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IP Security Camera System Professional Starter Kit, 4 Cameras w/ Expandability to 8

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Customize IP Security Camera System Professional Starter Kit, 4 Cameras w/ Expandability to 8
1 x NSN-608(4K)-8P 8 Channel POE Plug-N-Play 4K NVR   + $315.99
1 x 2 TB Surveillance Hard Drive for NVR or DVR   + $115.99
1 x Outdoor Rated 1000' Pull Box Cat5e Cable 24AWG / 4PR Solid Copper CMR-UV Resistant - Black   + $109.99
1 x RJ45 CAT5e Pass Through Crimp Connector - Bag of 100   + $26.99
1 x Crimping Tool Used to Crimp RJ45 Connectors onto CAT5/CAT6 Cable for IP Camera Installations - Works with regular and pass through connectors   + $56.99
1 x RJ45 + BNC Cable Connection Tester for Siamese and CAT5 connections   + $12.99

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IP Security Camera System Professional Starter Kit, 4 Cameras w/ Expandability to 8


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    The IP Security Camera Surveillance Starter Kit is ideal for anyone wanting to install a complete four camera security system

    If you are looking for the cheapest all-in-one security camera kit that you see all over the internet, then I apologize, because you have come to the wrong place. As a matter of fact, if the only thing you are looking for in a surveillance system is a low price, then we don't want to waste your time here. You can find plenty of super-cheap systems on places like Amazon, Sam's, Costco, etc. And in all honesty, some of those systems may work for you. Some may not. Who knows? When buying things in life, there are some items you may want to take a risk on and buy the cheapest available because if it ends up breaking or not working as planned, it doesn't become a real big loss to you. You just need to ask yourself, is a surveillance system one of those items?

    Don't get us wrong, we aren't trying to justify why our price is more expensive than some cheap all-in-one kit you found online somewhere else. As a matter of fact, this surveillance system is most definitely not the most expensive system that you will find on the interwebz. Far from it, actually. What we are trying to tell you, though, is that if you are looking for a security camera system that is reliable and has advanced features, is attractive enough for home use yet rugged enough for commercial use, and most importantly, is at a fair price, then you may want to keep reading.

    You may be thinking, "This is a big investment! It's going to take more than just good equipment at a fair price to get me as a customer. I need to make sure I'm going to have great tech support to help me set this up, a good warranty in case something goes bad, and an easy way to return it. If I end up not liking the system, I don't want to be stuck with it."

    If this is you, then you most definitely want to continue reading.

    At this point you are asking yourself, "Why is this system better then every other system that i see on the internetz?" Glad you asked! Here are the main points why you should consider this system followed by a thorough explanation of each point:

    Professional Equipment:

    • Versatile Turret Cameras for Indoor or Outdoor use
    • Feature-Loaded Recorder
    • Expandability options to other camera types
    • Professional Bulk Cable

    The Best Service in the Industry:

    • Lifetime World Class Tech Support W/ English being our first language
    • 3 Year Warranty
    • Hassle Free 60 Day Returns

    Lets hit on each point individually:

    Professional Equipment

    This IP Security Camera starter kit comes with four amazing turret cameras and one feature-packed and easy-to-use network video recorder (NVR)
    Our IP Security Camera starter kit comes with bulk cable and the required tools so you can measure, crimp, and run your own professional cable.

    This equipment is rugged enough for commercial use, yet attractive enough for residential use. The way we designed this system is to initially give you a base system that has full versatility to fit any scenario while also giving you the option to add equipment in the future to fit specialty type scenarios. Let us explain why...

    Versatile Turret Cameras

    Our IP Security Camera Starter Kit comes with four amazing, beautiful, and versatile turret cameras.

    The camera is the "eye" of your surveillance system and arguably the most important piece. There are a few different styles of cameras available, so why did we pick turret cameras for the IP security camera starter kit? Besides being one of our most popular models, the versatility factor was the main reason. Turret cameras are almost like a cross between a bullet camera and a dome camera.

    Bullet cameras are great because of their superior nighttime performance and easy installation process. The only downside some consider with bullets is that they are the least aesthetically pleasing out of all the camera types since they may appear bulky.

    Vandal dome cameras on the other hand are the most aesthetically pleasing to the eye and look great on both businesses and homes. The downside with vandal dome cameras is that they sometimes suffer on the night performance and not to mention you have to wipe the dome bubbles to prevent IR glare.

    Turret cameras have all the pros of bullet cameras (great night vision and image quality) without the cons (bulky and noticeable)
    Turret cameras have all the pros of vandal domes (attractive, small form-factor) without the cons (dirty glass, IR glare)

    The Turret camera takes the best of both worlds of the bullet and dome camera, combining them all into one nice package. Turret cameras look great as they still have the small, round form factor of a regular vandal dome but without its IR nighttime performance issues. Similar to a bullet camera, the turret camera has excellent nighttime performance and an easy installation process.

    The NSC-2X4G-DM is the perfect candidate for our IP security camera starter kit.
    The NSC-2x4G-DM turret camera comes in either white or gray. Here is the white camera.
    Our NSC-2X4G-DM turret comes in either white or gray. This is the gray turret.

