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4MP Extreme Low Light IP POE Weatherproof Turret Camera W/ Integrated Flood Light & Microphone NSC-NITECOLOR-DM2

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Availability: Discontinued
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3 Year Warranty
60 Day Guarantee
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IP Security Camera
HD Resolution
Fixed Lens
Weatherproof Rating
Up to 100ft
Night Vision IR Range

If you need to see color from your security camera 24 hours a day and you need some of the best low light performance the surveillance industry offers, then please take a look at this camera. Traditionally, almost all security cameras will switch to Black and White when the surrounding lighting drops to a low level or becomes non-existent. This helps cameras see better at night while also allowing the camera to see the invisible infrared lights that the camera may have.

While this is great for many scenarios, there may be times where you need to see color at night and this is where this camera fulfills this need. First of all the camera has a sensor in it that is designed to see in extreme low light conditions and still stay in color. We are talking star light conditions! However, if the light levels drop so low to where its nearly pitch dark, an integrated white flood light turns on to illuminate the surrounding area and allow the camera to continue to see in color.

Lets take a closer look at the features:

Low-Light Color

Extreme Low Light Sensor

The camera performs incredibly at the lowest light levels we have ever seen. Even without the integrated white light turned on, the camera is still able to see in settings with minimal amounts of ambient light such as star light or moonlight. There are times when you are looking at the cameras view on your monitor and it looks like late evening during dusk hours, but in reality, its midnight! You truly have to see it to believe it.

Integrated Floodlight

Integrated Adjustable Floodlight

This feature can be so useful in many different scenarios. This is not a traditional Infrared Light that you normally see on security cameras, this is a real White Flood Light.

First, you can choose to use the floodlight to come on/off as sort of a dusk to dawn light, so when the light levels drop so low the flood light turns on which also helps the camera to see in color a lot more crisply. You can adjust the light level sensitivity as to when the floodlight turns on/off. You may also choose to put the flood light on a timer as well and choose to have it turn on/off at a specific time of the day. You can also edit the intensity of the floodlights light output in the cameras interface.

Lastly, you can choose to completely disable the floodlight altogether if you wish.

4MP HD Resolution

The NSC-NITECOLOR-DM2 captures video up to a resolution of 4MP @ 30 FPS, which is 2688x1520 pixels. Every pixel added to your camera's picture gives you a higher image quality and more detail. So at 4MP, you're going to get a crisper, cleaner, and more detailed image.

4mm Fixed Lens

The NSC-NITECOLOR-DM2 has a 4mm Fixed Lens. That means it’s fixed at one length; it can't optically zoom in and out. The longer the focal length on a fixed lens camera, the more zoomed in it is and the more close-up detail you'll be able to see. But the shorter the focal length, the wider the field of view and the more area your surveillance will cover.

The NSC-NITECOLOR-DM2 has a horizontal field of view of 94°.

Built-in Microphone

Having audio capabilities in your video surveillance system can be an important feature. The NSC-NITECOLOR-DM2 comes with a built-in microphone, allowing you to hear and record crisp, clear audio without running any additional cables to power a microphone.

IP67 Weatherproof Rating

This camera has an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of 67. This means the camera is completely protected from dust and other solid particles. It can also withstand being submerged in 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes.

Rest assured that when you install this camera outside, it will have no problem braving the toughest of storms.

Up to 100ft Night Vision IR Range

When the sun goes down or the lights go out, this camera switches on its own onboard infrared LED lights. These lights, which are invisible to the human eye, allow the camera to continue functioning and recording video 24/7, day or night. And since its IR range covers up to 100ft, you're not going to miss anything that happens on your camera's feeds, even if it happens in pitch-black darkness.

Remote Access

The NSC-NITECOLOR-DM2 is a part of our H-Series line of products. As such, it's packed with features that would please a power user, yet it's simple enough to operate for a novice. Easily view and manage your cameras and recorders anywhere in the world with the free mobile and desktop applications. For the power user, these apps give you the power to adjust advanced settings on the fly. For the novice, you can use the apps to simply view live feeds and play back recorded video. Whatever you need to accomplish, it's all right there at your fingertips.

