting this to a NVR, does it still require an SD card for local storage, or can the SD card be removed after initial setup?
The SD card is not needed after adding to an NVR.

However, if you like redundancy or if the NVR powers off, but the DB2 is still functioning. A SD card would be a nice option to have to continue recording just in case!

I have four Hikvision bullet cams and using IVMS 4200 software. Can I add this doorbell camera to the IVMS 4200 (pc) and also use the EZVIZ app? Would I be better off to just migrate everything over to EZVIZ? I'm not currently recording any streams and don't have an NVR installed.

Hey Tim,

You can add it to ivms-4200 and still use the EZviz app to view it on your phone. The ivms-4200 software and EZVIZ mobile app are completely separate so migrating everything to EZVIZ would only take away your PC viewing ability. Adding all devices to both the mobile app and PC software should work fine.
Regarding the NSC-DB2
1) do you ship to Canada
2) will it be be visible within a Blue Iris server ?

1. We sure do!
2. Yes, the Db2 can be added to Blue Iris via ONVIF.
Cann this doorbell be controlled by Alexa? How about Smart Phone?

We have not been able to test with Alexa unfortunately.
However, you can experience the full features of the DB2 through the Guarding Vision app on your smart phone!
Hi there- I saw a video for this product on YouTube and wanted to know if it comes as a battery operated version for renters who can’t hardwire in the device? Thanks

Unfortunately we do not carry a battery operated version of this doorbell currently.
I connected the unit and its working fine with the EZVIZ app. What options do I have to see control the unit from a Mac?

You have variety of options to access this product from a mac. We recommend that you use the Guarding Vision, Web Plugin or the IPC Web Plugin. If you go to the bottom of our product listing page you will see where we have linked These for your convenience under the downloads tab.

If you have any more questions feel free to reach out, thanks.
I can connect 2 video bell?
One front door and the other back door?
Hello Ugo,

You can connect two doorbells I would just recommend using a separate transformer rated at 16-24 volts/30 VAC for each unit.
What is the right transformer for this doorbell?

The spec says 8-24VAC, but the doorbell shuts down after an hour with my 10VAC transformer. I'm guessing 24v/30VA is the right amount of power for this doorbel and will try it tomorrow.

A 10VAC is probably gonna be a little to low for that particular model we recommend 16V minimum but a 24V/30VA will ensure that there is ample power to the device.

If you have any more questions please feel free to reach out, thanks.
Does this work with 3rd gen Echo "Alexa"
You would need to disable stream encryption in the app. Once you do this it should work fine. You can get to this setting in the Guarding Vision app by clicking on your entry for the DB2. Then once you have the live view full screen click on the three dots in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Then clicking on the settings button if you scroll to the bottom of the screen you will see the Image and Video Encryption section.
You answered a question on Aug 23, 1019 in this section: "Yes the DB2 is ONVIF compliant with a firmware upgrade!"
Where can I get the firmware upgrade and how can I install it?

We would provide you with it along with the tool needed to upgrade the firmware. The software is available for both Mac and Windows PC's.

If you have any other questions feel free to reach out, thanks.
Is the doorbell compatable with the Annke 3MP H.265+ DVR

If your DVR has the capability of adding an ONVIF IP camera, then yes it is!
You answered the question "I connected the unit and its working fine with the EZVIZ app. What options do I have to see control the unit from a Mac?" - however none of the Apple downloads under this unit's downloads page are working. I get 404s.

You should be able to view the DB2 using the "Guarding Vision" software link on the downloads tab.
If that is not working, i will email you a version of ivms for mac.

If you do have any other issues, i would suggest contacting the Support Team rather than the Q&A section.
Is there a way to configure and use the camera without 3rd party spyware? I do not want my camera to connect to the internet.

You can configure the Db2 with a local IP address using this guide ->

However, if you want all of the features (2way audio, notifications, etc), you will need it connected to the cloud.
Can I set it to use the mechanical chime type without using the Guarding Vision app? I've already hooked the power kit up to my Heath Zenith WD1 base but the DB2 is only playing the ringtone on the outside doorbell itself when the button is pushed. (I don't want to use the app because it seems to require giving my phone and email and streaming my video to the cloud. I used the Batch Config Tool to successfully setup the camera and stream it to Synology Surveillance Station.)

