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UNV Pigtail-Free Indoor NDAA-Compliant 4MP Mini Dome IP Security Camera with a 2.8mm Fixed Lens (IPC354SR3-ADNPF28-F)

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IP Security Camera
HD Resolution
Fixed Lens
Up to 100ft
Night Vision IR Range

Tired of long and annoying cable pigtails getting in your way? Are you looking for a quick, simple, and streamlined installation process? Uniview’s cable-free vandal domes just may be the cameras that you’re looking for.

This 4MP indoor vandal dome is compact, lightweight, and easy to install. This camera is so small it could fit into your pocket! It’s the perfect camera when you need a small, inconspicuous solution for your indoor surveillance. It won’t draw unwanted attention and it won’t stand out like a sore thumb. The fact that this camera has no long cable pigtail makes it that much more efficient when it comes to space. Simply run your cables directly under the dome and plug them into the connections integrated into the camera’s body.

Integrated connections include an RJ45 port for your Ethernet cable, a 12V DC terminal, and wiring terminals for audio and alarm cables.

Speaking of audio, this camera also has a built-in microphone for instant audio surveillance with no additional configuration and no additional hardware. Simply turn on the audio from your NVR or from your camera’s interface and start recording audio right away.

This camera also has a slot for a microSD card, so you can set this up as a standalone camera and record directly to the memory card. Or you can set this up with your current system and use an SD card for backup.

You can now experience the power and usability of Uniview’s Prime I series without the frustration of a cable connection pigtail! Keep reading about the specs of this camera to see if this is the perfect solution for you.

Looking for an outdoor cable-free vandal dome? Check out this camera instead.



This camera has no annoying cable pigtail, unlike most standard security cameras. Instead, all the connections are integrated into the camera's body. This leads to cleaner and more efficient installations, as well as a smaller form factor than most cameras.

4MP HD Resolution

The IPC354SR3-ADNPF28-F captures video up to a resolution of 4MP @ 30 FPS, which is 2688x1520 pixels. Every pixel added to your camera's picture gives you a higher image quality and more detail. So at 4MP, you're going to get a crisper, cleaner, and more detailed image.

2.8mm Fixed Lens

The IPC354SR3-ADNPF28-F has a 2.8mm Fixed Lens. That means it’s fixed at one length; it can't optically zoom in and out. The longer the focal length on a fixed lens camera, the more zoomed in it is and the more close-up detail you'll be able to see. But the shorter the focal length, the wider the field of view and the more area your surveillance will cover.

The IPC354SR3-ADNPF28-F has a horizontal field of view of 95.8°.

Built-in Microphone

Having audio capabilities in your video surveillance system can be an important feature. The IPC354SR3-ADNPF28-F comes with a built-in microphone, allowing you to hear and record crisp, clear audio without running any additional cables to power a microphone.

NDAA Compliant

This model is compliant with the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), meaning it's safe to use and install on U.S. government properties. It was constructed with trusted and reliable technology at its core.

Up to 100ft Night Vision IR Range

When the sun goes down or the lights go out, this camera switches on its own onboard infrared LED lights. These lights, which are invisible to the human eye, allow the camera to continue functioning and recording video 24/7, day or night. And since its IR range covers up to 100ft, you're not going to miss anything that happens on your camera's feeds, even if it happens in pitch-black darkness.

Remote Access

The IPC354SR3-ADNPF28-F is a part of our Uniview line of products. As such, it's packed with features that would please a power user, yet it's simple enough to operate for a novice. Easily view and manage your cameras and recorders anywhere in the world with the free mobile and desktop applications. For the power user, these apps give you the power to adjust advanced settings on the fly. For the novice, you can use the apps to simply view live feeds and play back recorded video. Whatever you need to accomplish, it's all right there at your fingertips.

Plug & Play

If you're creating a new system out of our Uniview cameras, set up is insanely easy with our Uniview line of POE NVRs. Simply plug the camera into the back of the Uniview NVR and you have instant video on the recorder's HDMI interface. You can also view and manage the NVR through free desktop and mobile apps, such as EZView and EZStation.

ONVIF Compatibility

If you want to add this camera to a security system already set up, that’s no problem. This camera complies with the protocols set by the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF). This means, as long as your current recorder is ONVIF compatible, you’ll be able to set this camera up with your current system.

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  1. Overall Rating

    5 out of 5 stars
  1. Easy to Install and Easy on the Eyes
    Verified Purchase
    These are some of the easiest cameras to install that have a great quality image and being pigtail free means not having to hide those pesky wires. The mini size also means that your attention isn't drawn to them so they work perfectly in environments with a lot of traffic like restaurants/retail stores.

    Reviewed by on

  2. Good thing in a small package.
    Verified Purchase
    Great video quality. Audio works very well but I'd advise not trying audio in an outdoor environment unless you don't experience wind as the wind can drown out any audio you want to hear. The "pigtail free" also saves time and reduces mess as your drill hole can but the diameter of the cable rather than the bulky ethernet port. Our drill size went from 7/8" to 3/8" for CMR cat6. Nice and tidy. Easy setup but would recommend a firmware update so audio can be turned on through another browser rather than Internet explorer as its already been dropped by windows and defaults to Edge now. (There is a work around in windows to keep using IE but its annoying) Overall, Great Cameras.

    Reviewed by on

  3. Very discreet camera that produces a fantastic image
    Verified Purchase
    We have installed a few of these with the UNV NVR for a couple of customers and I have to say, the image quality for such a small and discreet camera is absolutely amazing, the color and the details of the image actually pop! The customer was blown away with the image quality from such a small discreet camera, the camera size actually allows it to blend into their environment and almost disappear! We look forward to using these cameras again very soon for our current and future customers.

    Reviewed by on

  4. Great camera
    Verified Purchase
    We just installed 49 of these cameras. They have great image quality, are built really well. They are small enough to just disappear when installed yet still provide a great image.

    We had zero issues with the 49 that we installed no doa or otherwise non functional cameras.

    Reviewed by on

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Do these cameras support analytics?

This cam has basic analytics such as Grid-based Basic Motion Detection, then for intelligent analytics - Intrusion & Human Body Detection.
Specifications Download PDF
Camera Type IP
Form Factor Dome
Resolution 4MP
Max Resolution 2688 x 1520
Frames Per Second 30 FPS
Image Sensor 1/3" Progressive Scan CMOS
Lens Type Fixed Lens
Focal Length 2.8mm
Field of View 95.8°
IR Range Up to 100ft
Video Compression Ultra H.265, H.265, H.264
Max Video Bitrate 16Mbps
Audio Built-in Microphone
Onvif Compatible Yes
Intelligent Events Intrusion Detection, Human Body Detection
Power Supply DC12V, POE
Power Consumption Power consumption: Max 5.5W
Operating Temperature -31°F ~ 140°F
Weight ~0.49lbs
Name Description Version Download
EZ Station Unified management for Uniview IP Cameras and NVRs. v1130.3.11.0 Download
EZ Tools Uniview tool kit for device search and upgrade, remote configuration, recording time and capacity calculation. v1122.2.1.0 Download
EZ Player Media player for local recordings. v1111.1.3.0 Download
Windows Plugin This is the web plugin for Windows. After installation, you will be able to live view most of Uniview IPC/NVR on IE for Windows. Download
EZ Station Unified management for Uniview IP Cameras and NVRs. v1113.3.2.1 Download
MAC Plugin This is the web plugin for Mac OS. After installation, you will be able to live view most of Uniview IPC/NVR on Safari for Mac. Download