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uniview temperature reading devices

  1. Uniview's All-in-One Temperature Screening System: Less Time and Money; More Peace of Mind

    Are you looking for a temperature screening solution for your business but overwhelmed with all the choices available to you? We have the answer, and it's one of our featured products for this holiday weekend! Uniview's CW180 is a complete all-in-one temperature screening system that will give you more time, more money, and more peace of mind.

  2. Facial Recognition Panel with Body Temperature and Mask Detection: Navigating Our New Normal with Uniview (OET-213H-BTS1)

    The OET-213H-BTS1 is attractive, it's simple to use, it's accurate when it comes to temperature detection and face recognition, and it's efficient. This facial recognition panel from Uniview has something for everyone.