You do have to set t up through the Guarding Vision app in order to select the proper chime type.
Then i believe you can delete it afterwards from the app and delete your account you create.
The night vision feature on this, is it color or black and white ?
Thank you
It is black and white
I purchased model # HNDB13-W/16G. What HamptonBay door chimes are compatible with the doorbell pusher?

According to the compatibility list, these are the only Hampton Bay chimes compatible:

Hampton Bay (Home Depot) HB-7612-02 (1001 407 776), HB-7611-02
Does it work with Avertx NVR via ONVIF ? I saw some customers were complained about but I am not sure if there was a workable solution being found.

Thank you,

Unfortunately we do not have Avertx NVRs here to test with.
However, with the latest firmware on the DB2, it allows the support of ONVIF Profile S.

I would certainly reach out to Avertx to see if your NVR supports that specific profile version just to be safe!
Is this compatible with Google Assistant or Chromecast device? I would like to be able to go "Hey Google, show me the doorbell camera."
We have not tested the camera with either of those devices sadly. I do know the EZVIZ app has IFTTT support.
You may be able to integrate it with that!

Also, the DB2 does have an RTSP stream you can link it with.
I have this doorbell installed and my issue is with the picture being extremely washed out during the day. I have a covered porch which I thought would prevent this but no help.
What can be done. I was reading that WDR cameras help with this. There wouldn't happen to be a WDR setting is there?
Hey there!

We do have a guide on WDR on the Db2 here ->

Let us know if that helps!
From the app can you retrieve video that is stored on the SD card.

Yes you can! In the App under "my devices" at the top left corner, theres an icon that brings you to the playback section.

From there you can select the day&time and hit play!
Can I buy the NSC-DB2 doorbell at a local store in Fargo North Dakota or can one be shipped to me in Canada. Thank you.
Hello, I am not aware of any store's in Fargo North Dakota that sell our DB2. We do ship to Canada you will just have to pay the shipping and any import fee's that there may be.
Is there any way to hook up a battery pack to this? My home does not presently have an existing wired doorbell and I'd like to not have to run wiring do to the configuration of my home. What voltage/amperage does this need to operate, I could make my own battery box and regulate voltage to run it, but I would just need those specs.

The Db2 only supports 16-24VAC. If you can create some sort of inverter to convert the DC power to the proper AC voltage for the DB2.
When I attempt to Initialize my 256GB Lexar High-Performance 633x SD card in my NSC-DB2 using Guarding Vision... it begins and then abruptly stops without any error message... leaving me with Storage 1 "Not Initizlied"

The NSC-DB2 only supports microSD cards up to 128gb. Using a 256GB may cause the trouble you are experiencing.
Is the NSC-DB2 work with any app for the ALEXA SHOW 8, please confirm.

We do not have an Alexa Show 8 here to test on unfortunately. But the DB2 does have an RTSP stream that you can pull up if theres an app that can support RTSP streams!
I use an apple mac and I've downloaded the tools as suggested by this Q&A section; I also use synology surveillance station so getting the ONVIF working will be very important to me. Now that is out of the way I have a couple questions about the software and the setup of ONVIF using the BatchConfigTool (BCT) and the Guarding Vision app.

When I first set my DB2 up I could see it in the BCT app and when I tried to configure the doorbell for ONVIF it failed every time. I upgraded the firmware as suggested and still it failed to configure ONVIF. I rebooted my WAN and the BCT app no longer saw the device on my network. It took some digging and I eventually found it when I connected to my router to check the connected devices. I ended up downloading the Guarding Vision app so I can add a static IP so that when my router reboots I wont loose my doorbell camera.

Q1, Why does the BCT app not see my doorbell? I have to manually add it to the guarding vision app in order to see it and manipulate the settings?
Q2, Can I mute the ringtone when the doorbell is pressed? I don't really want anyone hearing that ringtone when someone pushed the doorbell button.
Q3, I've installed all the mac tools suggested on this page including the browser but when I click on the browser config icon in the guarding vision app it opens my browser but opens a blank screen. Is there something that I need to do in order to make this work so that i can configure the device settings that way?
Hi Ernest,

1. You don't need to enable ONVIF using the BCT, it's already enabled. You just need to add it to your synology. Not sure why it was showing up initially in BCT but isn't after a router reboot, you may try resetting the doorbell using the button and then reconfiguring it to your wifi.