Plug & Play

If you're creating a new system out of our H-Series cameras, set up is insanely easy with our H-Series line of POE NVRs. Simply plug the camera into the back of the H-Series NVR and you have instant video on the recorder's HDMI interface. You can also view and manage the NVR through free desktop and mobile apps, such as Hik-Connect and iVMS-4200.

ONVIF Compatibility

If you want to add this camera to a security system already set up, that’s no problem. This camera complies with the protocols set by the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF). This means, as long as your current recorder is ONVIF compatible, you’ll be able to set this camera up with your current system.

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  1. Overall Rating

    4.7 out of 5 stars
  1. Will be using often.
    Verified Purchase
    Picture looks better than many 5MP cameras I've used. Integrated Flood lights don't require special "programming" to work as they should. Will be using these cameras to exceed my customers expectations in the future.

    Reviewed by on

  2. BEst NiteCOLOR Cams on the market
    Verified Purchase
    I have used other brand but this one is amazing!!!!!!!

    Reviewed by on

  3. The night vision in color is amazing
    Verified Purchase
    I installed these night in color H-Series cameras at one of my customers homes and they are awesome! It's like night and day compared to a regular IR camera I definitely recommend these to my customers all the time.

    Reviewed by on

  4. Wow
    Verified Purchase
    This is a great camera, best camera we have used on low light applications.

    Reviewed by on

  5. Awesome Color Camera's
    Verified Purchase
    I've been in the IT environment for some time and within the past year started educating myself on IP Security Surveillance Systems. I've started with the H-Series and one color IP camera, 2 night time black and white IP cameras, and one License Plate Reader IP camera. Needless to say that after installing the system and tweaking it I'm very happy with the color cameras. I actually ordered 2 more and swapped them out for the B/W night cameras. Once you go to night time color camera's you'll probably not go back to black and white cameras. I highly recommend these cameras.

    Reviewed by on

  6. The most amazing low light night camera
    Verified Purchase
    We have a significant safety issue right now and my work schedule keeps me away from home overnight. I recently ordered several of these cameras along with an NVR. It was brainless installing the cameras. Interacting with the software was a little above my pay grade the guys at Nellys Security have been patient with me and helped me step by step over the phone. Now that I have them all dialed in it's all super easy to use. Hands down the best low light picture I have ever seen. When I tested the camera with no yard lights and no house lights on late at night my wife thought it was in demo mode. It looked like the middle of the day. I have several co workers on my department who were blown away and are also planning on purchasing the same cameras. I just ordered a PTZ from Nellys and plan to expand my NVR to its full 16 channel capability with more of the Nitecolor cameras.

    Reviewed by on

  7. Excellent cameras!
    Verified Purchase
    I’ve installed over 100 of these cameras with zero issues. They are very easy to set up if you have any technological experience. If not, there should be many companies nearby that will install for a reasonable price.

    Reviewed by on

  8. Don't be fooled by the 4MP, It's better than 4K in night vision
    Verified Purchase
    I was reluctant to get this camera based on the high price for only 4MP. The night vision blows away anything else I've seen that boasts 4K video and the full color night vision is a game changer. Here's the ugly truth, most 4k camera systems out there, even the popular consumer grade options, look good in daylight. However, night vision is where the cheaper cameras show their ugly side....low resolution, grainy, etc. so if someone is lurking around your car, good luck getting a clear face image. Forget getting wrapped up in the 4K and look at which system gives you the night vision resolution that you are happy with. This camera with a the NSN-608(4K)-8P 8 Channel POE Plug-N-Play 4K NVR was a perfect system.

    Reviewed by on

  9. Not totally what they want you to think it is.
    Verified Purchase
    First of all, any mention of this being a stand alone camera should be considered false advertisement. This camera is very, very difficult to set up. Even with their quick start guides, this camera takes hours of youth searching and bulletin board reads to figure out the minor set up issues. Its incredibly unrealistic to use this camera as a stand alone as access to the video playback (if you're able to set that up recording, plus another hour of research) doesn't not exist on the web interface. Other websites offer this camera with a memory card, for the same price. So if you're dead set on this camera I would refer you to a better deal. I guess my biggest issue the set up isn't near as easy as this company's videos make it out to be. They say "if you have any issues just call us, put us to the test". I was unsuccessful in talking to someone after several phone calls. My opinion, this was $200 waisted in a "stand alone" camera. Maybe it works well with an nvr. I currently run a 19 camera set up with unified and a 16 camera analog set up with Amcrest. I enjoy testing and playing with new systems, this one, as a stand alone is completely disappointing and misleading.

