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Technical Details
download PDF ESDV-NVR4K-8 EYEsurv 8 Channel 4K Network Video Recorder
  • Spec Sheet
  • Firmwares
    download file Version: 3.210 Build Date: 11-19-2015
    Tools & Software for EYEsurv Recorders
    download file Windows Config Tool - v4.05 Network Camera Utility Tool
    download file Windows Smart PSS - v2.0.1 Central Management Software
    download file Windows PSS - 4.06 Legacy Central Management Software
    download file Windows File Player - v3.41 Allows you to play the proprietary DAV video file format, also allows you to convert to AVI
    download file Windows Smart File Player Allows playback of more than one video file at a time
    download file Mac Config Tool - v3.2 Network Camera Utility Tool
    download file Mac Smart PSS - v2.0 Central Management Software
    download file Mac Web Plugin Plug In Installation which allows you to see the devices web interface in the Safari Browser.
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    Guides & Manuals for EYEsurv NVRs
    download PDF Quick Start Guide Guide on getting your NVR up and running quickly.
    download PDF Alarm Device Recording If your device has alarm I/O, this will show you how to record based on alarm input triggers.
    download PDF Alarm Out Wiring Shows you how to wire an Alarm Relay device to the DVR.
    download PDF Alarm PTZ Preset Shows you how to activate a PTZ’s preset based on an alarm trigger.
    download PDF Audio Recording Shows you how to record audio with the DVR.
    download PDF Backup via USB Shows how to save video to a USB flash drive.
    download PDF Email Motion Alerts Explains how to make the DVR send an email based on motion detection.
    download PDF Firmware Upgrade Explains how to upgrade the DVR’s firmware.
    download PDF Installing and Formatting Hard Drive Shows how to format your hard drive.
    download PDF Microphone Wiring Explains how to wire a microphone to the DVR.
    download PDF Motion Detection How to setup the DVR to record on motion detection.
    download PDF Output Alarm Activation This shows how to setup your DVR for alarm output relay’s.
    download PDF Schedule Setup Shows you how to setup your recording schedule.
    download PDF Searching Video Shows you how to search and save video.
    download PDF Smart Search Shows you how to search video based on a particular area of the video.
    download PDF User Accounts Explains how to properly setup and manage user accounts.
    Manufacturer's Documentation
    download PDF Manufacturer's Quick Start Guide Manufacturer's 4K NVR Quick Start Guide
    download PDF Manufacturer's User Manual Manufacturer's 4K NVR User's Manual
    EYEsurv DVR & NVR Video Guides