2. Not at this time

3. No, the DB2 does not have a web interface so any configuration needs to be done using either Guarding Vision or BCT. If you have Guarding Vision working BCT isn't needed.
Sorry to be another person asking about Synology but I'm not seeing an answer to a specific question.
You've said the camera works with Synology following a firmware update.
In what capacity does it work?
Can I solely use the Surveillance Station to interact with the camera or am I using a mix of two apps?
Does the two-way audio work through Surveillance Station? (Relates to above question)
The link to your instructions for setting the camera up with a Synology don't provide those details.
Thanks so much for your time.
Hey there!

Here recently, the DB2's are coming with the newer firmware that supports ONVIF. Which can allow SSS integration.

If you want the 2way audio, PIR motion alerts, and Push button alerts, you will need to use the Guarding Vision app.

SSS integrations only guarantees a Live View and 24/7 recording.
I can see that the NSC-DB2 comes with a "power kit". What does the power kit do exactly and if I already have a tri-volt transformer (8V/16V/24V AC 20-30 VA) currently hooked up to my existing mechanical door chime will I still need to install this power kit?
Hi, yes you will still need the power kit if you plan to use the doorbell with a chime. The power kit helps if the voltage isn't high enough for the devices such as with older transformers.
Is this the same as/ a re-branded RCA Video Doorbell HSDB2A?
It appears to be made by the same manufacturer but likely comes with a different firmware than ours. Our firmware is specifcially made for onvif compliance.
If I connect this to an NVR via ONVIF, can I still use "the app" to answer the door and have a two way conversation with someone at the door?
Hey Kyle,

Yes, full functionality through the app is possible whether or not its connected to other devices.
What is the largest SD card that can be used in this unit?

You can put up to a 128gb MicroSd Card in it!
Hey guys... love this device.


I currently have a reolink NVR and a few cameras... all is working well. However, I am NOT able to add the doorbell camera to my system.

It did pop up briefly, showed video, and i was able to access settings via my NVR, but overnight, it has dropped off the system. Seems no matter what I do, I can no longer get it to display via the nvr.

Works fine on its own with EZVIZ or other hickavision software.

Any suggestions to get it added back into my reolink nvr?

Thanx in advance.

Hello Dave,

What settings did you use to link the NSC-DB2 to your reolink NVR? I would add it via the onvif protocol with port 80 the password will be the verification code to the NSC-DB2. If you are still experiencing issues I would download the batch config tool and latest version of firmware from the product listing. Then upgrade it and re-add the device to the NVR.
I love the product and it works great. I'm using it on a Mac with SecuritySpy in addition to the iOS Guarding Vision app. In the camera's video feed, the format of the overlay date and time are "MM-DD-YYYY HH-MM-SS (S)". I have two questions: (1) Can I change the date format to "YYYY-MM-DD HH-MM-SS"? (2) What is the meaning of the "(S)" following the date and time? Thanks!
Hey Andy,

Glad to hear you like the Doorbell. You can definitely change the date format to YYYY-MM-DD using the batch config tool. The setting is located under Image->Video Display in the doorbell configuration.

The (S) means that the time and date are synced with a time server. If you turn off the time server the (S) goes away.
Does the NSC-DB2 (or the DB1) require an internet connection? Does the lack of an internet connection effect functionality of wifi functions? For example NVR storage, application alerts, etc?
It does require internet connection for full fucntionality
I have two doors on the front of my house. Will I be able to install two of these doorbells? I know 16v transformer is minimum for installing one and that is what I have now. Would I most likely have to install a 24v transformer for two?
You will actually need to install 2 different transformers. We have had issues with folks running 2 doorbells off of one transformer.

I saw the unbox/install video and I really like your video doorbell. I have a question regarding the installation of the unit near the door. Our front door does not face the street so our bell is not installed on a part of the wall that faces out. Do you offer a mount that would allow the doorbell to be mounted with a 90° so it does face outward from our house?

If not, do you have any suggestions?


Unfortunately there is not a 90degree mount for the DB2. We've seen plenty of customers use the slight horizontal wedge with it and have had great success.
Can you retrieve recently deleted notifications/files?