    Reviewed by on

  10. The Best Night Camera I have Seen
    Verified Purchase
    I have a lot of customers that have been requesting cameras that see well at night. I have a specific brand that I typically install, however after stumbling across these Nitecolor cameras from Nelly's, I bought one to test and see if this is something that I want to offer my clients. I have had the camera installed for almost a week, and it is AMAZING. I have the camera installed under a covered front porch and Daytime video is pretty good, but when the sun goes down is when this camera really shines. There is one street light approximately 150 ft from the camera, and although it is 11pm outside, on the live stream it looks like Noon! I saw the ads for this camera, and was very skeptical. But this camera is worth every penny and do not hesitate to pull the trigger on one of these cameras.

    Buyer's be advised, the supplemental light on this camera is EXTREMELY bright. If it is pointed near windows, it may be annoying at night. There are settings in the cameras web interface that allow you to turn down the brightness of the light, but even at 30% the light was VERY bright. The good news is that even without the supplemental light, the camera performs amazingly well.

    Reviewed by on

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Does the flood light require a power source other than POE?
No it does not. The whole camera including the integrated light works on POE.
Does this camera need a separated poe cord for light?
No, You will use only 1 cable.
Hello, I would like to have a few more in-depth information regarding this product.
1. Is it only 4mm lense?
2. Can you zoom only through software or has a motorized or mechanical lens to optimize the zoom/focus?
3. Is it possible to use as stand-alone camera without a NVR?
4. Is it compatible with the app iVMS-4500?
5. Does it support HTTPS, FTP, RSTP protocols?
6. Does it has an accessible web-interface with the Firefox/Chrome browser?
7. Is it possible to configure motion detection/event recording (FTP) as a standalone installation?
8. Do you provide any warranty / support for this product? (example: if get faulty after 1 year of utilization /or/ if needs firmware upgrades)

B. (as in "bonus question" =) : eventually which NVR would you recommend to use in combination with 4 of these cameras?

Thank you so much for your attention!! I hope it will be also very useful for many other interested customers.

1. Yes, we currently only carry the 4mm version. However its FoV is wider than a typical 4mm lens cam - 94degree
2. Since it is a fixed lens cam, you can only have digital zoom capabilities.
3. Yes you can have it as a standalone. It supports up to 128gb MicroSD card.
4. Yes, since this cam is H-series or OEM Hikvision, it is compatible with IVMS-4500. However, we recommend the app Guarding Vision.
5. Yes it does.
6. FF & Chrome support is very limited. We still recommend IE as the primary browser.
7. Yes
8. We offer free lifetime support and a 3 year warranty.

Bonus - If you plan on having 4 cams max, id recommend this 4channel NVR -
Will this camera work indoors pointed out through a window?

Yes it can. However you may have to adjust settings such as WDR to take into account reflections of light back into the window in front of the camera.

It would be ideal for this cam to be mounted outside so it can perform to its highest standards.
Does this camera support motion or is it always on always recording (lights/video/audio)?
This camera does support motion detection and motion recording. You can also go into the settings to turn off the led light so that it will not come on at night. As well as setting a schedule to record at specific times on specific days.
So if you zoom in on this camera it’s going to get greedy it won’t focus in on whatever you’re zooming in on?

Very nice camera very interested in buying some of these.
The camera has a crystal clear 4MP image so on your monitor it will look very good. But to answer your question, whenever you digitally zoom in on an image, the "grainier" it appears to be. And the more you zoom in, the more grainier. Also, the higher the resolution of the camera, the more you can zoom in without it getting grainy. For example, you can zoom in more on a 4MP image and be less grainy than you could a 2MP image. Hope that info helps
Will this camera accept new Hik firmware if/when it comes out? Would love to see LED illumination on motion only.

