NiteColor Ultra Lowlight Cameras: Real or Fake?

If you thought the answer was TRUE, then you're right! With our new NiteColor security cameras, you can take beautiful, clear, and colored videos just like this with nothing but starlight. With its insane ultra-lowlight sensor, this camera doesn't even need infrared to see in the dark.

If, on the other hand, your first reaction was to call BS, then you're not alone. Many have called us liars, scammars, hamburger salesmen in disguise. But we don't really blame them. We know just how unbelievable this product really is. We may not have believed it either if we hadn't seen it with our own eyes!

NiteColor Ultra-Lowlight Bullet

H-Series NiteColor Bullet

NiteColor Ultra-Lowlight Turret

H-Series NiteColor Bullet

If you're still not sure if we're telling the truth or not, check out this time lapse. During the nighttime hours, you can watch as the moon passes across the sky. At midnight, when the moon reaches its highest point, it almost looks like broad daylight.

Pretty crazy, right? Well we've barely scratched the surface. These cameras have a ton of incredible features that makes this the perfect camera for many situations, especially for driveway setups. So without further ado, let's take a look at these awesome new NiteColorcameras from Nelly's Security!


Currently we have two NiteColor models: a bullet and a turret. Specs-wise, they're pretty much exactly the same. There is only one additional feature found on the turret, which comes with a built-in microphone. Here are a few of the awesome features that both of these cameras have.

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Low Light Sensor

So what makes these cameras special? Well, most security cameras have onboard infrared LED lights for seeing in the dark. When the sun goes down or the lights go out, these lights switch on and fill the environment with IR light, which is invisible to the human eye. The only catch is, infrared is only one frequency of light, which means it doesn't have any color. This is why most security cameras produce black and white video at night.

The cool thing about these NiteColor cameras is that it doesn't use infrared at all. Instead, it has an extreme low-light sensor, probably the best low light sensor out there. So at night, any ambient light at all - whether it's from the moon, stars, streetlights, etc. - will give enough light for the camera to function well. And since this ambient light is full light, and not just one frequency, it maintains all of its color.

The NiteColor During the Day
The NiteColor Camera During the Day
The NiteColor Camera at Midnight
The NiteColor Camera at Midnight
The NiteColor Camera at the Darkest Part of the Night
The NiteColor Camera at the Darkest Part of the Night

Integrated Adjustable Floodlight

Okay, so what if it's cloudy and there is no moonlight or startlight? What if it's installed in a pitch black room with no windows? Well that's no problem, since it also comes with a powerful floodlight. There are a couple of different customizations so that you can really make this camera do what you want it to.

First, you can customize if, when, and how the floodlight comes on. If you don't want it to come on at all, that's no problem! You never even need to touch these settings. However, if you would like a floodlight, you can set it to turn on either with a timer or depending on the ambient light. Do you want the light to come on between the hours of 8pm and 6am no matter what? No problem. Would you rather your light turn itself on anytime it gets dark enough? You can do that too, and you can even adjust the sensativity.

Next, you can customize how bright you'd like the floodlight to shine. Is it too bright? Turn it down! You can also set this to automatic, so that the brightness of the light fluctuates with the darkness of the camera's environment.

With this awesome feature, you can easily turn this camera into a dusk-to-dawn light for your driveway. There are a couple of pros and cons to using the floodlight. First, if you use the floodlight, only the area around the camera will be lit up. However, it will be very crisp, clear, and colorful. On the other hand, if you turn the floodlight off, you'll be able to see just about as far as the camera can see during the day, so long as there's ambient light that covers the field of view. The only downside is, it may be fuzzy, grainy, and not as clear. It totally depends on what you prefer and what you're needing out of a security camera.

The NiteColor Camera (No Floodlight)
The NiteColor Camera (No Floodlight)
The NiteColor Camera (Floodlight)
The NiteColor Camera (Floodlight)

4MP Resolution

Not only can these cameras see super well at night, but they can see super well at night with a fantastic resolution of 2560x1440 pixels. The extra pixels allows you to see more detail than you would be able to on a standard 1080p camera, which will come in handy once the picture starts getting darker and darker. The ultra low-light sensor will cause the image to appear very grainy, but the beautiful 4MP video makes up for that.

4mm Fixed Lens

This may turn you off at first glance as 4mm may be a little too zoomed in for your taste. However, that's probably because you're used to longer lenses having narrower fields of view. This isn't the case with this camera. It actually has a 4mm lens due to having a much larger sensor compared to most other normal cameras. So while this camera comes with a 4mm lens, it actually has a horizontal field of view of 94°, which is about the same field of view that a standard camera with a 2.8mm lens would have.

H-Series Advantages

These cameras are a part of our H-Series line of surveillance products. If you have our other H-Series cameras and recorders, these cameras will fit right into your current system. Enjoy plug-and-play with all H-Series recorders. Get easy remote access from a computer or mobile device. If you're a dealer, you can order these cameras with your business's logo stamped on the side. And so much more!

Even if you've never ordered from us before, this camera is a great place to start. You can rest assured knowing that if you ever decide to expand your surveillance system, we have a ton of products that you can add seamlessly.

Would you rather use this as a standalone camera and not add it to an NVR? No problem. With its onboard microSD card slot, you can add up to 128gb of storage and access recorded video straight from your camera's mobile or desktop interface.

Need More Proof?

We told you all about our NiteColor cameras. You've seen the videos and the timelapse. But we have even more proof! Check out this video made by the founder of Nelly's Security, Sean Nelson. In this video, Sean shows you exactly what it looks like outside with his camera's phone. Compare that video to a standard IR camera and to the NiteColor camera. It's indisputable. This NiteColor camera is amazing.

Click here to see all the raw surveillance footage used in the above video. The video footage in this playlist is completely unedited and came straight from Sean's NVR. Pro Tip: When watching the NiteColor footage, be sure to turn up your device's volume!

Purchase a Full System

Are you interested in these NiteColor cameras, but don't know where to start? You're in luck, because we have a few complete systems for you to choose from. Take the guesswork out of piecing together your own system, and purchase everything you need with just a couple of clicks.

We have a few different systems available for you. Just need one camera? No problem. Here's a complete single camera security system. Simply choose between the bullet and the turret.

Looking for something a little more robust? We also have 4, 8, and 16 camera systems. With these systems, you do have the ability to customize each camera type. By default, you'll get half bullets and half turrets. However, you can adjust this to fit your unique needs.

If you're buying a multi-camera system, you do have the option to pick your cable. However, if you're starting from scratch, we recommend picking up one of these IP security camera cable installation kits. It comes with 1000' of Ethernet cable plus all the tools you need to get started.


Nelly's Security has always been at the top of the security industry, making new technology affordable and bringing top-of-the-line security products into your homes and small businesses. We hope you'll take our word for it and try out one of these amazing cameras. If you do, we're confident that you'll see we're more than a company that sells security equipment. We're a company that goes out of our way to serve our customers and stand by our products. We do this with a hassle-free warranty process, lifetime tech support for any products you purchase from us, and industry-leading customer service.

So what do you say? Have we made a believer out of you? Click below to check out these cameras and purchase yours today, individually or as part of a complete system. But before you leave, let us know what you would do with these cameras. Would you set it up at your driveway? Use it as a dusk-to-dawn light? We'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas, so leave them in the comments below!