    We sell a lot of different turret cameras but this Turret Camera is our best seller by far. The model number is NSC-2X4G-DM. (Click here to download the spec sheet for these cameras.) It boasts a crystal-clear 4MP (2560x1440) image at a smooth 30 Frames Per Second. The 2.8mm lens, with its 98 degree field of view, will give you the extra-wide-angle shots you need to capture as much in the field of view as possible. You are going to get beautifully vibrant and colorful images during the day and the camera's sensor can tackle any uneven lighting scenarios with its built in 120dB Wide Dynamic Range.

    At night, the high performance continues with the cameras ultra-powerful EXIR Infrared LED which allows the camera to see in complete pitch black darkness of up to 100'. Not only is the IR LED powerful, but the design also provides more of a dispersed "flood light" effect as opposed to the "spot light" effect that you sometimes see on cameras with numerous tiny LED's.

    This camera can withstand any climate, rain or shine, hot or cold with its ultra durable IP67 weatherproof rating. As rugged as the camera is, it also looks great inside due to its low profile and sleek design.

    Feature-Loaded Recorder

    If the camera is the "eye" of your system, then the the NVR, AKA Network Video Recorder, is the "heart" of your system. The NVR is where you are going to be spending most of your time when you view and manage your system, so naturally it has to be easy to set up and easy to use. This recorder meets the "easy" specification. If the thought of setting up an IP camera system scares you, fret not as this will be the easiest system you will ever set up.

    To get the cameras set up, you will simply run a network cable from the camera to the back of the NVR, wait about 30 seconds for the camera to boot up, then boom, you got video! Simple as that. No worrying about configuring IP addresses and all that.

    The first step to setting up your IP security camera surveillance starter kit is to plug the camera into the back of the NVR
    These NVRs support plug and play for instant IP security camera setup. This is perfect for the ip security camera beginner.

    Setting up the system for remote viewing is just as easy. All you do is run a network cable from the back of the NVR to your router. You are going to download the free cell phone app, use that app to scan a QR code and then BOOM! you are setup for remote viewing. No need to worry about any router configuration like port forwarding which is crazy and confusing!

    Setting up these recorders for remote viewing is just as easy. Sipmly scan the QR code on the bottom of the NVR and you're good to go!

    As simple as the setup is, using the system is just as easy. Their are a few different ways you can manage the NVR. You can simply run an HDMI cable from the NVR to your HDTV as this will allow you to view your cameras and manage the settings using the included mouse and/or remote control. If you like controlling techie things through a computer then there are a couple of options for you.

    1. You can log directly into the NVR's web interface through a web browser such as FireFox, Chrome, or Safari.
    2. Power users may choose to opt for the included free software that is available for the PC or Mac which gives you many more options than the simple web interface.
    You can easily view and manage the IP Security Camera Kit 8 channel NVR from an HDMI interface
    HDMI Interface
    You can easily view and manage the IP Security Camera Kit 8 Channel NVR from a web browser
    Web Browser Interface
    View and manage more advanced features of your IP Security Camera Starter Kit 8 channel NVR with the included software
    Advanced Computer Software

    The great thing about these recorders is that they are easy enough for a novice to use and set up, but they are so loaded with features that it would keep a power user techie type very happy! (Click here to download a spec sheet for this recorder.)

    The 8 Channel NVR that comes with our IP Security Camera Starter Kit is perfect for both the novice and the tech junkie.


    As you may have noticed, there are only four cameras in this system but the recorder is an eight-channel. We did this for a reason. Rarely do you run into instances where you need all of your cameras in your system to be the same exact camera type. We covered the basics with the 2X4G Turrets, but what if you want a different camera? You can do that! You have the ability to add up to four more cameras on the system. Therefore if you want a PTZ, a Doorbell, or one of our hot new NiteColor Cameras, no problem!

    Our IP Security Camera Starter Kit is expandable. You can add up to four more security cameras.

    The recorder comes with a 2TB hard drive pre-installed which should be plenty enough even if you max out the recorder to 8 cameras. However, some folks may have the desire to keep extended storage times. No problem! The NVR has an extra hard drive slot should you want to add an extra hard drive.

    Professional Bulk Cable

    Go look at any other all in one surveillance kit that you see on the internet and you will notice that they always come with premade 60-100' cables. There isnt anything wrong with that, but the problem is that either the cable is too short or too long. If it's too short, you're left with jimmy-rigging a cable extension with a coupler, which just looks all-around ghetto. If the cable is too long, then you are left with the decision to coil up the cable at the recorder, which looks very messy and again, ghetto! We are gonna assume that if you have read this far, that you are not okay with ghetto-type installations.

    The cable that comes included with this kit is a 1000' easy pull-box of UL & ETL Listed professional CAT5e "Installer Grade" black network cable. The cable is premium quality with solid copper conductors for efficient data transfer. We also include 100 pcs of crimp on RJ45 cable ends, a professional crimp tool, and a cable tester.

