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UNV 5MP Indoor Mini PTZ with Wi-Fi, 2-Way Audio, and a 2.7mm-13mm Motorized Zoom Lens (IPC6415SR-X5UPW)

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Security Camera
HD Resolution

Uniview's 5MP mini PTZ security camera just may be the perfect solution to your indoor surveillance needs. It's light, compact, and loaded with features. From Wi-Fi connectivity, to two-way audio, to presets and patrols, this camera combines the convenience of an indoor camera with the powerful function of a much larger PTZ.

With a 350° pan, a 90° tilt, and a 5x optical zoom, this PTZ's controls are quick and responsive. Set up to 1,023 presets and 16 routes, which you can call instantly from your NVR, computer, or cell phone. Set up a home location, enable PTZ limits, and even set up a preset as a motion detection trigger.

Additional features include a slot for a MicroSD memory card holding up to 128GB of memory, 98' IR distance, a gorgeous starlight sensor for low light video, plug-and-play with all Uniview recorders, ONVIF compatibility, and so much more.

Bring the power of a full-size PTZ indoors with the 5MP Wi-Fi mini PTZ from Uniview.

Wifi Security Camera

Ditch the long, obtrusive wires running across your floorboards and walls. The allows you to connect wirelessly to your network using Wifi to capture and record video. Wifi security cameras are often easier to install, and they give you greater flexibility for placement and mobility.

2-Way Audio

The has a built-in microphone and speaker enabling you to easily communicate with family members, pets, coworkers, or even intruders. The crisp, clear 2-way audio makes this camera perfect for access points to your home or business, baby or pet monitors, and so much more!

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Hello, this camera seems a very nice product that may potentially satisfy my needs... I have a few questions though:
1. Does the camera "main web interface" (for viewing and use Tilt and Pan features) works only with Internet Explorer browser or is compatible with other web browsers?
2. Is it possible to use software like iVM4500 to remotely or locally configure or view the camera?
3. Can the camera be used without an NVR?
4. Does the camera accept PoE?
5. Can the camera without a NVR be configured to upload FTP videos and pictures on specific event triggered (like motion detection..)

Thank you for your attention.

Here's some answers!

1. Yes it does. It does have a plugin that is supported by Chrome, Firefox, and internet explorer.

2. Since this camera is on the UNV line, it is not supported by IVMS4200. It has another PC software called EZStation for configuring and viewing

3. It sure can!

4. It sure does!

5. Yes it can, this camera supports FTP upload.
Can this "indoor" camera be used under a covered porch?

Typically its not recommended, as even any condensation that could develop would not be covered under warranty since it is an indoor camera.

But if the camera's location would totally be out of the elements, i have seen customers mount other indoor cameras under covered porches. Just definitely be aware of the possibility of any condensation that may develop.
Do you have to log directly into the camera's IP address to use the PTZ controls? What if it's plugged into an H- or R-series NVR? Can the NVR's web interface run the PTZ and set up the patrol routines?

If the camera is added via ONVIF with an H-series or R-series NVR, you can control it from the NVRs stlil and set patrols & such.
This camera will not be plug n play with R-series or H-series NVRs.
Specifications Download PDF
Audio 2-Way Audio
Wifi Camera Yes
Power Consumption 16W
Name Description Version Download
EZ Station Unified management for Uniview IP Cameras and NVRs. v1130.3.11.0 Download
EZ Tools Uniview tool kit for device search and upgrade, remote configuration, recording time and capacity calculation. v1122.2.1.0 Download
EZ Player Media player for local recordings. v1111.1.3.0 Download
Windows Plugin This is the web plugin for Windows. After installation, you will be able to live view most of Uniview IPC/NVR on IE for Windows. Download
EZ Station Unified management for Uniview IP Cameras and NVRs. v1113.3.2.1 Download
MAC Plugin This is the web plugin for Mac OS. After installation, you will be able to live view most of Uniview IPC/NVR on Safari for Mac. Download