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Altronix eFlow Power Supply Charger with Sixteen Fuse-Protected 12VDC Outputs (EFLOW102N16)

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  • 120VAC Input, 60Hz, 3.5A.
  • Input fuse: 5A/250V.
  • Sixteen (16) fuse protected outputs.
  • Outputs are rated @ 2.5A.
  • 12VDC @ 10.0A supply current.
  • Auxiliary Power-Limited output rated @ 1A (unswitched).
  • Over Voltage Protection.
  • Built-in charger for sealed lead acid or gel type batteries.
  • Automatic switch over to stand-by battery when AC fails. Transfer to stand-by battery power is instantaneous with no interruption.
  • AC fail supervision (form “C” contacts).
  • Notification trigger is selectable for 30 seconds (factory set) or 2 hours.
  • Battery fail & presence supervision (form “C” contacts).
  • Low power shutdown. Shuts down DC output terminals if battery voltage drops below 71-73% (depending on the power supply). Prevents deep battery discharge.
  • Supervised Fire Alarm disconnect (latching or non-latching) 10K EOL resistor. Operates on a normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) trigger.
  • Operating Temperature: 0° C to 49° C (32° F to 120° F).
  • Storage Temperature: - 20° C to 70° C ( - 4° F to 158° F).
  • Relative Humidity 85% +/- 5%.
  • BTU/Hr (approx.): 61 BTU/Hr.
  • System AC input VA requirement: 420VA.
  • Green AC Power LED indicates 120VAC present.
  • AC input and DC output LED indicators.
  • Short circuit and overload protection.
  • Unit is complete with power supply, enclosure, battery leads and cam lock.
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