If you delete the notifications, you can go back through the playback still to see the old footage, but if you format the SD card, all stored footage will not be retrievable.
This camera would be perfect, but my metal door frame (only option for mounting this) is 1.75" wide. Is there a place I can look at the components to see if I can make my own slightly smaller case out of milled aluminum? Thanks

Unfortunately we do not have a picture of the internals of the DB2. However, from experience, the internals of the DB2 take up most of the same size as the enclosure.
Also, taking apart the DB2 will void the warranty too if something were to happen.
Does the app have a way to silence the door bell during baby naps, evening, etc?
I would like to use my existing "dumb" doorbell.

Unfortunately there isnt an option for this.
The doorbell will ring the chime anytime the button is pressed.
Is there a feature to interconnect with neighbors Ring security camera?

You can share the DB2 to other accounts on the Guarding Vision app if you wish!
I have other IP cameras that are connected to my NVR on a separate network via Ethernet cables. The NVR has another port for connecting to my wireless router which is on a different network than the one used to connect the IP cameras.

1) How would I connect the NSC-DB2 to my NVR?

2) Does the NSC-DB2 support multiple video stream on different networks? One stream for NVR recording, another for remote viewing via the gateway?

3) Can the 2 way interactive communication be configured for a different network as the stream used for NVR recording?
Hey Ken,

1. You add it like any other IP camera that's not being connected directly to the back. Most NVRs you simply go to Add camera and then input the IP address, protocol, port, username and password.

2. Yes you can record on the NVR and view remotely using the phone app.

3. I'm not sure what you mean, feel free to shoot us an email at with more details on this question.
I am looking for a video door bell for my parents. They live a long way off. I need to be able to show up install/setup door bell and have it work successfully. Mom has an I phone and a I Pad and would like to be able to answer on either device. I like that the device has internal and not on going cloud storage. So what apps are needed to make this set up possible on I phone and I pad? It would just be the two devices. My understanding it connects to the Wi Fi router and then connect to the Wi Fi connected device like I pad. The I phone not so sure?

The app needed for the DB2 will be called Hik-Connect for both mobile phones and the iPad.
We have an awesome guide here on the setup -

You will basically sign into the same Cloud account across the different devices!

Youre correct. The DB2 connects to wifi, then it talks to the cloud servers, and thats where the phone and tablets view the DB2 from.
Does the unit record over the older clips when the micro sd card gets full, or would I have to format it every now an then?
it does recorder over the older clips.
Can you change the view of the camera, from a fisheye view to other views?

You cannot. The DB2 has a fisheye lens and it cannot be changed.
Do the installation holes that came with the Nelly video doorbell are compatible with the screw holes in the junction box in the concrete wall and which are used to hold the Video doorbell against the wall? I am talking about the junction box in which the old ring bell was installed.

I would assume that they arent since these are completely different manufactured doorbells.
But if you'd like to email us the specs to the Ring bell, we can compare here.

Email us here -

How do I configure and access the substream on the NSC-DB1? I'd like both streams to be captured by Blue Iris.


You can view the substream by using the RTSP URL:


And you can configure the Substream by accessing it via Batch Config Tool.

How many users are able to log-in to the doorbell system or get notified at one time or another time?

Example most homes have 2 phones at the very least, would the doorbell app support both phones using the app with the same QR code is scanned?
The limit on the Guarding Vision app is high enough that most people would not reach it. We typically have 5 people logged into the same account everyday and do not experience any issues. The easiest method if you are sharing the device with your spouse is to log into the same account using the same username and password. However you can also share the device with other people if they have their own Guarding Vision account. This is done in the app either through their phone number or email address.
Hello, are the doorbells available in the UK or could you tell me how much shipping would be to the UK.

thank you for your time.


We can ship the DB2 to the UK!
If you put your address in the shopping cart, you should get a shipping estimate.
Can you recommend a wifi chime / speaker that works with this system for a setting where a door chime does not currently exists? I want to use theDB2 system and also install a new compatible digital chime. Is there a plugin speaker / system (similar to the Ring speaker) that can connect via wifi (or in some other wireless fashion) and works / syncs with the DB2? Or is the only way to connect a hard wired chime? Thanks, -S.

You can find all of the compatible chimes here ->

However, none are wifi capable as the DB2 does not support wifi chimes.
What’s the wide size in inches?

It is 1.81 inches wide.
I have a 24V transformer powering my doorbell. Can I use a 8V mechanical chime?

