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Custom Branded Alarm Panels

Custom Branded NVRs Now Available at Nelly's Security

One of the most important aspects of your business in today's world is your branding. Consumers are becoming more and more brand loyal. The more tight and cohesive your brand, the more recognizable you become to your customers, the further your brand and your business has the opportunity to grow. If you sell and install alarm equipment, one of the best ways to tighten your brand and move your business forward is to place your company's logo directly on your alarm panel. At Nelly's Security, we offer this service 100% free of charge!

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2GIG Products
Qolsys Products

2GIG Products

We have two brandable 2GIG panels to choose from: the GC2e Panel and the Edge Panel. First, let's talk about the GC2e.

We offer complementary premium branding on all alarm panels, including the GC2e. When you select this option before adding your panels to your cart, we will print your logo on your alarm panel face plate in full color free of charge. We can do this a couple of different ways. First, we have the full GC2e alarm panels. If you purchase these from us, we will brand them with your logo free of charge. This will be a high-quality, full-color logo printed right onto your alarm panel face plate. If you already have your 2GIG alarm panels and you're just looking to add branding, you can purchase a pack of GC2e face plates. We sell these plates in packs of 20.

In addition to complementary premium branding, we also offer ultra brading on GC2e panels for a small upcharge. When you add ultra branding to your purchase, you can print a full top-to-bottom design. This is a great way to fully customize the look of your alarm panel any way you like. For us to ultra brand your panel, you'll need to send us a PSD file of your design. You'll receive the PSD file via email after you place your order, but you can also download the files below for your reference.

2GIG Edge

2GIG Edge

In addition to the GC2e, we also offer the 2GIG Edge. This unique panel has a sleek, black design. We offer complementary branding on all 2GIG Edge purchases free of charge, so we can upload your company's logo. However, due to its unique style, we are unable to offer ultra branding. Click below to purchase the Edge today!

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Need some inspiration? You can brand your 2GIG panels with your company's logo. With ultra branding, you can also print a custom design on your GC2e panels. Check out some of our customers' designs below for inspiration.

The premium branding is pretty cool right? But did you know that we also offer free standard branding services like decals on the front of your recorder and your own custom model numbers? We can even put your logo on a boot screen on certain recorders. As a registered dealer with us​, you get access to some of our free standard branding services. Get signed up here!

Qolsys Products

In our Qolsys line, we sell one brandable alarm panel: the IQ Panel 4 Alarm and Smart Home Control Panel. For IQ Panel, we offer complementary premium branding free of charge. Be sure to select the "Complementary Premium Branding" option before adding your panel to your cart. With this option enabled, we will print your company's logo directly on the bottom of the panel.

Qolsys IQ Panel 4

IQ Panel 4

This powerful alarm panel supports legacy 319.5MHz sensors (Qolsys, Qolsys S-Line, & Interlogix) as well as PowerG sensors.

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Want to see some examples? Check out some images below of IQ panels that we've branded for other customers.

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