    The IP Security Camera Starter Kit comes with 1000 feet of easy pull UL and ETL listed professional Cat5e Installer Grade black network cable.

    At this point you may be thinking 2 things.

    1. Wow, im really going to have to make own custom cable lengths!?!?
    2. There is no way I'm gonna use 1000' of cable and 100 connectors ever!

    Lets address these concerns:

    1. Making cables is no big deal, and to some people it's soothing. Granted, if you have never done this before, you may screw up the first couple connectors, but no biggie, thats why we are giving you extra! Now, you already established yourself as a discerning buyer who desires to have a professional-grade setup, and the only way you are going to get this is with cables that you pull to custom length where you make the ends yourself. As you will see in the video below, we included pass-through type RJ45 Connections which are pretty much fool proof and impossible to mess up. Not only that, we are giving you the cable tester to ensure proper sequence and continuity on all your cable runs. You are going to be so glad that you ran your own cables and chose not to go with premade cables.
    2. You will be surprised at how fast 1000' of cable can be used up, especially if you plan on eventually filling up all eight camera spots. But nonetheless, let's say you have a bunch of cable left over. CAT5e cable can be used for your normal network cable runs in your home or business as well. Lets say you need to run a network cable from your router to a computer. Well, now you know how! With your newfound confidence, you may be running cable everywhere for your friends and family. Who knows, you may turn into a professional security installer before long!
    Our IP security camera starter kit not only includes cable, but we will also send you 100 connectors and a crimp tool. Running your own cable will allow you to have a much more professional installation.
    Crimping the connectors onto Cat5e ethernet cable is a lot simpler than it sounds.
    Once you know how to run your own cables, you'll find yourself running cables all the time for you and for friends. Our IP security camera starter kit will teach you enough new skills that you may become a professional security installer!

    The best service in the industry

    Wow, you are still reading this monumentally long product description? Well, then we are going to assume that you are not just a buyer who is going to buy on nice features and a decent price alone. You need more, and rightfully so. If you are spending as much money as you are on a product that is sophisticated as a surveillance system, you are going to want to make sure that you are supported before and after the buying process. Let us explain how we touch on this:

    Nelly's Security is the nation's leading supplier of all security equipment. We have the best customer service and tech support in the industry. We stand by our products and we know our stuff, which is why when you're looking for an IP security camera starter kit, you should come to us.

    World Class Support:

    We are headquartered in the heartland here in Tulsa, OK. We started off as a very small company that began selling on Ebay of all places several years ago. Over the years, we have had the pleasure of growing our business with very impressive customer retention rates and word of mouth referrals. We have a relentless requirement of excellence here at Nelly's, so much so that it sometimes prevents us from scaling as quickly as we would like because we only hire employees that have a unique relentless pursuit of customer service, and its hard to find folks that meet those standards.

    Our team is small, yet dedicated. One of our superhuman team members has the customer service strength of 10 ordinary humans. The people that you talk to before the sale that helps you answer any questions that you may have will also be the same people who help you after the sale when you need tech support which makes for a very cohesive experience. In other words, you wont have to re-explain things over and over to 50 different inexperienced people whenever you call up here.

    Nelly's Security has the best customer service and tech support. When you call, you'll always be talking to an expert who can help you with any issue you may come across. We will walk you through everything you need to know about setting up your IP security camera kit.
    Nelly's Security has the best customer service and tech support. When you call, you'll always be talking to an expert who can help you with any issue you may come across. We will walk you through everything you need to know about setting up your IP security camera kit.

    3 Year Warranty:

    So you just spent all this money on a new system and you spent all this time and effort running cables and making connections and you've become an expert at navigating the system and then one day, a camera or your recorder poops out! What now? Well, first of all, this doesn't happen often as the equipment you are getting in this system is very reliable and durable. But in the rare case that you do happen to have a device that goes bad, you are covered for a whopping entire 3 years. This means if any pieces of your system go bad during the course of normal operation within 3 years of purchase date, we will replace the product free of any charge to you.

    We offer a three year warranty on our products. If anything goes wrong with your IP security camera starter kit during normal use in the next three years, we will replace it free of cost.

    60 Day Hassle Free Returns:

    So you just spent your entire day reading this insanely long product description, and you are very interested in the product itself as well as the service, so much so, that you are about ready to pull the trigger and click the add to cart button, but you are still scared. You are scared that if you buy this system, open the box, and install it, you may hate it and you won't be able to return it. Or, you may be afraid that our service is not what it's cracked up to be and you are fearful that we are low-quality bums.

    Fret not. We do not want to put you in surveillance product prison. Even if you have opened it up and installed it, you are welcome to ship the system back to us for a full refund within 60 days of purchase.

    *** The only thing we couldnt take back is used cable and connectors, because lets face it, that would be weird if you returned used cable to us. So if you do return the system and you have already used the cable and connectors, keep them and send everything else back and we would simply deduct the price of the cable and connectors from the refund ($136.99). You can always use this in any future system that you buy elsewhere. Of course if you havent used the cable or opened the connectors box, you can return for a full refund.

    Call us today and order your IP Security Camera Starter Kit.

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