I wouldnt recommend it. Theres a high possibility of over-volting your chime.
Id recommend getting a chime that supports 24V.
All the recommended chimes are rated 16VAC, but the transformer is 24VAC. Everything I am reading says that you should not use a 16VAC chime. Am I missing something here?
Mechanical Chime
Manufacturer Model
Heath Zenith 96/M-B (WD-1 BASE) (SL-2796), 95B-B
Craftmade C102X2L
Edwards C212W-2L
Honeywell RCW100N
NuTone BK115LWH-1, BK125LWH-1, LA11WH
Tieber CTPW-RG

Digital Chime
Manufacturer Model
Hampton Bay (Home Depot) HB-7612-02 (1001 407 776), HB-7611-02
Honeywell RCW3501N, RCW3506N1009/N
NuTone LA600WH, LA174WH
Utilitech UT-7575-02 (#0568974)

You can certainly use a 16V 30VA transformer with the list of compatible chimes!
Does this truly have an “Enable Onvif” Protocol check box option to connect to allin1 Hybred DVRs

The DB2 supports ONVIF profile S and will certainly connect to our tribrid DVRs, or other hybrids that support ONVIF profile S.
How do I change the IP Address to a static IP in a completely different network (not a 192.168.x.x)? Thanx.

Firstly, you'll need to have the DB2 connected to a wifi network that has the subnet that you are wanting.
Or you can log into the router that the DB2 is connected to and lock its MAC address to a specific IP address that youd like.

Is there a UK supplier for your NSC DB2 product or what is the best way for me to purchase this unit? I have a Synology nas so assume I can record onto this - is it via WiFi of ethernet?
Many thanks for your assistance.
Unfortunately we do Not have a supplier in UK. Best way to purchase the product is from our website. Yes you can record to Synology, The camera is WIFI
Do u have a list of compatible doorbell shimes?

Yes, here's that list -

Mechanical Chime
Manufacturer Model
Heath Zenith 96/M-B (WD-1 BASE) (SL-2796), 95B-B
Craftmade C102X2L
Edwards C212W-2L
Honeywell RCW100N
NuTone BK115LWH-1, BK125LWH-1, LA11WH
Tieber CTPW-RG

Digital Chime
Manufacturer Model
Hampton Bay (Home Depot) HB-7612-02 (1001 407 776), HB-7611-02
Honeywell RCW3501N, RCW3506N1009/N
NuTone LA600WH, LA174WH
Utilitech UT-7575-02 (#0568974)
I have a Reolink RLN8-410-E NVR. Is this doorbell compatible to be able to record to this NVR?

We've seen Reolink NVR's have trouble working with the DB2.
But every case is different! You are more than welcome to give it a shot. We have a hassle free 60-day return policy if it doesnt work for you.
How does this compare to the Hikvision DS-HD1? Specs look the same to me.

The styles are different from what i can tell.
Our DB2 is more of an equivalent to the EZVIZ DB1
Does this work with Samsung Android phones?

Yes it does. You will use the app called "Guarding VIsion" from the Google Play Store.
Can the DB-2 be streamed and recorded to a laptop?

You can view the Db2 using the IVMS-4200 software.
If you'd like to record to the laptop however, you will need a 3rd party software such as Blue Iris to do so.

The DB2 does support up to a 128gb MicroSD card as well!
Do you offer instalation?

We do not unfortunately.
If you'd like to reach out to our support team, we can see if we sell to an installer in your area though!
What is the physical dimensions specifically the width of the door bell unit?

The DB2 is 1.81inches wide, 5.12inches tall and 0.83inches deep.
Which compression method you use. H.265, H.264
Which version of ONVIF is installed in the camera?
Can IR be disabled (door area is well lit) ?
Can it record color at night?

-H.264 for the DB2
-Profile S
-It sure can, from within the app.
-If you disable IR, itll stay in color mode. But it does not have a low light lens like our NiteColor Cams.
Your company says that you can use this doorbell camera with a nvr but i have a dvr. Does it work with lorex's DVR system ?

As long as your DVR supports ONVIF IP camera's, then you can certainly add the DB2 to it!
Can this also be used with Google Home hub

We have not been able to test the DB2 with the Google Home Hub.

