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UNV 4MP NDAA-Compliant Turret Prime I IP Security Camera with a 2.8mm Fixed Lens & Built-in Mic (IPC3614SR3-ADPF28-F)

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3 Year Warranty
60 Day Guarantee
Lifetime Tech Support
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IP Security Camera
HD Resolution
Fixed Lens
Weatherproof Rating
Up to 100ft
Night Vision IR Range

This fixed lens Uniview turret camera may not look like much, but there is a lot packed into this small camera body. With beautiful 4MP video, smooth 30 frames per second, and smart IR up to 98 feet, you'll get incredible imagery day or night. Its IP67 weatherproof rating and its 2KV surge protection means you can install this camera anywhere without fear. It's tough enough to brave any storm that comes its way. With a wide temperature range of -31°F to 140°F, extreme temperatures won't stop this thing, either.

This camera is NDAA compliant, meaning it's safe to install and use on government properties.

Its onboard slot for a MicroSD card can handle up to 256GB of edge storage. Use this as a standalone camera and record all your footage directly to the camera. Or simply use this camera's SD card as a backup in case anything goes wrong with your NVR footage.

With a ton of features and settings to play around with on the web interface, this camera will keep the tech-enthusiast happy. At the same time, everything is neatly organized and easy to find, making it approachable for just about anyone.

This camera's high functionality, powerful performance, and beautiful form factor make this the perfect camera for a variety of situations. The built-in microphone lets you bring an additional level to your surveillance without any extra equipment. Whether you're a security professional preparing for a large commercial install or a homeowner looking to add to your home security system, you can't go wrong with the Uniview 4MP fixed lens turret camera.

4MP HD Resolution

The IPC3614SR3-ADPF28-F captures video up to a resolution of 4MP @ 30 FPS, which is 2688x1520 pixels. Every pixel added to your camera's picture gives you a higher image quality and more detail. So at 4MP, you're going to get a crisper, cleaner, and more detailed image.

2.8mm Fixed Lens

The IPC3614SR3-ADPF28-F has a 2.8mm Fixed Lens. That means it’s fixed at one length; it can't optically zoom in and out. The longer the focal length on a fixed lens camera, the more zoomed in it is and the more close-up detail you'll be able to see. But the shorter the focal length, the wider the field of view and the more area your surveillance will cover.

The IPC3614SR3-ADPF28-F has a horizontal field of view of 107.8°.

Built-in Microphone

Having audio capabilities in your video surveillance system can be an important feature. The IPC3614SR3-ADPF28-F comes with a built-in microphone, allowing you to hear and record crisp, clear audio without running any additional cables to power a microphone.

NDAA Compliant

This model is compliant with the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), meaning it's safe to use and install on U.S. government properties. It was constructed with trusted and reliable technology at its core.

IP67 Weatherproof Rating

This camera has an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of 67. This means the camera is completely protected from dust and other solid particles. It can also withstand being submerged in 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes.

Rest assured that when you install this camera outside, it will have no problem braving the toughest of storms.

Up to 100ft Night Vision IR Range

When the sun goes down or the lights go out, this camera switches on its own onboard infrared LED lights. These lights, which are invisible to the human eye, allow the camera to continue functioning and recording video 24/7, day or night. And since its IR range covers up to 100ft, you're not going to miss anything that happens on your camera's feeds, even if it happens in pitch-black darkness.

Remote Access

The IPC3614SR3-ADPF28-F is a part of our Uniview line of products. As such, it's packed with features that would please a power user, yet it's simple enough to operate for a novice. Easily view and manage your cameras and recorders anywhere in the world with the free mobile and desktop applications. For the power user, these apps give you the power to adjust advanced settings on the fly. For the novice, you can use the apps to simply view live feeds and play back recorded video. Whatever you need to accomplish, it's all right there at your fingertips.

Plug & Play

If you're creating a new system out of our Uniview cameras, set up is insanely easy with our Uniview line of POE NVRs. Simply plug the camera into the back of the Uniview NVR and you have instant video on the recorder's HDMI interface. You can also view and manage the NVR through free desktop and mobile apps, such as EZView and EZStation.

ONVIF Compatibility

If you want to add this camera to a security system already set up, that’s no problem. This camera complies with the protocols set by the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF). This means, as long as your current recorder is ONVIF compatible, you’ll be able to set this camera up with your current system.

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  1. Overall Rating

    5 out of 5 stars
  1. Great Camera
    Verified Purchase
    Just purchased this camera. I believe this is the newer model. The picture quality is really , really good. It actually is as good as the more expensive 5mp turret I bought with vehicle detection. Speaking of detection, It has human detection analytics plus WDR and a mic. At this price?.. wow. this is a great camera. The only problem is the plastic ring. You definitely need to make sure its turned into the locking position. If it had a different locking mechanism it would be perfect.

    Reviewed by on

  2. Perfect Price Point
    Verified Purchase
    I installed 8 of these cameras. Really impressed with the field of view and the quality of the audio!

    The NVR interface mad it easy to control which cameras stream audio from the built in mic too.

    The only con I could find was the mounting ring. You really need to pay attention to the locking position. It has to be opposite of the face of the camera. Otherwise, when you aim the camera it may come apart in your hand.

    These cameras are a great value.

    Reviewed by on

  3. Great Camera
    Verified Purchase
    Recently switched to UNV. Really thinking this is going to be better.

    Reviewed by on

  4. Clear image
    Verified Purchase
    Installed these in a hotel, put up 14 of them in about 7 or 8 hours. Simple 3 screw installation and pop the top on. Mic seems to work okay so far

    Reviewed by on

  5. Super clear image
    Verified Purchase
    I used these cameras for daycare and the image quality is crystal clear and also super easy to install.

    Reviewed by on

  6. Great Cameras
    Verified Purchase
    Great camera metal housing is a plus, Picture quality is good and setup is simple.

    Reviewed by on

  7. Nice camera
    Verified Purchase
    I prefer this camera/IR lens layout compared to the side by side. Picture quality is great and simple to setup. I'd recommend UNV releasing a firmware update to make audio options available via web browsers other than Internet Explorer but I'm sure that's in the works. Great camera for the price.

    Reviewed by on

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Specifications Download PDF
Camera Type IP
Form Factor Turret
Resolution 4MP
Max Resolution 2688 x 1520
Frames Per Second 30 FPS
Image Sensor 1/3" Progressive Scan CMOS
Lens Type Fixed Lens
Focal Length 2.8mm
Field of View 107.8°
IR Range Up to 100ft
Video Compression Ultra H.265, H.265, H.264
Max Video Bitrate 16Mbps
Weatherproof Rating IP67
Audio Built-in Microphone
Onvif Compatible Yes
Onboard Storage Up to 256GB
Power Supply DC12V, POE
Power Consumption ≤ 5.5W
Operating Temperature -22°F ~ 140°F
Weight ~0.73lbs
Name Description Version Download
EZ Station Unified management for Uniview IP Cameras and NVRs. v1130.3.6.0 Download
EZ Tools Uniview tool kit for device search and upgrade, remote configuration, recording time and capacity calculation. v1122.2.1.0 Download
EZ Player Media player for local recordings. v1111.1.3.0 Download
Windows Plugin This is the web plugin for Windows. After installation, you will be able to live view most of Uniview IPC/NVR on IE for Windows. Download
EZ Station Unified management for Uniview IP Cameras and NVRs. v1113.3.2.1 Download
MAC Plugin This is the web plugin for Mac OS. After installation, you will be able to live view most of Uniview IPC/NVR on Safari for Mac. Download