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R-Series External Alarm Siren, Strobe, and Intercom for IP Security Cameras and NVRs, IP66 Weatherproof Rated (RS-ESS-A)

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  • External siren, strobe, and intercom alarm for an IP camera or NVR
  • Built-in speaker and microphone
  • IP66 weatherproof rated for outdoor use
  • Adjustable speaker output, 88dB max
  • RCA in, RCA out, Alarm wire, DC input
  • Can monitor conversations in a room (up to 30ft)
  • Can flash blue and red lights with an audible alarm when camera detects motion
  • Industry standard connectors for universal compatibility
  • Requires 12VDC input (power supply not included)
  1. Both "-" leads will go to the "-" or "ground" lead on the camera
  2. The "+" of the Audio Out will go to the "+" or Audio Out connection on the camera
  3. And "+" on the Audio In will go to the "+" or Audio In connection on the camera.

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R-Series External Alarm Siren, Strobe, and Intercom for IP Security Cameras and NVRs, IP66 Weatherproof Rated (RS-ESS-A)
is this compatible with H series ....and does it show on my NVR screen I have a NSN-716-4k-16 P 16 CHANNEL NVR
AND or
Does it connect with my 2 Gig Alarm System???? etc...

Also what series cameras now connect to my NVR...Series H and
Thank you
Mr Sutton...
Yes this Siren can hook up to an H-Series NVR's Alarm I/O.

The siren wont show up on the NVR itself, but you will program the Alarm output as NO so when an event is triggered, the NVR will close the circuit and enable the siren.

This siren can connect to a wired zone on a 2GIG panel as well.

Both R-series and UNV can connect to H-Series NVRs via ONVIF protocol. They will not be plug n play however.
how do we get this to work with a dahua camera? I was able to get all features to work besides the mic. I get feedback even when i turn the mic off on the camera and change to line in.
Great Question!

Have you tried different audio codecs to see if that helps? We do not carry Dahua to test ourselves unfortunately.
I have a ring system and want an outdoor siren that will easily integrate.

This siren will integrate with any system that has an alarm output connection for an external siren.
If your Ring system has that, then this siren will work! You will just need to power the siren with separate 12vDC
Specifications Download PDF