The DB2 does support a RTSP stream and the EZVIZ app has IFTTT support too. So you may be able to get some kind of integration going!
Hi can this doorbell camera work with Alexa ?

We have not been able to test the DB2 with Alexa unfortunately.
I do know that the Db2 has an RTSP stream you may be able to integrate with IFTTT
Can it interface with a N.A.S. ?
Yes, it can be added to a NAS. We have tested it with success on a Synology NAS and have heard it works with other brands as well.
I have 2 doors that ring my mechanical door bell. I only want to use the NSC-DB2 on 1 of the doors. Do I need to unhook the second door to avoid problems. Really only use one of the doors anyway.

We typically recommend the DB2 to be on a single chime setup.
If thats possible to do and taking out the second chime, then great! Definitely do that.
My house never has had a doorbell, are you planning a battery powered unit with a bluetooth or wireless chime?
No plans to bring in a battery powered doorbell at this time. Keep checking back with us though!
Does this doorbell allow you to turn your mechanical chime off similar to the google nest hello?
We don't carry the Nest Hello doorbell so we aren't familiar with it. However, you can definitely disable the connected chime using the app.
Can you save the live stream video to a networked hard drive? Or do i need a nvr to do that?

If you have say a NAS on a local network with Synology Surveillance Station, you can add the Db2 to it and save footage there!
I'd like to notify Home Assistant when someone has pushed the doorbell button. I could do that if the doorbell sent an ONVIF trigger to Blue Iris, or if it could trigger a relay that I could connect to an alarm zone, or if it was integrated with IFTTT, or maybe something I haven't thought of. What is my best option?

I know the EZVIZ app can integrate with IFTTT, but we have not tested it with any Home Assistants sadly.
I dont have an existing doorbell. Is there a rechargeable battery version like the Ring doorbell.

The NSC-DB2 does not have battery support currently.
You must run 16-24VAC for it to function.
Is it possible to use the NSC-DB2 with Ubuiti's Unifi Protect?

If you are able to add ONVIF capable cameras to the UniFi Protect, then you should be able to!
We do not have that here to test unfortunately.
Will an Angelo Brothers model 76000, 16v doorbell work with the NSC DB2? Is the NSC DB2 the same as EZVIZ-DB1? Thanks for your help.

I am not seeing that model of chime on the supported list of chimes -
So there's no guarantee that your chime will 100% work.

Yes, our DB2 is essentially the OEM version of the EZVIZ DB1.
Is it compatible with google
At this time, it is not
Is there a way to verify if my NVR is compatible with this device?

You should be able to check the spec sheet of your NVR to see if it supports the ONVIF protocol.
If you are unable to find that, possibly try reaching out to the manufacturer, and they should be able to tell you!
Does it have MQTT intergration? seem the only thing I see isn't on the spec sheet to get it intergrated into my home system.
DB2 does Not offer MQTT integration
Situation, wifi goes down. Phones not connected to network or 4G. How can I hear someone ring? Is there an external sounder?

The Db2 does make an audible sound when the push button is pressed. As well as if you have a chime in the circuit, a Push button press will activate that too.
Once the device is configured and connected to the WiFi, does it require an Internet connection to access a LAN based NVR?

Id like to block this device from access to the internet for security purposes and have it solely managed via local storage.
Yes it does require internet access to work properly. It uses a cloud p2p server to pass the notifications on to the app
Hi, can you ship it to Portugal?and dose it work in 220v?

Yes we can!

The DB2 supports 8-24VAC, you will need some sort of transformer to step down the voltage.
Can you trigger events to ifttt or onvif-event when the doorbell button is pressed?

We have not had the ability to test this currently, however, i do know the EZVIZ app does have IFTTT integration.
But we do not know the extent of that integration at this time, as we recommend using the app Guarding Vision for the DB2.
Hi there is this doorbell compatible in Ireland?

Good Question! If you can get 8-24VAC to the DB2, then you should be able to work with it.
Typically a transformer is needed to step down the voltage.
is it compatible with Amazon's Alexa?

We have not been able to test Alexa capabilities yet with the DB2.
The EZVIZ app does have IFTTT available and the DB2 has an RTSP stream you may be able to integrate.

But as of right now, we havent been able to test this ourselves.
Has this been tested via ONVIF to a Reolink NVR?