Since this is H-series or OEM Hikvision, it will only accept OEM Firmware.
Hikvision USA firmware may brick or not work with this item at all.
Will this camera work with Blue Iris?

Do these hae smart events?? Line crossing, Etc.

Yes they sure do!!
Do you sell a wall mount for the NSC-NITECOLOR-DM2 ?
Hi Paul,

Absolutely. The 1273ZJ-140 wall mount will work great with that camera.

If you type 1273ZJ-140 in the search box on our site it should take you directly to the product page.
Can I get this camera rebranded?

Yes, this camera is brandable!
Does this come in a 2.8mm lens? On Hikvision it shows it has 2.8 and 4mm models. Thanks.

We only carry the 4mm version at this time.
G'day - do you ship to Australia? Cheers Eff

We sure do ship to Australia!
Do you have this low-light technology in a PTZ platform?

We do not have any PTZs that have the NiteColor Technology at this time.
I'd like to add one or two of these extreme low-light cameras to my Lorex/Flir 4K NVR setup that I bought at Costco. Will these cameras be compatible because I am ready to pull the trigger if they are. Thanks.

If your NVR supports the ONVIF protocol, then yes itll support the NITEColor cam!
however, it will not be plug n play, you will have to manually add it using the ONVIF protocol.
I am not sure if I will mount this horizontal on the wall or on the porch ceiling. Which would be more versatile, turret or bullet, for my mounting decision? Which would have more adjustment if I change my mind after installation?
Hey Roy,

Both bullet and turret are fairly versatile as far as mounting goes but the bullet is a little bit easier to aim in most scenarios. However, if using the bullet it's best to mount it above 8' for vandalism purposes so the front porch ceiling may not be the best spot for it unless it's above 8'.
Hello does the microphone function work over POE? or is that a separate cable i will need to run?
Microphone functions over network cable (POE) no need to run separate cable.
Will this camera work with SKU 1469N DVR that I have?

It sure will! Since your NVR is H-series, and this NiteColor Cam is H-series, they'll be plug n play with eachother!
Is the DM2 Manual adjustment only?

Correct, you can adjust the can upon mounting. Other than that, it is a fixed/stationary camera.
Specifications Download PDF
Camera Type IP
Form Factor Turret
Resolution 4MP
Max Resolution 2688 x 1520
Frames Per Second 30 FPS
Image Sensor 1/1.8" Progressive Scan CMOS
Lens Type Fixed Lens
Focal Length 4mm
Field of View 94°
IR Range Up to 100ft
Video Compression H.265, H.264
Weatherproof Rating IP67
Audio Built-in Microphone
Onvif Compatible Yes
Onboard Storage Up to 128GB
Power Consumption ≤ 6W
Operating Temperature -22°F ~ +140°F
Weight ~1.3lbs
Version Build Date Download
Most Recent 5.6.2 11/11/2019 Download
5.5.83 04/11/2019 Download
Name Description Version Download
SADP H Series IP Camera Utility Tool which allows you to sniff the network for H Series cameras and change the IP address. v3.0.1.8 Download
Batch Config Tool Allows activation and configuration of Cameras and NVRs. v3.0.2.6 Download
CMS Software Central Management Software for Guarding Vision Cloud users. v3.4.0.10 Download
iVMS 4200 (New UI) Central Management Software for Hik-Connect Cloud users. v3.4.0.9 Download
iVMS 4200 (Old UI) Central Management Software for Hik-Connect Cloud users. v2.8.2.2 Download
iVMS 4200 LITE Central Management Software for Hik-Connect Cloud users. v1.0.0.4 Download
VS File Player H Series media file player. v7.4.0 Download
SADP H Series IP Camera Utility Tool which allows you to sniff the network for H Series cameras and change the IP address. v1.0.0.4 Download
CMS Software Central Management Software for Guarding Vision Cloud users. Download
iVMS 4200 Central Management Software for Hik-Connect Cloud users. v2.0.0.10 Download
VS File Player H Series media file player. Download
Web Plugin Allows you to view your NVR web interface in the Safari Browser. Download
IPC Web Plugin Allows you to view your IP camera web interface in the Safari Browser. Download
Batch Config Tool Allows activation and configuration of Cameras and NVRs. Download