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UNV 5MP LightHunter Active Deterrence NDAA-Compliant Mini PTZ Dome IP Security Camera with Deep Learning AI (IPC675LFW-AX4DUPKC-VG)

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IP Security Camera
HD Resolution
Motorized Varifocal Lens
Weatherproof Rating
Up to 165ft
Night Vision IR Range

Uniview's Active Deterrence Mini PTZ with LightHunter illumination technology is perfect for those areas where you really need a security camera to be noticed, both visibly and audibly. Packed into the compact body of Uniview's outdoor mini PTZ, this camera won't take up much space at the installation site. It's not nearly as obtrusive as a standard PTZ, which means you'll draw attention to this camera only when you need to.

If you have areas that are prone to vandalism or highly sensitive, places where you really want possible intruders or loiterers to be notified they are on camera, then you need to consider this camera.

Think of copper theft on air conditioners, people parking where they shouldn't be, people walking through restricted areas. This camera has a ton of practical applications.

Plus, Unview's LightHunter technology gives this camera better performance in lower-light scenarios. You'll also get crisp and clear video at night with the powerful and smart infrared LEDs with an IR range of 164 feet.

With the built-in mic and speaker for two-way audio, red and blue strobe light, integrated siren, and smart human body detection, this active deterrence PTZ just might be the ideal addition to your surveillance system.

Pand and Tilt Features

PTZ Features

This camera features a 345° pan and a 90° tilt, allowing for an ultra-wide surveillance coverage. Set up to 256 pan and tilt presets, which you can call at the push of a button. Automatically switch between these presets with up to 16 routes.

Strobe Light

Strobe Light Warnings

You can choose to have the camera flash a very bright strobe light triggered by various events. The blue and red strobe light will instantly warn any intruders that they are in an area where they shouldn't be.

Siren and Verbal Warnings

Verbal Warnings

Much like the stroble light warning, you can also choose to have the camera give an audible warning to the possible intruder once an event is triggered. You can use this in conjunction with the strobe light if you wish.

5MP HD Resolution

The IPC675LFW-AX4DUPKC-VG captures video up to a resolution of 5MP @ 30 FPS, which is 2880x1620 pixels. Every pixel added to your camera's picture gives you a higher image quality and more detail. So at 5MP, you're going to get a crisper, cleaner, and more detailed image.

2.8-12mm Motorized Varifocal Lens

The IPC675LFW-AX4DUPKC-VG has a Motorized Varifocal Lens, ranging from 30.6°~104.1°. This means you can easily and quickly adjust the zoom to your liking directly from the camera’s interface.

The Motorized Varifocal Lens gives you more control over your image. Optically zoom in to view finer details and a tighter shot. Or keep the camera zoomed out to enjoy the bigger picture with a wider angle field of view.

2-Way Audio

The IPC675LFW-AX4DUPKC-VG has a built-in microphone and speaker enabling you to easily communicate with family members, pets, coworkers, or even intruders. The crisp, clear 2-way audio makes this camera perfect for access points to your home or business, baby or pet monitors, and so much more!

NDAA Compliant

This model is compliant with the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), meaning it's safe to use and install on U.S. government properties. It was constructed with trusted and reliable technology at its core.

IP66 Weatherproof Rating

This camera has an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of 66. This means the camera is completely protected from dust and other solid particles (the first six). It can also withstand powerful streams of water jets from any direction (the second six).

Rest assured that when you install your camera outside, it will have no problem braving the toughest of storms.

Up to 165ft Night Vision IR Range

When the sun goes down or the lights go out, this camera switches on its own onboard infrared LED lights. These lights, which are invisible to the human eye, allow the camera to continue functioning and recording video 24/7, day or night. And since its IR range covers up to 165ft, you're not going to miss anything that happens on your camera's feeds, even if it happens in pitch-black darkness.

  1. Overall Rating

    5 out of 5 stars
  1. great cameras
    Verified Purchase
    This camera excellent

    Reviewed by on

  2. A product is only as good as the people/company that stands behind it. Daniel and Mason are the BEST.
    Verified Purchase
    A product is only as good as the people/company that stands behind it. Daniel and Mason are the BEST. Period

    Reviewed by on

  3. Quality of Camera
    Verified Purchase
    I purchased this camera with the expectation that it would be a cheaper alternative to some of the other PTZ cameras but a step above a turret camera in Active Deterrent.

    Man was I surprised by the quality of the camera and how well it works! This camera fit perfectly at a local park where they had kids vandalizing equipment overnight. Now with the active deterrent an audible warning is provided with red and blue flashing lights to indicate they are being recorded.

    The camera has been the subject of some abuse by kids throwing rocks at the camera but the camera is still working like a champ!

    Would highly recommend!

    Reviewed by on

  4. I love the night vision in this camera
    Verified Purchase
    This camera has an excellent night eye! I love it. I wish I could attach a pic but it’s awesome!

    Reviewed by on

  5. Nellys Nellys!
    Verified Purchase
    Overall best bang for your buck can’t keep these cameras on the shelves they look great and cover a wide area.

    Reviewed by on

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Specifications Download PDF
Camera Type IP
Form Factor PTZ
Resolution 5MP
Max Resolution 2880 x 1620
Frames Per Second 30 FPS
Image Sensor 1/2.7", Progressive Scan, CMOS
Lens Type Motorized Varifocal Lens
Focal Length 2.8-12mm
Field of View 30.6°~104.1°
IR Range Up to 165ft
Video Compression Ultra H.265, H.265, H.264
Max Video Bitrate 16Mbps
Weatherproof Rating IP66
Audio 2-Way Audio
Onvif Compatible Yes
Onboard Storage Up to 256GB
Power Supply DC12V, POE
Power Consumption Power consumption: Max 18 W
Operating Temperature -4°F ~ 140°F
Weight ~1.92lbs
Version Build Date Download
Most Recent 6202. 06/25/2021 Download
6202.3.69.210611 06/11/2021 Download