We have seen this DB2 not work the most reliable with Reolink recorders specifically from previous customers.
Our DB2 supports ONVIF Profile S currently.
If I have an 8 channel R series DVR can I still add the doorbell even if I'm using all 8 channels? I know on some others you can?

The r-series DVRs have the capability of adding additional IP cams on top of the analog cams it supports.
After a firmware update on the DB2, you will essentially take the DB2's IP address and assign it to one of the channels on the DVR using the ONVIF protocol
How/can you set a static IP address to add to Blue Iris? SADP asks for a IPv6 address which I don't use on my network.

The only way we are aware of is to go into your router and lock the DB2's MAC address to an IP address on your network.
Hi, looking to buy 2 of the DB2. What NVR with ONVIF would you recommend?

Since the DB2 is an H-series camera, i would recommend any of our H-series NVRs.
What are the outside dimensions of the doorbell? The location of the current doorbell is very narrow and most of the other video doorbells are too wide.

The DB2 is 1.81 inches wide, 5.12inches tall, and 0.83 inches deep
Will this connect to my Google home hub?

We have not been able to test this sadly.
The EZVIZ app has IFTTT integration, but it has not been tested here.
This is onvif.... correct?
Yes the DB2 is ONVIF compliant with a firmware upgrade!
Does this unit record 24/7 to SD card or only when motion is detected?
Hey Randy,

It records only when motion is detected. To get 24/7 recording you can add it to an NVR.
Most of what I can find online about this doorbell cam relates to an EZVIZ this the same as your NSC DB2?

Our DB2 is an OEM version. It does use a different app called "Guarding Vision".
Hello, Can I sync/use electronic chimes with the NSC-DB2? I don't want to install a mechanical chime.
Can I use my Synology NAS for recording?
If it is a wireless electronic chime that will Not work, you can use a wired digital chime. The doorbell will work with Synology NAS (firmware update will be needed on the doorbell).
I'd like to purchase and integrate the NSC-DB2 with my Synology Surveillance Station and in one of your answers it has indicated that a firmware update on the doorbell will be required. What is the minimum firmware version required to support such integration?

The version and build date that supports 3rd party integration is V5.2.4 Build_190625
If you need to upgrade, we have a whole upgrade package available here -
I have LVT9708MHS NVR & network drive both connected to home wifi.
will i be able to transfer data from this doorbell directly to one or both live ? that way if its stolen; i do not need to worry about it.
You can transfer data to both simultaneously. However, I would probably recommend just streaming it to one device because we have seen issues sometimes when too many devices are pulling data from the stream at one time. Id probably just recommend streaming it to your NVR alone. This way you will have data both on the doorbell as well as the NVR for a backup.
I am looking at the NSC-DB2 doorbell camera and have a couple of questions.

First, Can the NSC-DB2 Doorbell Camera send video clips and snapshots to an FTP server?

Second, the network my camera will be connected to does not have access to the internet. Will I be able to configure the Doorbell Camera while my phone is connected to that same network? Will the camera continue to send video to my NVR/FTP that is also on the same network as the camera (No internet access)?
To connect the NSC-DB2 to a network that does not have internet access you would use your computer we have a guide on that method located here -

To connect the NSC-DB2 to a NVR you would want to follow one of these two guides - or

There is no built in method to connect the NSC-DB2 to a FTP server.
To connect the NSC-DB2 to a network that does not have internet access you would use your computer we have a guide on that method located here -

To connect the NSC-DB2 to a NVR you would want to follow one of these two guides - or

There is no built in method to connect the NSC-DB2 to a FTP server.
Can it connect to Echo 5 unit. So I could ask Electa who is at the door
The NSC-DB2 cannot currently connect to the Echo 5.
Hello ship to Italy? if yes i have some question, Wifi not poe right? ac and not dc right? voltage? thanks

Yes we do ship to Italy.
It is wifi only.
Yes, 16-24VAC for voltage support.
don't have doorbell at door, so no wires ?
battery powered ?

The Db2 is not battery powered, you do have to run 8-24VAC power to it.
Ok so does the Guarding Vision app ring my phone when someone presses the DB2 doorbell button?

If you have the notification settings properly configured, yes it does!
I've seen other doorbell cams that launch video while answering the doorbell along with 2-way audio. Does this NSC-DB2 cam have that capability and if so where can that be set as I just get a call for 2-way audio with a white screen and no video.

