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Uniview Face Recognition Access Control Terminal with Wrist Temperature and Mask Detection (OET-213H-BTS1)

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Meet Uniview's unique facial recognition panel for access control! Its features include facial recognition, mask detection, body temperature readings, and more. With an elegant 7" LCD display, intuitive user interface, and customizable options, this panel is as attractive as it is functional.

For contactless body temperature reading, simply hold your wrist 1-3cm away from the sensor. The temperature detection is very fast and accurate. Receive alarm notifications anytime an abnormal body temperature is detected.

This panel is flexible depending on your current needs and circumstances. Use it as a standalone device for simple notification purposes or use it as a full-fledged access control device to grant access through doors.

There are three authentication modes: temperature alone, temperature + face detection, and temperature + face recognition. When you have face detection or recognition enabled, you can also choose to enable mask detection. And yes, the panel's face recognition technology is smart enough to recognize faces even if the target is wearing a mask. It's a deep learning facial recognition algorithm model based on Uniview's independent intellectual property rights.

The device is networkable and is accessible via an IP address similar to an IP camera. The camera built into the device is ONVIF compliant and the video feed can be passed on to 3rd party recorders.

Facial Recognition Technology

Facial Recognition Technology

Enable Uniview's advanced facial recognition algorithm to grant or deny access based on whether or not a person's face has been registered in the system. Register up to 10,000 faces. The device recognizes faces within 200ms, even if the target is wearing a mask.

Temperature Detection

Temperature Detection

This unit comes with a highly accurate wrist temperature detection module. Simply hold your wrist up to the detector for an instant temperature reading, which is then displayed on the screen. Abnormal body temperatures will trigger an alarm at the system. You can also set up the unit with an access control system to deny access to your door based on abnormal body temperatures.

Mask Detection

Mask Detection

Ensure everyone approaching your business is properly wearing a mask. If any issues are detected, the system will give an audible reminder to the user to wear a mask before entering. Again, if your panel is set up with access control, you can also deny access to anyone not wearing a mask.

2MP Resolution

The security camera built into the camera shoots video at 2MP, or Full High Definition 1080p. This FHD resolution (1920x1080 pixels) is pretty standard across many devices. While this isn’t the highest resolution, it's perfect for situations like this. The faces you'll be capturing will be pretty close to the camera, so you won't be losing much detail.

ONVIF Compatibility

If you want to add this camera to a security system already set up, that’s no problem. This camera complies with the protocols set by the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF). This means, as long as your current recorder is ONVIF compatible, you’ll be able to set up this camera's feed with your current system.

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Is this the temperature scanner/ facial recognition scanner weather proof? We would like to replace the exterior card readers with these to dis-allow entry if fever is detected. All of our entrances are card reader controlled.

These are not outdoor rated.
When do you expect to have these back in stock and can you send me the installation manual so I can review? Thanks, Kevin
hey there,

At the time of responding to this (July 2nd), we should be getting more in today!
Are the photos and temps taken stored for later date review? Meaning can they pull up the day's log and see the temps and photos of the people that have come in using this?

Yes, that info is stored on the onboard 4GB storage in the panel itself and can be viewed at a later time.
Where is this product manufactured?

This is made in China
Can the system be programmed to send email alerts for high temperatures as well as the on machine alert.
Hey there!

You sure can, the emails alerts must go through the EZStation software though.
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