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IPCamPower POE Combiner & Splitter for Running Two IP Cameras on One Cable (IPCP-212)

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  • Allows you to run 1 cable run to the switch for 2 cameras that are near each other. Set consists of a "sender" unit and a "receiver" unit. Plug Sender unit into 2 open ports on your POE switch. Run one cable to the location that has the cameras that are nearby each other. Connect 2 short cables to the Receiver unit and connect the other ends to your camera. Done!
  • Reduces cabling costs. Lets say you are installing 2 cameras on each side of a corner. Instead of running 2 cables back to the switch, you can now just run 1. Easy and Cost Effective.
  • Ever installed a camera in a location, only to find out that you need another one right by it? Whats worse, the switch is on the other side of the building and it took you hours to run that one cable run. No worries! Just use this splitter set to make your installation much easier as all you need to do now is run 1 cable from the old camera to the new camera.
  • The Receiver Unit comes with weatherproof RJ45 connectors, allowing you to fully expose the Receiver unit to the weather elements.
  • Simple plug n play installation. Works with all standard 802.3af/at POE switches. Also works on POE NVRs due to the new updated design with the onboard toggle switch. If your switch or NVR uses standard POE power, this unit will work!

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  1. Overall Rating

    5 out of 5 stars
  1. Truly Works
    Verified Purchase
    This product is fantastic. It truly splits the signal into two.
    It saved me so much time and I was able to deliver the same quality.
    Great product.
    Highly recommened.

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  2. Yes, sure yes
    Verified Purchase
    This will make your work much easier and better aesthetic, you will save with this ... Recommended 100%

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  3. You should have one of these in your van as a spare
    Verified Purchase
    I purchased these as a last ditch ever to not have to pull a cable which was a very hard pull. Adding these made my job way easier and saved a lot of money on install. I have a few of these tucked away just incase I'm ever in that position again!

    Highly Recommend!

    Reviewed by on

  4. Handy product that works!
    Verified Purchase
    These are great, what a handy way to make full use of a cable when its not possible or to costly to run another one. These also have been handy to get something in quickly and go back and do the rest later

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What exactly does "DOES NOT WORK ON POE NVRs. It only works on standard POE network switches" mean?

Can I use the splitter to connect two cameras, then to a switch box, and then to an NVR? or no NVR at all?

Thank you
It means that this product will not work when plugged into the POE ports on an NVR.

However, you can use it with a POE switch that's not connected to the NVR to connect cameras that will be added to the NVR.
Does using this POE 2 camera splitter degrade any of the camera speed fidelity or functions? There is usually a trade off with any new so-called space saving or time and material saving device.

The only instability we found was combining the power of the 2 POE ports.
Other than that, we did not find any video degradation or loss of functionality from cams we tested.
When will you be getting more in stock?

As of responding to this, there is not an ETA currently.
The answer to the DOES NOT WORK ON POE NVRs question is still not clear to me. If I have an R-Series NVR, I can use this product with the NVR as long as the the product uses a switch that is NOT connected to the NVR? What?? "However, you can use it with a POE switch that's not connected to the NVR to connect cameras that will be added to the NVR." Can you clarify how this product might be used with an R-Series NVR?

Correct, if you have a separate POE switch, then this splitter will be compatible.
The way this splitter is designed, it cannot utilize the output on NVRs.

If you have cameras added on a separate POE switch that is on the same local network as the NVR, then you can take each camera IP address and assign them to channels on the NVR over the network. The camera does not need to be physically plugged into the NVR itself if everything is talking over the network.

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