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Our goal at Nelly's Security is to be more than your security supplier. We want to be your business partner. That's why we're always coming up with new ways to help you move your business forward. First, we created our Nelly's Dealer Program which allowed us a way to offer our dealers competitive wholesale pricing, premium support, referrals, and more. Then we established our Dealer Branding Program, which involved stamping our customers' logos onto security cameras and 2GIG alarm panels with high-quality black ink. When we started our branding program, our customer base exploded. We realized that there was a real need for branding services in the security industry. It became our desire to become a one stop branding and marketing shop for security professionals everywhere. That brings us to our newest addition to the Nelly's lineup of services. Finally, after years in the making, we're excited to introduce our Premium Branding services.

With our Premium Branding services, we're able to do a lot more than we've ever been able to do. First, we can finally print your logos in full color on your alarm panels. But that's only the beginning! If you want to, we can even brand an entire design that covers your alarm panel's face plate from the top to the bottom. We can print your logo or your design across the top of your NVR. We can brand server racks and even server rack blank panels. Premium branding has opened up a whole world of possibilities, and we've only begun to scratch the surface.