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19" Wall Mounted 9U Server Rack W/ Hinged Front Glass Door

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Customize 19" Wall Mounted 9U Server Rack W/ Hinged Front Glass Door
1 x 19" Wall Mounted 9U Server Rack W/ Hinged Front Glass Door   + $219.99

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19" Wall Mounted 9U Server Rack W/ Hinged Front Glass Door


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    • Impact resistant safety glass window
    • Easy wall mounting
    • Removable sides for handling, design modification or installation of the equipment
    • Ability to adjust or remove the rack mounts
    • Security door plate
    • Removable door and the ability to modify the opening direction
    • Welded body ensuring the design rigidity
    • Material: high quality steel
    • Weight: 39 lbs
    • External dimensions: 23.62" x 19.13" x 21.02"
    1. Overall Rating

      3.75 out of 5 stars
    1. Great rack for the money. With my logo? Count me in!
      Verified Purchase
      I ordered this rack not quite knowing what to expect. For the money, I didn't expect well, much. I typically stick with more common brands for racks (TrippLite, AC Infinity, NavePoint, Middle Atlantic, APC... Depends on the budget) and hardly venture outside of them. Not going to lie, I was a little skeptical when I first received it. The panels felt flimsy. But again, for the money, I didn't expect much. However, once I had it assembled, I was pleasantly surprised by how sturdy it felt. The real test was going to be filling this thing to the brim with some average equipment for a rack this size and seeing how well it does.

      All-in-all, I managed to stuff a TrippLite 1500VA 2U Smart UPS, 2U UNV NVR w/ 4 HDD's, a Comcast Business modem, Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro, a 24-Port Ubiquiti PoE Switch, and a couple 1U panels in without a hiccup.

      Bonus, I was even able to install this 9U by myself without a helper... It really wasn't that heavy, honestly. I found it easiest to measure from the edge where the center of the mounting hole was on one side, marked it on the wall where I wanted it, drilled my hole, threw in a toggle bolt and screw, then hung the top corner of the rack on the bolt and leveled it. From there I was able to mark the other remaining 3 toggle bolts. Took less than 10 minutes to get on the wall. Using some 1,000lb rated toggle bolts, I was able to comfortably sit on top of the rack with minimal wiggle (I'm 6'0" 160lb). In fact, it didn't even creak. I will note, for others' reference, it was mounted to 3/4" plywood.

      These racks from Nelly's will be the only wall-mounted racks I use moving forward for projects that don't spec for anything specific. They're cheap, sturdy, pretty good looking, and get the job done. The only REAL complaint I might have would be the doors' locking mechanism. It felt cheap and chintzy. The key is super unique, too. It's a dimple key lock. Not sure if these can be sourced locally - and I haven't done my research as to how they work... However, I'm sure if one was REALLY concerned about it, their local hardware store would more-than-likely-without-a-doubt have something it could be replaced with.

      All-in-all, it's a 9/10 for me. Thanks, Nelly's!

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      Photo with Equipment:

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    2. Great option for one-man install
      Verified Purchase
      Wasn't expecting this rack to come flat packed/disassembled, but I'll be ordering more now that I know. Much easier to store/transport, and If you think it through you can actually build the rack in place on the wall pretty easily rather than trying to lift and hang the completed cabinet.

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    3. Heavy and cumbersome, but very well built
      Verified Purchase
      Installing this is a two man job. Other than that, very happy after several purchases.

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    4. 9u rack
      Verified Purchase
      Horrible design spend the extra money for a better brand.

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