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Select Service

System Configuration Service

What is Nelly’s Select Service?

Nelly’s Select Service is a pre-installation service in which we can configure anything that you need us to on the equipment that you purchased from us prior to us shipping it out to you. This can save you tons of time during the installation process as we can configure all of the technical information, so all you would need to do is basically install the system.

What we can do for you:

We can do as little or as much as you need us to. We can do anything from setting up your equipment for motion detection recording all the way up to setting the IP addresses on each camera and your NVR or DVR. Basically anything we can do here at our location, we can do it for you. The only thing we cant do is go to the jobsite and install the cameras for you.

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How much does the Nelly’s Select Service cost?

As long as your order total exceeds $1,000 before shipping, we can do this free of charge for you. Other suppliers will charge you for this type of service and they will not perform as many extensive services as we do. We believe that this will ultimately save you lots of time and headache on the job, ultimately making you more money in the end, because we all know "time is money". If you do choose to have the Nelly's Select service performed on your system, please note that it may extend the processing time by up to 1-2 days on your order depending on the complexity of your request.

Normally we can ship products out the same or next business day, but if you would like us to perform our “Select Service” on your order, this may extend that lead time depending on the extensiveness of the services that you want us to perform. Normally, this should not be more than 1 to 2 days extra lead time. Once we receive your request for the service, we will contact you with the approximate lead time that we need in order to get your products completely configured and shipped out.

How to get started:

Add our select service product to your cart along with the rest of your order and proceed to checkout. If your order total exceeds $1,000 before shipping, this service will be free of charge, otherwise this service will cost $50. After you have completed your order, you will be given a link to fill out our Select Service form where you can tell us exactly what you need configured on your system prior to us shipping it out.