We've seen this problem with the EZVIZ app here lately and have been recommending a different app called "Guarding Vision" as a fix.
You can log into the same cloud account and everything!
From all the info I have gathered here I can use the EZVIZ app for the install set up and then the HIK- Connect app for operations across MAC devices or should one app be use for the whole process. I was going to play with the device before giving it to my parents but was not sure if I could get it registered once it had been set up. Once installed can it be moved and registered to someone else ie. when my parents move and I can take it? Is HIK- Connect Guarding Vision?

We are now actually recommending the app "Guarding Vision" for the DB2 setup process.
Once you have the DB2 added to a cloud account, it will stay on that account until removed.
From there you can add it to a different account once its been removed.
Does the doorbell offer a battery back up to support when the power is off?
The Doorbell does Not have any battery backup option. The only work around would be to put the transformer on an external battery backup (UPS)
The doorbell does not have a built in backup battery option.
my doorbell is perpendicular to my front door. Is there a wedge provided for this type of angle?

Yes the DB2 comes with 2 wedge mounts. One is a vertical and another is a horizontal wedge.
Does this product have its own chime wireless capability?
Where I would like to put this there is not currently a door bell.
Would I have to run wire from my mechanical chime to the new location as there is no door bell there now?

The DB2 does not support Wireless Chimes
Yes, if you would like the DB2 to activate a chime, you would have to put the chime and the DB2 in the same circuit.
Hello, The link you provided to the preferred transformer produces a menu of choices. Does it matter if I choose the 24V, 40VA model, (or any other model besides 16V 10VA), since you include a booster, which you suggest SHOULD be used?

I like to suggest the 16V, 30VA transformer so it can push enough power to both the DB2 and the chime if you have one.
for the 3MP Wi-Fi Video Doorbell ONVIF Compliant IP Camera.
What version of ONVIF it has ? my NVR has onvif 2.4 and just want to make sure the compatibility before purchase.

The DB2 supports ONVIF profile S. The exact version is not listed in our records.
My door is about 20 feet from my router and the signal strength there is quite good. But the unit seems to drop connection from time to time and the only solution that I have been able to find is taking the cover off and resetting it. Is there a better way to tell it to reconnect to the network that doesn't require taking it apart? The unit itself doesn't seem to be very good and either maintaining connection or reconnecting by itself if dropped.
Hi Cheney,

I sent you a direct email.
Can this be connected to LAN.

If yes, can it be POE?

Also, does it have an output for a door strike or other device like a relay?
Hey Eddy,

The DB2 can be connected to your LAN via WIFI.
It does not have PoE.

Also, It does not have an output for a strike or relay either.
Specifications Download PDF
Audio 2-Way Audio
Wifi Camera Yes
Artificial Intelligence No
Power Consumption ≤ 5W
Version Build Date Download
Most Recent 5.2.4 03/21/2020 Download
5.2.4 12/16/2019 Download
5.2.4 06/25/2019 Download
Name Description Version Download
SADP H Series IP Camera Utility Tool which allows you to sniff the network for H Series cameras and change the IP address. v3.0.1.8 Download
Batch Config Tool Allows activation and configuration of Cameras and NVRs. v3.0.2.6 Download
CMS Software Central Management Software for Guarding Vision Cloud users. v3.4.0.10 Download
iVMS 4200 (New UI) Central Management Software for Hik-Connect Cloud users. v3.4.0.9 Download
iVMS 4200 (Old UI) Central Management Software for Hik-Connect Cloud users. v2.8.2.2 Download
iVMS 4200 LITE Central Management Software for Hik-Connect Cloud users. v1.0.0.4 Download
VS File Player H Series media file player. v7.4.0 Download
SADP H Series IP Camera Utility Tool which allows you to sniff the network for H Series cameras and change the IP address. v1.0.0.4 Download
CMS Software Central Management Software for Guarding Vision Cloud users. Download
iVMS 4200 Central Management Software for Hik-Connect Cloud users. v2.0.0.10 Download
VS File Player H Series media file player. Download
Web Plugin Allows you to view your NVR web interface in the Safari Browser. Download
IPC Web Plugin Allows you to view your IP camera web interface in the Safari Browser. Download
Batch Config Tool Allows activation and configuration of Cameras and NVRs. Download